departure to the space station on April 6 of the first fully private crew.

First fully private crew to remain on board international space station have to wait a few more days before taking off on board Crew Dragon from SpaceX get to the International Space Station (ISS). Originally scheduled a few days ago, the takeoff of the AX-1, as the mission is called, is now scheduled for no earlier than April 6th.

This mission offered by Axiom Space has the peculiarity of being four crew members leave everything private. Therefore, the space agency does not have professional astronauts to oversee the mission and support Axiom customers. At the same time, the AX-1 crew will obviously not be alone. It will be led by Michael Lopez-Alegria, Vice President of Axiom Space. At 63, this former NASA he has already accounted for almost 258 days in space and 10 spacewalks. He participated in three flights with the American space shuttle and visited the ISS.

Like “real”

Therefore, Michael Lopez-Alegria will be accompanied by three crew members. there is a pilot Crew Dragon, Larry Connor and Mission Specialists Mark Party and Eitan Stibbe. Having said that, one might consider dealing with professional astronauts from one or more space agencies! But these three individuals are truly space tourists, and they all wanted to give meaning to their mission. Therefore, they have been educated and trained like “real people” and will carry out a research program prepared with the help of agencies or scientists, as well as philanthropic projects.

Their stay is planned to last eight days in the US segment of the space station. We suspect that they will not be limited only to American modules …

With Axiom and SpaceX, the International Space Station will be trendy!

Article Remy Decor published on 06.06.2021

in space tourism to the International Space Station is accelerating. Following the announcement earlier in the year of the first manned commercial and tourism mission, SpaceX and Axiom Space have entered into a new agreement that includes three additional manned flights aboard Crew Dragon in orbital complex by the end of 2023. In parallel, Axiom is working on its own space station, the first module of which can be connected to the ISS from 2024.

Axiom Space has just signed a new launch contract with SpaceX, bringing the number of manned missions to the International Space Station by 2023 to four. Falcon 9 and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. Ax-1, the first Axiom mission announced in March 2020has already been approved by NASA and should be launched to the ISS no earlier than January 2022. Ultimately, Axiom wants to offer up to two private flights to the ISS per year.

Each mission will have three clients and a professional astronaut. For AX-1, the professional astronaut will be Michael Lopez-Alegria. At 63, this former NASA employee has already spent almost 258 days in space and has completed 10 spacewalks. He participated in three flights with the American space shuttle and visited the ISS. If Axiom Space did not reveal the names of the first three passengers, in addition to the Israeli millionaire, we quote actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman.

Founded in 2016, this run positions itself as a provider of integrated orbital flight services for private astronauts, tourists, and researchers who can board the ISS to conduct their own experiment or actors to perform movie scenes! His offering includes training, transportation, and mission planning.

Commercial station in development

Axiom Space becomes a major player in the marketing and use of the orbital facility. This ISS privatization is encouraged by NASA. The goal of the agency and its partners is to develop a real economy in low orbit around the ISS, relying on New Space companies and startups, in particular SpaceX and Axiom Space.

Axiom Space has also raised more than $130 million to develop the space station, which will first be attached to the ISS and then become independent. The modules of this commercial station will be produced Thales Alenia Spacewith the first launch already in 2024. The first two elements to be launched are knot crossroads knot 1 (AxN1) and housing module (AxH). Axiom Space’s goal is to make its station autonomous and separate it from the ISS within ten years.

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