echoes of the campaign 10 days before the first round


While presidential candidates have strict parity in audiovisual speaking time from Monday, the Elections-Tracker website allows you to check this daily and “have access to your speech excerpts in written and audio recording”, listed on 15 TV channels since February 15, 2022 .

Launched by Pluralisme (a Lexbase group), Elections-Tracker is based on “100% automated input” based on face and voice identification algorithms, as well as transcriptions available through a “search engine”, according to its founders. For example, on Thursday we learn that no candidate has devoted more than 2% of their speech time to equality issues (Valerie Pekress holds the record with 20 minutes). Or that Jean Lassalle is a candidate who devoted most of his time to culture (8%).

same bag

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, accustomed to putting Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in the same bag, claiming that they both intend to push back the legal retirement age to 65, sparked protests from the far-right candidate’s camp, according to which Insoumis is “shamelessly lying” because Marine Le Pen proposes to retire “between the ages of 60 and 62”.

Of course, the RN candidate proposes a progressive retirement system between these two age ranges according to the age of entry into the working life. But not necessarily with a full pension: in order to receive it, if you entered working life after 21.5 years, you must plan to leave working life at a minimum of 62.25 years and a maximum of 67 years.


Jean-Luc Mélenchon, third in the polls, a considerable distance from the far right, wants to counter Marine Le Pen in his “anti-social” agenda, his campaign manager Manuel Bompard said Thursday. “We want to do the Dracula effect: turn on the lights and show reality. She does not agree with the price lock that we propose, a minimum wage of 1,400 euros net, a pension of 60…”, points out the one who printed five million leaflets to compare the LFI candidate with Emmanuel Macron and Marine Pen.

In addition to persuading the abstentions, the Insumi also hope to bite the heels of their left-wing rivals: “If half the voters of Hidalgo, Jadot and Roussel vote for Mélenchon, he’s in the second round, it’s done.” . Dracula always.


Marion Maréchal, who supports Eric Zemmours, shouted “victory” in a tweet: Justice urgently captured by the interim procedure overturned the decision of various left-wing mayors of Thiers, sub-prefecture of the Puy-de-Dome, to cancel his public meeting in the city with Jean-Frédéric Poisson, an ally of the same Zemmura and the boss of the small conservative Via party.

Poisson then harshly denounced “contempt for democracy”, “activists” and “voters”, “sabotage”. In this way, the two cantors of the union of the right will be able to appear side by side at the foot of the Auvergne volcanoes? Alas: the two parties involved will ultimately not be present “for organizational reasons,” according to Marine Le Pen’s niece.

hot video

Some supporters of Valerie Pecresse were outraged by a video posted by transport minister delegate Jean-Baptiste Djebbari on his TikTok account, in which he ridicules the presidential candidate of the Republic of Lithuania. Under the heading “As Lost as Will Smith’s Calm” the minister runs through the office – “second round” is displayed as an overlay – then slowly walks off the stage – then the “Pekress” overlay appears.

“Pathétique,” tweeted Geoffroy Didier, director of communications for Valerie Pecresse, for whom Gebarri “is a puppet in the corridors of his ministry with our money.”

“A good place in the current competition of ministers illegally using their ministry’s funds during the reserve period,” added Alexandra Dublanche, coordinator of the campaign’s “response” cell, while LR Senator Valerie Boyer said: “And they dared to criticize François. Fillon for costumes.

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