France Télévisions intends to better ‘inform and entertain’ during President’s return

In this period “marked by a very strong distrust of politicians and the media”, “great ambition” France Televisions is “keep democracy and debate alive for ten months”emphasized its president, Delphine Ernott, as she introduced the community group’s 2021-2022 back-to-school conference.

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Return posted under “triple bet on transparency, innovation and debate”but also the rate “in a lighter tone, in this troubled period” with lots of entertainment and culture.

Information Priority

In this presidential year, the political service of the channels has been strengthened. As a continuation of the Journal of 20 hours of France 2, a new appointment, 20:22 »will take on a political personality that will answer current questions from Anne-Sophie Lapix, Nathalie Saint-Crick and young Mohamed Bouhafsi, a former RMC sports journalist. “intrinsically tied to information” how he defined himself.

One Thursday a month “Elise 2022”presented by Lea Salame and Thomas Sotto, will succeed It’s your turn to speak »focusing “long time of confrontation” and rehabilitation “mystery guest”

Franceinfo on Channel 27, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary, intends tostand out from the opinion media model embodied by CNews by strengthening its roadmap based on “facts, deciphering and interactivity with the French”

Faced with misinformation, the public group created a new verification structure focused on fake videos (deep fakes). On the social network Tik Tok, Republic is you » playfully answer youth questions about citizenship. The platform will also be launched on August 31 Now you »with other European media, on “the topic that interests young people the most: climate change.”

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The environment, along with education and Europe, will be a theme that the group will intensify this fall, admits Laurent Gimier, its director of information.

Entertainment “updated”

“Following last year’s innovations with homeschooling or CultureBox, in this worrying period, we have made a bold choice for a light tone that has room for humor and sass.”continued the president of the group.

Historical programs were updated from morning to evening, such as “Telematine” on France 2, which is now presented by Thomas Sotto and Giulia Vignali during the week, and Maia Loque and Damien Thévenot at the weekends. On France 5 the program “C à vous » extended by 40 minutes and welcomes two former Europa 1 participants: former morning worker Mathieu Belliard and his columnist Bertrand Chamerois.

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Among the novelties, Faustine Bollaert will lead the feedback program “Times change” on France 2 Thierry Ardisson will be interviewed in “Time Hotel” deceased personalities using artificial intelligence, and Nagui launches “Painter”a live talent show dedicated to singer-songwriters.

Always more culture

“The place of culture will be more important than ever with the support of CultureBox on channel 14. We are going to make it the new home for French artists, from classical music to street art. They will all be at home on CultureBox.”Delphine Ernott promised in her opening remarks.

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To feed this cultural channel, which shares its channel 14 with edutainment France 4 in the evening, the community group relies on recordings of the shows throughout France and abroad, as well as cultural documentaries. More full-length animated films will be broadcast on this channel, as well as a new animated series about Dogmatix, Asterix’s little dog.

Claire Chazal will host “Great Chessboard”now on France 3 and his show “Passing the Arts” becomes weekly in the second part of the evening on France 2.

The documentaries will once again touch upon important moments in French history.Negroes of France » Where “It was the Algerian war”.

The cinema, of which the group is one of the main financiers, will also “more visible” especially with the big night when the three movies follow one another (ending with “midnight movie”) on Thursday on France 3.

As for fiction, literature will be marked by European joint projects dedicated to Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in 80 Days” or “Germinal” by Emile Zola. This fall, France 2 is also expecting a film adaptation of Michel Houellebecq’s novel Elementary Particles.

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