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RAMADAN. Thanks to astronomical calculations, we already know the start date of the Muslim fast of Ramadan 2022 (1443). However, confirmation of this date is scheduled for the end of the week through a lunar observation of the Night of Doubt at the Grand Mosque of Paris. Date, rules, calendar, recipes… Check out our special page!


The date of the beginning of the month of Ramadan 2022/1443 is estimated by astronomical calculations in Saturday, April 2, 2022. It is the lunar observation of the Night of Doubt that makes it possible to determine the beginning of a new month in the Hijri calendar. There are two methods for determining the date of the new moon: the astrological method, in advance; and the traditional method of observing the sky on the 29th day of the current lunar month. However, the body representing Islam in France, the CFCM, uses the astrological method to announce the start date of Ramadan. According to these scientific data, the conjunction of the crescent will occur on Friday 29 haban / 1 April 2022. This means that a crescent moon will be visible in the sky and that a new month, and therefore a Muslim fast, can begin a new month. the next day (not waiting for the next day). The Grand Mosque of Paris also lists this tentative date, but along with the dissident federations, the CFCM organizes a “Night of Doubt” on Friday 1 April in the early evening to confirm it.

Questions and answers

Ramadan holy month?

The month of Ramadan, which is one of the five pillars of Islam, is not a holy month for Muslims. This period is blessed for the believers, but four other months are considered “sacred”: Muharram (1st), Rajab (7th), Zul Qida (11th) and Zul Hijah (12th). Thus, it is even more important for practitioners to maintain good behavior during these months. In the month of Muharram, Muslims celebrate the Hijra; Rajab celebrates Muhammad’s night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem; during dhul-kid hostilities are prohibited; and during Dhul-Hijj, a pilgrimage to Mecca is made.

What is celebrated in Ramadan?

Every year, practicing Muslims fast for a whole month to mark an episode in the Islamic narrative, in particular: the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. This event was supposed to take place in 610, during the “Night of Fate”.

What are the five pillars of Islam? (including Ramadan)

The Islamic religion has five pillars. In addition to Ramadan, Muslims consider the confession of faith, the pilgrimage to Mecca, prayer and obligatory alms to be the pillars of Islam.

What is the expected end date of Ramadan 2022?

According to astronomical calculations, the date of the end of Ramadan, the end of the month of fasting and the associated holiday of Eid al-Fitr will occur around Monday, May 2, 2022. But to find out the official date, you’ll have to wait until the Night of Doubt ends Ramadan.

What does the word “ramadan” mean in Arabic?

Today, the month of Ramadan is very closely connected in the minds of people with the month of fasting, which is observed by Muslims. But the name of the ninth month of the Hijri calendar was actually given to it long before the advent of Islam. Arabic is a semantic language whose roots consist of consonants denoting a precise idea, and from which we create a whole lexical field by adding letters before or after (in general) this “stem” … if we analyze the root of the word a word consisting of the letters rā , mīm and ḍād, we understand that it refers to “summer heat”. Could this mean that the month of Ramadan systematically fell during the summer in the pre-Islamic lunisolar calendar? According to The Encyclopedia of Islam, “whether or not the months in Central Arabia were really associated with particular seasons is debatable”, since the month, whose name etymology may be associated with cold, occurs only after two months of Ramadan.

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Ramadan 2022 (1443) begins, according to its date calculated by astronomical calculations, on Saturday, April 2, 2022. in France. According to a March 13 press release given by the franceinfo group, the CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Faith), the representative body of Islam in France, has announced the astronomical start date for the month of Ramadan as follows: According to scientific data, the new moon conjunction of Ramadan 1443 AH will occur on April 1, 2022 at 06:24 hours (UTC). Visibility of the moon will be possible on the same day on the American continent and part of the African continent,” the agency said. As a result, “Saturday 2 April 2022 is the first day of Ramadan in 1443 AH”.

The Night of Doubt, organized on Friday 1 April in the early evening at the Grand Mosque of Paris, should allow this date to be officially confirmed.

