8 figures for mobilizing for recovery

After the shock of the health crisis in 2020, softened in companies, in particular by various government support systems, 2021 was expected to be a year of recovery. In its annual report, Bpifrance Occitanie, which has supported the investments of regional companies, shows a strong mobilization of efforts to emerge from the crisis, based on the Recovery Plan.

1- 1.7 billion euros of support mobilized for 4.7 billion euros

In 2021, in Occitania, 4861 companies were supported by a €1.7 billion Bpifrance intervention, raising €4.7 billion in global funding (public and private). Not surprisingly, it is in Hérault and Haute-Garonne that the largest number of supported companies (1027 and 1366) is located.

A breakdown of Bpifrance’s intervention at Occitanie in 2021.

In 2021, the partnership mechanisms set up by the Occitania Region and Bpifrance for companies affected by the health crisis mobilized €93 million for 549 companies, in particular through recovery loans for VSE-SME through which €46 million was disbursed in 2021 in the interests of 371 regional companies. In Occitania, this Rebond loan scheme has mainly benefited industry (28%), trade (18%), construction (14%) and the accommodation and food sectors (11%). He was particularly supportive of the VSE, with 59% of beneficiary companies having fewer than 10 employees and 28% having 11 to 30 employees.

The Rebond loan ended at the end of 2021, butIn the still unstable conditions of the health crisis and the war in Ukraine, the Occitania region has asked Bpifrance to continue this process of supporting companies and helping them restart, says Nadine Faedo, regional director of Bpifrance Occitanie-Montpellier. The Relance Occitanie loan was launched on January 26 – primarily for VSE-SME – to fund intangible investments, increase working capital and cash requirements, especially in the current economic difficulties. This loan is between 10,000 and 300,000 euros. For amounts less than 75,000 euros, we have signed an agreement with the chartered public accountants order in order to optimize and benefit as many companies as possible. To date, 27 files worth 6 million euros have been provided. »

2- 755 million euros: intensive lending activity

The State Bank emphasizes but intensive lending activity » in Occitania: 755 million euros (excluding innovation finance) were invested in 687 companies to finance development projects, mobilizing nearly 2.5 billion euros.

Loans without guarantees, the flagship product of the bank’s network, represent 271 million euros allocated to 556 development projects in the Occitania region. This is a stable amount compared to 2020. In particular, they are divided into 76 million euros of green loans to finance projects aimed at improving the environmental and energy performance of companies, and 326 million euros of “energy environmental loans”, which allow 81 regional companies to accelerate the environmental and energy transition, as well as €37 million in Tourism Loans and Tourism Recovery Loans and €47 million in Growth Recovery Loan, in particular to support industrial investment and consolidate subsidiaries of 18 regional companies.

3- Loan guarantees: 249 million euros (+46%)

Bank loan guarantee activities (excluding PGE), through which Bpifrance facilitates access to credit for VSEs and SMEs by covering part of the banking risk, grew by 46%, with 249 million euros in Occitania: 3,341 regional companies received 584 million euros. in guaranteed loans from their commercial banks.

This guarantee activity, required for bank financing of development projects for the VSE and SME, is gaining momentum strongly after two years of decline associated with the massive rollout of the EMP. ”, says Véronique Vedrin, director of the southern network of Bpifrance, adding that in the Occitania region this guarantee can be increased from 40 to 60% to 80% risk.

In 2021, the Prêt Rebond Occitanie flagship scheme benefited 371 companies worth €46 million. In January 2022, in a new context of recovery, Bpifrance began rolling out the Occitanie Recovery Loan in the region to support the cash flows of companies associated with the recovery and transformation of their operations.

4- Innovation: 271 million euros

Innovation funding, which has reached an unprecedented level since the inception of Bpifrance at the national level (+45%) thanks to the Recovery Plan, combined with an increase in Future Investment Program (PIA) funds, led Occitanie to provide funding of 271 million euros (+ 52% compared to 2020) to 545 companies (+84% compared to 2020) to develop their innovative projects, modernize their process equipment or increase their production capacity in France.

Innovation assistance increased by 15% to 58 million euros for 274 companies in the Occitania region, in part due to the ramp-up of Deeptech’s plan to develop breakthrough innovations through technology transfer.

5- Industrialization: loans up to 15 million euros

Bpifrance has been managing since mid-2020, on behalf of the state, France Relance calls for projects aimed at supporting industrial investments in companies in strategic sectors: in Occitania in 2021, 138 companies received financing for 90 million euros.

As of February 8, 2022, the “Territoires d’Industrie” program in the Occitania region has supported 108 mature industrial projects, representing 45 million euros in subsidies allocated for 358 million euros of investment and the creation of 2,970 jobs.

“This axis of support for the industry continues as part of the recovery plan with multiple calls for projects on topics such as hydrogen and PIA 4, which will restart in April 2022. says Veronique Vedrin. The goal is to create 100 new industrial sites per year, and about sixty have already been identified nationally, including in Occitania, with significant allocations from the state, to allow startups to move to the industrial stage, because there is a hole in the racket at this level – or allow mature industries to develop innovative activities without compromising their traditional tool. The flagship product is the New Industry loan, which can reach up to 15 million euros. »

6- Bpifrance in the capital of 18 regional companies

In 2021, Bpifrance invested or reinvested directly in 18 companies in the region. Thus, the state bank intervenes in the capital of 56 companies in Occitania in the amount of 417 million euros.

Bpifrance is also present through partner funds in 468 companies in the region. Thus, the state bank subscribed to 107 million euros in 10 regional or inter-regional funds operating in Occitania, including five funds in the region, which made it possible to mobilize a total amount of public and private subscriptions of 598 million euros.

7- Support: 61 new companies accelerated

As part of its support missions, Bpifrance conducted around 250 advisory missions in Occitania in 2021 with start-ups, SMEs and ETI. 61 new companies were accelerated out of 419 (+54% compared to 2020), including 75 companies in the Leader accelerator and Promos 1 and 2 accelerators in the Occitania region. Finally, 254 companies received international support.

It should be noted that there is increased support for companies in their transformation in the face of the challenges of energy and environmental transition. The deployment of the Diag Eco-Flux system, part of the total cost (€3,000) borne by Bpifrance, involved 54 companies in Occitania.

“In 2021, 49 regional companies joined the Coq Vert community, which aims to bring together companies engaged in green transition to promote the exchange of best practices, make them visible and accelerate their transition,” says Veronique Vedrin.

8- Creation: 848 projects financed

With strong business creation momentum in France, the state-owned bank has mobilized its efforts by launching in 2021 a program to restart the creation of honor credit and strengthen honor credit. In Occitania, these new funds funded 848 authors with €4.8 million.