CAF: family allowances, birth allowance…here are the new aid amounts for 2022

As in the same period last year, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) is upgrading a number of its benefits. (© The Evreux Dispatch)

Good news awaits millions of French people. As in the past year, the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) and Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) are preparing for increase your aid by 1.8% from April 1, 2022.

The purpose of this change in amounts is to mitigate the impact of inflation on low-income households. Total in Cafe 13.6 million beneficiaries.

” [Ils] will receive these new amounts from payments on May 5, ”the organization said in a statement. Here in detail new amounts which will apply from this Friday.

Active Solidarity Income (RSA)

Solidarity Income Active (RSA) was created in 2009 and is intended to all people over the age of 25 without resources and without professional activities. The amount allocated to you depends on your family situation and your resources.

If until now it was 565.34 euros per month per person without children, now the RSA will reach 575.52 euros per month. I.e almost 10 euros more every month.

Another example: for a couple (consistent or not) with no dependent children, the RSA is now €863.28 per month. This is also what a single person with a dependent child will get.

And for any child or any additional dependent in the family, whether it be a couple of recipients or one person, Caf will now provide €231.21.

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RSA is currently paid monthly over two million French. More information about the new RSA amounts can be found in our article.

Did you know ? Parents who are RSA employees or beneficiaries who apply for child care assistance or nursery care for their child under the age of six may qualify for the Child Care Allowance (CMG). The amount depends on the income of the parents. To find out more click here.

Bonus for activity

Like RSA, activity bonus will also increase from April 1, 2022.

Again, the amount of your allowance varies depending on your family and resources. For example, from April 2022, one person can receive assistance of up to 563.68 euros per month, against 553.71 euros from April 2021. The gain, again, is about 10 euros per month.

Created in 2016 and paid out monthly by the Family Allowance Fund or Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA), this allowance aims to “support activity or return to activity” working people with modest incomehighlights CAF on its dedicated webpage.

Now it concerns about 4.5 million French people.

Family benefits

“Benefits” are among the oldest helpers granted by the state to French households. They are for millions of parents with at least two dependent children under the age of 20 and are paid monthly by Caf or MSA.

Family allowances can also be combined with other bonuses, the Caf website confirms. But be careful, they stay conditioned means test. In other words, beyond a certain ceiling, no.

From April 1, 2021, the basic amount of family benefits fluctuates between 33.02 euros and 470.53 euros per month. From now on, with a revaluation of +1.8% from April 2022, households will be able to receive from 33.62 euros to 134.46 euros per month.

The family allowance for families with at least three means-tested dependent children between the ages of 3 and 20 can range from EUR 175.01 to EUR 262.53 per month.

Family Allowance Fund (Caf)
To find out if you are eligible for family allowance and learn more about this bonus, you can visit the dedicated Caf page.

Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH)

This state aid applies to all people with disabilities from 20 years old (16 years, subject to certain conditions.) Adult with Disabilities (AAH) may be paid to you by Caf for between one and 10 years, depending on your eligibility.

To qualify, your disability rate of at least 80%. “If it is between 50% and 79%, your disability should result in a significant and lasting restriction of access to employment recognized by the Cdaph. [la Commission des droits et de l’autonomie des personnes handicapées, ndlr.] “, – clarifies the site Caf.

The amount of AAH is determined according to your yearly resources. As of April 1, 2022 its maximum level was raised to 919.86 euros.. Since last year, it has been set at 903.60 euros.

1.2 million French people receive this allowance every month.

Birth Bonus

A gesture aimed at young parents, for whom the birth of a baby is often synonymous with high costs. That bonus at birthpaid by Caf to millions of French people to cushion the expenses of a growing family, will also increase by 1.8% from April 1, 2022.

Although it has been €948.27 since 2021, the birth bonus now reaches €965.34 “or as many times as many as children are born,” remarks Kafe. For example, if you are expecting twins, the amount will double to €1,930.68.

This allowance is distributed on a means-tested basis, depending on the composition of the household and Your situation in the 6th month of pregnancy. The payment is made in a lump sum and is collected at the 7th month of pregnancy, starting from April 2021. Previously, it was paid up to two months after childbirth.