If the Parisian mosque approves the astronomical date of Ramadan 2022 (1443) in France, however, it will be necessary to wait for the observation of the moon, which takes place on the Night of Doubt, to formalize the start date of Ramadan.

In France, two methods of determining the beginning of the month of Ramadan coexist: traditional lunar observations and astronomical calculations. In its March 15 press release titled “Announcing the Beginning of the Blessed Month of Ramadan”, the Coordination of National Muslim Federations (FFAICA, GMP, MF and RMF), for which these two methods are “complementary”, points to this point. that during the “Night of Doubt” “The Theological Coordinating Commission (…) will take into account the results of the work on the adoption of scientific calculation and universal astronomical data to determine the beginning and end of the blessed month of Ramadan.”

Regarding the representation of Muslims in France, an important change took place in March 2021 when there was a split between the French Council of the Muslim Faith, the institution representing the Muslim faith in France, and its four former Muslim federations (the famous FFAIACA, GMP, MF and RMF). After that thunderclap in the sky of Islam in France, CFCM is once again relying on scientific data to formalize the dates of Ramadan a few weeks in advance. it’s the same working method it is followed by the Muslim Theological Council of France (CTMF, a body of imams especially close to the Muslim Brotherhood, but not replacing representative bodies).

In another recent twist, the four dissident CFCM federations established their “National Council of Imams” at the end of November 2021. The Élysée Palace made this request to the CFCM in autumn 2020 as part of the fight against radicalism and “separatism”. Thus, the four federations that have gained independence want to “tag” the imams practicing in France themselves, a role that the CFCM is already contesting, according to 20 Minutes.

In a statement dated March 15, the coordinator, made up of four Muslim federations (FFAACA, GMP, MF and RMF), announced that it would gather at the Grand Mosque of Paris for a “Night of Doubt” on Friday evening April 1. This date corresponds to the 29th day of the month of Chaaban, the month preceding the month of Ramadan in the Muslim calendar. In this lunar calendar, 2022 corresponds to 1443 AH. The “Night of Doubt” at the end of Ramadan at the Grand Mosque of Paris will take place on Sunday 1 May 2022.

During the month of fasting, Muslims perform five prayers a day: fair, zuhr, asser, maghrib and icha. The Ramadan calendar allows you to know the time of the considered prayers.

What is the end date of Ramadan 2022/1443 (current Islamic lunar year)? According to astronomical forecasts, the theoretical date of Uraza Bayram, the holiday of breaking the fast, corresponds to Monday evening 2 May (the first day of the month of Shawwal 1443, the lunar month following Ramadan). Depending on the year, and again depending on the observation of the moon, this occurs 29 or 30 days after the start of Ramadan. Dates to be confirmed on the night of the announcement, also known as the night of doubt.

The prohibitions of the month of Ramadan are quite strict. Intentionally eating, drinking, smoking or having sex during the day breaks his fast. Since forgetfulness cannot be punished, on the other hand, drinking or consuming something through negligence does not break the fast. Intentionally having sex on the day of Ramadan is considered a “great sin”. It is completely allowed to swallow saliva and, of course, brush your teeth. The only real prohibition in this area is to swallow anything other than your own saliva.

It is forbidden to use cosmetics, although this is sometimes allowed in Muslim countries. It is also forbidden to make obscene language, swear, give false testimony, and even engage in “stupid” behavior. A healthy diet and good hydration should also be preferred when breaking the fast. In general, sleep, avoiding sun exposure, and limiting exercise are also part of the practice to follow to stay healthy.

In particular, the practice of fasting applies to all Muslims, with the exception of the elderly, children, the sick (regardless of whether they suffer from mental or physical disorders), pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding or menstruating. Some travelers may also delay their post. For these people, helping the poor is seen as a worthy substitute for ritual.

“Ramadan Mubarak” is a formula used in the Muslim religion to wish a happy Ramadan to loved ones.

For a quick meal, Ramadan practitioners prepare delicious dishes. Discover recipe ideas in the Journal des femmes.

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