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“Half of the building is destroyed”: the Nikolaev Regional State Administration suffered from a Russian strike on Ukraine

The Russian strike took place on Tuesday, March 29, at the headquarters of the regional administration of Nikolaev, a city near Odessa, which has experienced a respite from shelling in recent days. The governor of this region in southern Ukraine showed that most of the people inside were not affected. “We are looking for eight civilians and three soldiers under the rubble,” he said. Figaro live

War in Ukraine: Has Russia’s Strategy Failed?

General Christophe Gomard, former director of military intelligence, was at Points de Vue to decipher Russian strategy in the Ukraine conflict. Figaro live

After months of absence, Queen Elizabeth II attended a mass in memory of Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II attended Mass in memory of her husband, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday 29 March. In recent months, the sovereign has canceled several engagements due to health problems. According to press reports, she uses a wheelchair privately and a golf cart in Windsor Gardens, and a stairlift has been installed at her Scottish residence in Balmoral. The Queen also contracted Covid-19 in February with mild symptoms. Figaro live

As a result of mass assaults on a highway in Pennsylvania, at least three people were killed and 20 were injured.

A snow flurry led to crowds and a fire on a highway in Pennsylvania on Monday, March 28. At least 50 vehicles were involved in the accident, including several tractors. According to local authorities, the death toll is at least three people, more than 20 people were hospitalized. Figaro live

Eric Zemmour says he wants to “root out the evil” in Sevran after his third night of urban violence.

Far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour visited police in Sevran, near Paris, on Tuesday, March 29, after the third night of violence since the death of a truck driver who was hit by law enforcement on Saturday. The candidate stated that if elected, the police “will have the material and legal means” and that he will “completely stop immigration”, “deport foreign offenders” and “revoke French citizenship of all dual citizens”. Figaro live

Exhibition: the infinite grace of Romy Schneider 40 years after her death

Clementine Deroudile, curator of the Romy Schneider exhibition, was at Points de Vue on the occasion of the legendary actress’s 40th birthday. Figaro live

7,000 years later, the Chinchorro mummies remain as mysterious as ever in Chile.

Mummies from the Chinchorro culture, the oldest in the world voluntarily preserved by man, are on display at the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa in Camarones, Arica, Chile. What makes this ancient population unique, according to a Tarapaki University conservationist, is the “unique way of mummification,” more than 2,000 years before the Egyptians. Figaro live

End of life: are the French really for euthanasia?

Dr. Jean-Marie Gomas, geriatrician and co-author of The End of Life: Can We Choose Our Death? » (Editions Artège), was at Points de Vue for the release of his latest book. Figaro live

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