Explosion of child violence DOUBLE shot and 6-year-old girl stabbed to death as she tried to hide under blanket – Reuters

ALMOST twice as many children were shot dead in New York City in 2022 compared to the same period last year, according to authorities.

The rise in violence includes the stabbing death of a six-year-old girl who allegedly tried to hide under a blanket when she and her mother were attacked in their Bronx apartment.

Gabrielle Muniz and her daughter before the murder
Behind the attack is the boyfriend of the girl’s mother, Caleb Duberry.Credit: entrance photo

The aunt of murdered six-year-old Rosara Estaves calls the increase in violence in her city “disgusting” in an interview with Fox News.

March 5, 26-year-old Gabrielle Muniz and her daughter Rosara Estaves were found dead in their apartment in the Bronx.

According to the NYPD, the two were killed by Muniz’ boyfriend Caleb Duberry, who was not Estavez’s father.

Police entered the Bronx home for a welfare check and found Estavez dead in her bed. Police also removed three knives, a potential murder weapon, from the scene.

On March 6, Darberry’s body was also found in an apartment just a mile from the crime scene.

The NYPD said he appeared to have committed suicide upon hearing the police approach.

Before her death, Muniz entered the school of pharmacology and was supposed to graduate in September.

“My daughter was a wonderful person,” mother Muniz Janick Rocha told People magazine. “She was a single mother, without the help of her father. She was hardworking and inspired everyone. »

Rocha thinks Darberry killed Muniz in a fit of rage because she ended their relationship.

“I didn’t like it and I told Gabriel about it,” Rocha told People magazine. “I believe and I’ll never know because the coward killed himself, but she probably told him she was done with it.” It probably happened because she told him it was over. »

Darberry had a history of criminal abuse and was on parole at the time of the murder. He had previously been arrested for assault, robbery and possession of a firearm.

Estavez’s death was considered the first child homicide in New York City in 2022, bringing the number of child homicides down from last year.

However, child shooting is on the rise. “As of March 15, 24 children have been shot since the beginning of the year, compared to 13 reported during the same period in 2021,” Fox News reported.

Children were shot in gang violence and senseless violence.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the city needs to do better.

“We need to step up to save the children who are falling downstream,” he said in a statement. “We must save them before they are washed away by rivers of violence. »

On January 19, in the Bronx, an 11-month-old girl was shot in the face while sitting in a car with her mother. The shooter was fighting someone else and mistakenly shot the girl. The baby is expected to survive.

In March, a three-year-old girl was shot dead as she left a kindergarten in Brooklyn with her father. Police suspect the shooter had another target.

A seven-year-old was also shot and killed on Coney Island in January in another non-target shooting.

In another case, CCTV footage shows a young boy being attacked and shot dead at the Shepherd Avenue subway station in Brooklyn.

The Muniz family set up GoFundMe to cover the funeral expenses of Muniz and Estaves.

Thanks again to those who share and donate! My sister was so special! Rosara was a light on this earth! I still hate the past,” Giselle wrote on her Facebook page. “They are both incredible little women and I am so proud to be the sister of Gabrielle and Rosara’s titi. Keep sharing and donating if you can. »

The subway attack was caught on video.
The subway attack was caught on video.
Police Commissioner Sewell calls for help in identifying perpetrators
Police Commissioner Sewell calls for help in identifying perpetrators
Earlier this month, a 14-year-old boy was attacked in a Brooklyn subway station.
Earlier this month, a 14-year-old boy was attacked in a Brooklyn subway station.
Muniz's sister started a GoFundMe page for Muniz and Estaves.
Muniz’s sister started a GoFundMe page for Muniz and Estaves.1 credit

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