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Rani Assaf presented the budget for last season (photo by Anthony Morin).

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Nimes Olympic

approved budget. A regular general meeting was held at Nîmes Olympique this afternoon, with the agenda to review the accounts of the last season closed on 30 June 2021. The meeting that followed the board of directors took place a few weeks ago when President Rani Assaf presented a debt of 29 million euros. A significant amount, which includes, among other things, a government-guaranteed loan entered into during the health crisis, the repayment of which is spread over three years. In particular, taking into account television rights and the sale of players, the deficit eventually approached 6 million euros. The major shareholder, undertaking to close this hole, DNCG, financial football policeman, thus approved this budget without issuing an unfavorable opinion. It is this budget that the assembly approved this afternoon. A new meeting will be held in a few weeks to discuss the preliminary budget, which the club will present to the DNCG next June. The deficit should be smaller, around 4 million euros, and be compensated by the sale of some players.

USAM Nimes Guard

Luke Toby is back on this crucial trip to Chambery. (Photo by Yannick Pons/Objectif Gard)

Aquillo and Toby are back. USAM is approaching a turning point in its season. The next two meetings are decisive in relation to the goals set at the start of the season. Before the second leg on Tuesday in the European Cup against Gorenje Velenje, Nimes will travel to Chambéry tomorrow for the 22nd day of the Star League (20:00). In connection with the tragic events unfolding in Eastern Europe, and the termination of the championships of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the sixth place certainly claims to get into the EHF Europa League next season. This gives USAM an extra chance to stay in Europe at the end of the season. To believe it, tomorrow’s victory in Savoy in sixth (23 points) is necessary for ninth (20 points). In the event of a loss, with an extra match played, the delay would have been quite significant seven days before the end. For this showdown, Jan Balmosier fixed the return of Jean-Jacques Acquillo and Luc Tobey. Even if their playing time is limited, his vitality is good. “Injects fresh blood, calms the guys”, fires the new head coach after 13 years as an assistant. On the other hand, the ailing Quentin Dupuis loses his license.

Selected group: Desbonnet, Paul; Gallego, Poyet, Jacobsen, Nyateu, Bonnefon, Minel, Aquillo, Toby, M. Salou, Yasuhira, Gigu, Gibernon, Rebichon, Sanad.

Julien Rebichon, Jérôme Chauvet, David Tebib and Jan Balmosier (Photo by Corentin Corget)

President’s call. USAM organized a press conference this afternoon. First, President David Tebib elaborated on the departure of Franck Maurice, which was registered at the beginning of the week. After Saturday’s big defeat in the derby (23-33), Franck Maurice expressed the idea of ​​leaving to his president. After a night of reflection, the two men met again on Sunday afternoon and by mutual agreement decided to end the adventure early. “When your wife tells you: I think I will leave. You don’t lock the door and stop him from leaving.”compared the president, who then explained the partnership decision to Jérôme Chauvet, CEO, with Jan Balmosier, number one assistant. “In a crisis situation, we always tend to turn to the family. » The difficult season is due, in part, to the high number of injuries among 13 players, who have an average of three months off this season. There are still deadlines to play in the league tomorrow and Tuesday in the EHF Europa League. After losing 29-22 in Slovenia, Nim is destined for a feat, winning by eight goals against Gorenje Velenje. This match is appealed by David Tebib, “to mobilize green people and sports fans. This is the first time we will play the eighth in front of our audience. During our comeback against Churgoy in 2018, the public supported us. A holy union is required. »

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