A complete list of birth bonus methods is available on the Caf website.

Acceptance Bonus

Parents who wish to adopt a child can also take advantage of state financial support.

If you meet all the conditions, you are adopting one or more children under the age of 20, and if your resources do not exceed the ceilings set by CAF, you may receive acceptance bonus.

From 1896.52 euros per child from April 2021, the adoption bonus will increase to €1930.68 from April 1, 2022. The payment of this assistance occurs “from the month the child arrives at your home,” Kaf emphasizes.

As with the birth bonus, the adoption bonus is multiply by the number of children. For example, if you want to accommodate two children, you will receive 3,861.36 euros from the cafe.

Disabled Child Education Allowance (AEEH)

This monthly allowance is for parents with a disabled child under the age of 20. In particular, it aims to financially support their education and child care.

From April 1, 2022, the basic amount of the educational allowance for a disabled child (DPOI) will be 135.13 euros per monthcompared to 132.74 euros from April 2021.

In the event that parents are forced to reduce or even stop their professional activities, when they must hire a person to help them take care of their children, or if the costs associated with their disability are particularly high, the amount of AEEH can be increased from 101.35 to 1146.69 euros per month.

If a parent takes sole responsibility for their child and receives the above AEEH allowance, they may also receive “specific increase for single parents”, Kaph explains again. Depending on the allowance granted, the amount of this allowance can now vary from 54.90 to 451.84 euros.

Daily Child Care Allowance (AJPP)

Parents who care completely their wounded, seriously ill or disabled may also receive Daily Child Care Allowance (AJJP).

From April 1, 2022, this assistance amounts to €29.30 for a half day or €58.59 for a day “for one person or a couple,” completes Caf. So far, the daily amount of AJJP has been €43.87 for a couple and €52.13 for a single person.

A supplement of EUR 112.23 per month can be paid under certain conditions. Since April 2021, it has reached 112.12 euros.

Daily allowance for carers (AJPA)

Other assistance to people who occasionally stop working or reduce their work to take care of a loved one who is in trouble (loss of independence, disability), daily caregivers (AJPA) will be released from April 2022.

So from April 2022, the cafe will pay you €29.30 for half a day or €58.59 for a day. Either the same rates apply for AJJP.

It should be noted that this aid, created in 2020, is not unmeans-tested but is considered investment income. “It’s taxable,” concludes CAF.

Please note that individuals who are not employed or receiving unemployment benefits are not eligible for the AJPA program.

Benefit in case of death of a child

Also recently introduced by Caf, the child death allowance concerns families affected by the death of a child under the age of 25 living within the household.

It is awarded subject to a means test. Once CAF receives information about the death, it requests a meeting with the parents to assess their situation and their eligibility for the program.

Since April 2021, this allowance has ranged from €1,001.01 to €2,001.98. From April 2022 it increases to EUR 1,019.04 (in case the income received in 2020 is more than 87,650 euros) and can be transferred up to EUR 2,038.03 (if income is less than or equal to 87,650 euros).

Shared Child Education Allowance (PreParE)

Valid from first child joint child care allowance (PreParE) is available to parents who are downsizing or leaving their jobs to care for their children with less than three years – or younger than 20 years old, in the case of an adopted child.

From April 1, 2022, the monthly amount will be set based on the situation of the requesting parents:

  • When complete cessation of activity : €405.97 per month vs €398.79 here.
  • In the event of a drop in activity working period less than or equal to half a working day : 262.45 euros vs. 257.80 euros.
  • In the event of a drop in activity working hours from 50% to 80% : €151.39 compared to €148.72 from April 2021.

Return to School Allowance (ARS)

The start of the school year is still far away. However, please note that this good news should be expected at the end of August, during the period when back to school allowance (ARS).

This financial momentum, which allows many parents to shoulder the cost of getting their children aged six to 18 back to school, will continue in 2022-23.

New amount depends on the age of your child :

  • If he is between six and 10 years old, the ARS will now be €376.98.
  • Is he between 11 and 14 years old? You will receive 397.78 euros.
  • For children between the ages of 15 and 18, the cafe will have to pay you 411.56 euros.

Every year ARS brings almost 5.6 million children.

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