Jury – Uncompromising Prosecution Against Double Infanticide


On Wednesday afternoon, the public prosecutor, Frederic Nahon, demanded the same verdict as during the first jury trial. Or a sentence of 30 years in prison with 20 years of probation. The civilian parties also expressed their doubts about the evolution of the detainee after the tragedy. The lawyer considers the sentence too harsh and asks for 20 years without a security measure.

deliberate act

He began his argument by returning to his personality, which psychiatric and psychological experts have described as a “borderline”. He returned to the sequence of events, but in terms of premeditation. “It can be seen that she carefully prepared the transition to the act. For me, the choice was already made. She had already chosen how she was going to kill them. He bases his claims on the diagnosis of experts and on the facts presented during the trial, in particular, when the accused sent a text message to a friend of his companion with sleeping girls and to the accused, who held a knife at neck level. as a letter accusing the one who shared her life of being responsible for these murders by choosing to leave her. And remember his searches on the Internet before the murders to learn about methods of strangulation with a plastic bag and after about Dolipran overdoses.
He also questions the motives of her actual desire to commit suicide, even if in the past, after the first disappointment in love, she tried to commit suicide and spent two months in a psychiatric hospital.
He also remembered his cruel, angry, jealous characters. He denied his feelings of abandonment. On the other hand, he retained the Medea syndrome put forward by medical experts. A syndrome that involves harming another by killing one’s own children. “It’s serious behavior, but it’s not a disease
The prosecutor again requested 30 years in prison with 2/3 security.

Civic parties: “it didn’t work out”

Master Frédéric Lemaire Vuitton, lawyer at Nancy’s bar, represented the association La Voix de l’Enfant, the civil side. “We are not in the case of an abusive mother. She is the stake of his life. His children are not a priority, but only a means to an end. She has no limits when it comes to her daughters, whom she often leaves alone to go looking for her companion in the middle of the night. The trigger for her actions was when she lost all hope that he would return. The girls became the instruments of his threats and blackmail.” And add that this is a long-prepared act, passionate infanticide against his companion. “She didn’t tell the truth, she didn’t change her attitude from the first trial, she didn’t change. A new drama cannot be ruled out.”

For the lawyer for the father of the oldest girl, who was almost 4 years old at the time of the murder, the mother did not want her client to keep in touch with her daughter. “His relatives did their best to present him as a simple parent, but it was she who closed the door to him. The kid grew up without him. He was deprived for the rest of his life of his daughter and all the stages that they could share together.

“This father has been destroyed for years and has never been able to rebuild himself.” Maitre Annie Levy-Siferman, Nancy’s barrister, also believes that the defendant has not changed five years after the events. And point out the mother’s many lies in her various testimonies. “This is the first time my client has said, “Stop your self-absorption, morbid jealousy, obnoxious behavior and disproportionate reactions. She couldn’t take it. She sent threatening text messages and carried out her threats. Since then, she has acted coldly, anxiously. My client has been suffering for many years. His life is broken.”

“Origin is mother”

Master Olivier Bauer, attorney at Nancy’s bar, strongly refutes the idea of ​​premeditation. He disagrees with the 30-year sentence, which he finds excessive given convictions for similar offenses in other courts. “For me, my mother is the source. The mother who prioritized the withdrawal of the appeal against my lawyer’s opinion, who put her job first and left her daughter to a grandmother who used punishments and a father who was rejected by the foster family and busy with her work. My client will create the reverse model: she wants a family, except when she puts her needs and wants first, when her mother puts her work before her children. She wanted to recreate the model of the ideal family that she dreamed of. After the misadventures, she found in the father of her youngest daughter the perfect partner. She projects her desires onto others and gets angry when she doesn’t get what she wants. He then explains the toxic sequence of events three days before the tragedy. The accused who is looking for every good reason to see him to come back. The one who does not give news from the words of his clients until the tragedy itself. Master Olivier Bauer requested a 20-year term, as well as social and legal measures recommended by experts.

Before the debate, the accused expressed regret to the court and to the civil parties. “I’m sorry. I didn’t do this to get back at my fathers. I should never have done this.”

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