Honor MagicBook 16 review: 16-inch laptop with high-performance Ryzen processor

MagicBook 16 follows the design of its predecessor MagicBook Pro 16.1. Therefore, the case is still made of aluminum and is decorated with the Honor logo in the center of the lid – it was previously offset from the center to the left. Aside from this reorientation of the logo, the chassis has retained its silhouette, with a rectangular hood with rounded corners, while the lower section is thinned forward.

Opening the hood reveals a 16.1-inch panel with a matte finish and relatively thin edges. The keyboard with black keys on the body-colored piano is clearly reminiscent of the Apple brand. Pay attention to the presence of two blocks for speakers directly through the keyboard; the right one pairs the start button with a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint sensor.

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The keyboard seems to lack rigidity, and typing is relatively noisy for a membrane keyboard; slight play in the mechanism of keys and lack of rigidity in the center of the piano, of course, are not alien to him.

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The touchpad provides a nice glide and all Windows gestures are well taken into account. On the other hand, pressure dragging is difficult to perform. As for the left and right clicks, the bottom of the touchpad drops with each click, leaving room for possible dust.

The connection consists of two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports USB3.2 Gen1 (5 Gb / s); USB-C ports support charging and DisplayPort. An HDMI port and connector complete this connection, which lacks only a memory card reader.

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Wireless connectivity consists of Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 thanks to a chip from Qualcomm. The webcam has returned to its usual place above the screen, and not in a retractable key on the keyboard. However, the quality of the 720p HD sensor leaves much to be desired; the image lacks detail and deteriorates under adverse lighting conditions.

In the shadow

with good light

The cooling system of the MagicBook 16 is reliable. It includes two fans, two heat sinks and two heat pipes. Thus, the temperature is well controlled and does not exceed 41°C at the level of the vents located in front of the screen, while the keyboard temperature remains below 31°C.
After 15 minutes of load, the MagicBook 16’s noise level stabilized at 42.8 dB, which is quite acceptable. However, we note the inclusion of ventilation for no apparent reason.

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Disassembly requires removal of 10 Torx screws. The panel detaches very easily and provides access to removable and replaceable elements (battery, Wi-Fi card and SSD). The RAM is soldered directly to the motherboard.

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The Honor MagicBook 16 is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. It doesn’t come with the latest generation of Ryzen, and for good reason, the MagicBook 16 has been out for a while. while in China, well before AMD’s Ryzen 6000 announcement, hence the lag. However, the Ryzen 5 5600H is nothing to be ashamed of as its 6 hyper-threaded Zen3 cores average 3.79GHz and 4.25GHz when boosted during our encoding.

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Obviously with a processor with a 45 W thermal envelope, which we find in particular in PCs. gamesunsurprisingly, the MagicBook 16 achieves a performance index of 110, placing it between the Core i5-11400H HP Victus 16 and the Core i7-11800H Dell Inspiron 16 Plus.

In practice, the MagicBook handles office tasks with ease and can be trusted with even heavier tasks such as photo editing and video encoding. However, if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card, don’t rely on possible GPU acceleration and don’t play the latest games at 1080p in full detail.

A few words about the SSD, which offers decent speed (1.8 GB/s both read and write). We didn’t notice any slowdown during fast video transfers.

MagicBook 16 with its 16.1-inch panel is, first of all, very wide (36.8 cm). Its 16/9 format allows you to limit its depth to 23.6 cm. With a thickness of 1.82 cm and a weight of 1.8 kg, this model is easy to transport if you have a bag adapted to your measurements. Note that Honor has kept the 65W USB-C charger with a light weight of 200g.

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No miracle in terms of autonomy. With a battery of only 56 Wh, the MagicBook 16 struggles to exceed 6 hours and 45 minutes on our usual protocol (Netflix while reading continuously in Chrome, screen set to 200 cd/m²). We thought the standard screen frequency of 144Hz was responsible for such a low score, but dropping to 72Hz saves “only” 30 minutes. It will therefore be necessary to lower the brightness below 200 cd/m² (67% under Windows) to hopefully reach 8 hours.

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