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After two seasons in the VC Rouen 76, Dylan Guinet has found the door to the continental world at the end of 2021 to compete in a few pro races. Under the banner of the Irish team EvoPro Racing, the 24-year-old rider was able to have some fun in the one-day races at the end of the year, even finishing in a respectable 24th place at the Morbihan Grand Prix. In 2022, he returned to the green jersey, this time for the entire season. On the occasion of the Coupe de France weekend in the Loire-Atlantique and then in the Cholet, Dylan Guinet returned with DirectVelo about his adventure with EvoPro Racing after a difficult winter, adapting to a foreign environment and his future in the peloton.

DirectVelo: How is your recovery going?
Dylan Guinet: I took over at Monser at the beginning of March, we all had issues with the bikes while they were being installed. Then I did Drenthe and arrive at my first races in France in Loire Atlantique and Cholet. Saturday was very hard, driving very fast all day, I pulled out of the oncoming group of 30 people on the last lap, so the condition at the moment is quite encouraging.

You participated in one-day races, which were quite difficult to negotiate…
This time it’s a gift in the sense that it’s a great race but when you start again it’s hard. These are men’s races, when you don’t give 100%, you suffer a little, but I’m here to gain experience. Everything is fine!


How is your adaptation in EvoPro going?
It’s a completely different culture, I’m trying to improve my English because it’s not easy. Moreover, the Irish have a very pronounced accent (laughs)! But I have Conn (McDunphy) who was in Nogent and speaks fluent French, he helps me with the words I’m stuck on. As for me, since this is still a low budget team – I think we have the lowest budget for the Coupe de France weekend – I worked at the factory this winter, so I didn’t drive much. I have to climb little by little to find the form.

Did you have some sort of culture shock after spending your entire career in France?
This is completely different from what I saw in France, for example in Rouen, where there is already a very large, very well structured team. In many things, for example, in food, they have their own tricks. But I keep my diet to myself. It’s a mixture of cultures, it has nothing to do with France. They can be less linear in some things and more boxy in others.


How did you end up in this Irish team?
I risked leaving. I had the opportunity through my trainer (Niels Brouses, editor’s note) who was in contact with Morgan Fox, the manager. He offered me an adventure, I spent the last month of the season with them. They told me that they wanted to leave me, but I learned that the team was not sure if they would leave. It gave me a little moral boost. I knew that in terms of budget this is not the biggest team, so I worked to save money and start the season in good conditions. Even though it wasn’t easy.

Why did you join this team?
I want to experience the adventure for a year and see where it takes me. I prefer to have good races because they still have a big calendar. And I began to feel a kind of fatigue among the amateurs, constantly participating in the same races. I left for one last amateur season and I think I would have stopped. So it’s worth seeing where the EvoPro takes me.


Have you set any goals for this year?
I’m mainly here to discover and gain experience. Why not, when I’m going to get in shape, at the Coupe de France races, try to get a good seat and show off a bit. The Loire-Atlantique matches my specifications exactly, but I’ve done the best with the shape so far.

Do you consider this “adventure” a last chance?
It’s kind of like a last chance, yeah I sent my resume to France, to Contis, but received an unfavorable response. I only had an EvoPro to upgrade to Conti. I took a chance, tried a bet. I try to have fun throughout the year. If the Evo continues and I don’t have anything else, I will probably do it again within a year. But the goal is to become a springboard and try to prove yourself in order to move to bigger teams.

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