we summarize the controversy surrounding McKinsey, a firm that advises the government on vaccine strategy

Who actually controlled the management of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in France? Some areas of the government’s vaccination strategy have been entrusted to the office The American consulting company McKinsey, as well as a number of other firms (Accenture, Citwell and JLL), according to disclosures made by chain duck and the Politico website (in English) beginning of January.

These external services will cost €2 million per month, according to McKinsey. Dotand €1.2 million for Accenture, according to Mediapart. Other firms are invited, such as JLL Consulting, Roland Berger or Deloitte. We recap this controversy and the role played by this very enigmatic McKinsey cabinet that has been whispering in the ear of President Emmanuel Macron.

A very secret and very influential “firm”

Office The American consulting company McKinsey, nicknamed “The Firm”, was created by James McKinsey in the 1920s, its clientele today includes the entire elite: CEOs, Ministers, Heads of State”lists Peace (article subscribers), who published a lengthy investigation on The Firm on Friday, February 5th.. “When we turn to them, there is an element of snobbery, we also buy a reputation”, explains a competitor to the evening paper. And service prices suffer. Thanks to his influence, the powerful firm reached a turnover of 8.3 billion euros in 2019, according to the American magazine. Forbes (in English).

Headquarters of McKinsey & Company France Inc. is located in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), which is also the stronghold of the new US President Joe Biden. The advantage of this address, located far from his Parisian offices on the Champs-Élysées? A corporation that owns a mailbox in that state without actually doing business there is exempt from income tax. According to information from Peacethan a token tax package of $175 a year.

“McKinsey has been based in France since 1964 and employs its employees in accordance with employment contracts under French law. The firm complies with all French tax and social regulations applicable to companies. It declares its activities in France and annually pays direct taxes and indirect fees. . He pays social security contributions for his employees in France.” For its part, Franceinfo points to the French subsidiary of McKinsey.

Close ties with Emmanuel Macron

The first meeting between Emmanuel Macron and McKinsey dates back to 2007. Then the young 29-year-old Enarque Inspector of Finance and Deputy Rapporteur-General of the Attali Commission, recalls Peace. Emmanuel Macron “impressed” help, made up of big bosses, economists or intellectuals, during the work of this commission responsible for formulating proposals to “liberate” French growth at the request of President Nicolas Sarkozy. Among them is Eric Labay and Pierre Nanterme, CEOs of McKinsey France and Accenture, respectively, the paper details. Emmanuel Macron also met with Karim Tajeddin, then head of McKinsey consultants.

With the latest Emmanuel Macron, who has since joined an investment bank Rothschild and Xi joined in 2010 board of directors of the analytical center In real time. There they meet Thierry Cazenave, with whom they will collaborate on his book a few years later. Status in run mode (Airolles, 2016).

Today, Emmanuel Macron is the head of state. He created, after his election in November 2017, the Interministerial Office of Public Transformation (DITP). and put at its head a certain Thierry Cazenave, who oversees all assignments assigned to private consulting firms such as McKinsey. As for Karim Tajeddin, it is he who is responsible for these missions for the state within the American cabinet. One “interfere with each other”writing Peace. According to the newspaper,DITP, which has a total budget of €100 million over a five-year period, has so far spent €30.2 million on private consultants alone.

During the 2017 presidential campaign, MacronLeaks also exposed the collaboration between McKinsey members and Republic on the Move, the party founded by candidate Macron, reports Peace. But there is no trace of the cabinet’s accounts in the party’s election accounts consulted by the daily newspaper. to the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Finance (CNCCFP). LREM claims daily that it does not use strategy consulting firms. “neither for account missions because we don’t have funds, nor for missions “at no cost” [pour le bien public], because it would be considered a donation from the legal entity of a political party and is prohibited by law.”

Important role in the vaccination campaign

January 12, a few days after the exposure chained duck and Politico about handing over the logistics of the vaccination plan to McKinsey, Olivier Veran was heard in committee at The Assembly is precisely to detail the French vaccination strategy. And he was clearly being asked about an American consulting firm. Laconic response of the minister: “Relying on the experience of the private sector is pretty classic and consistent.” As Politico notes, government spokesman Gabriel Attal was more vocal at a press conference a week earlier.

The involvement of external consultants ensures “Supporting the private sector in addition to the experience of our public servantshe explained. It is in this context that we have used (McKinsey). As you know, logistics is at the heart of the vaccination campaign.” Gabriel Attal added that “Consulting firms have been used by governments of several countries for several years in the development and implementation of large projects requiring strategic or logistical support and advice”. For its part, the General Directorate of Health explained Peace that McKinsey was responsible “logistics system, benchmarking and operational coordination”without giving further details.

Peace says that on December 23, during a video conference organized by Olivier Veran with the hospital directors selected to launch the vaccination plan, Mael de Calan, Finistère’s elected spokesperson, hired in 2018 by McKinsey, details the adopted logistics strategy and draws up a list of vaccinations among European neighbors. A presence that strikes while “for H1N1 in 2010 we didn’t need any other skills, we decided everything ourselves”, notes a senior person in the Ministry of Health.

This appeal to McKinsey and other firms can also be explained by the urgency of the situation. “You may get the feeling that there was some kind of panic effect”bombing at politico deputy Republicans Véronique Luvagi, budget speaker on several health topics. At least two McKinsey employees and seven consultants are working on the vaccination campaign.”puts forward an article stating the severity of the situation. “Every second person burns out”a Health Ministry official told the news site on condition of anonymity. “You have a crisis, containment, plus a vaccine to deal with… Obviously we need outside help.”

“In general, the use of consulting firms does not shock me too much”observe Véronique Luvagi at Politico. Corn “frequency confuses me, overclocking (of recent months) too”. She adds: “Today the question arises: is it normal that a department like health care can no longer carry out a certain number of missions?”

Influence beyond health

Today, according to PeaceMcKinsey “provides some services to the President of the Republic, but for free”. In 2018, he spoke at a summit called “Technologies for Good”, to which Emmanuel Macron invited the bosses of Facebook, Google or Uber. The consulting firm was responsible for preparing the debates and monitoring compliance with the commitments. Another “free” mission, one of his specializations. McKinsey is also intervening in the affairs of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, which has fallen out of the control of DITP and has its own envelope for 87 million euros to buy advice, says daily. The firm advises the ministry on its transformation.

McKinsey was already acting on behalf of the state during the time of Nicolas Sarkozy. He advised the Ministry of National Identity on “optimization of the naturalization process”. This issue of migration is one of the hobbies of the American Cabinet, since in 2017 Deputy Aurélien Tacher, at the time a member of the LREM, is accused by the government immigration policy report. He bugs the firm for his “comparative approach with Germany”explains today Peace co-chair of the New Democrats. At that time, beyond the Rhine, the firm worked with Angela Merkel’s government on the reception of migrants.

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