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In September 2019, Louis Louvet, then at CR4C Roanne, offered himself the Boucle de l’Artois, the last stage of the Coupe de France DN1. Two months later, he signed with the professionals at Saint-Michel-Aubert 93. But the marriage between the continental Île-de-France and the Burgundian rider never took place. Last fall, he hesitated to continue cycling, but eventually decided to join CC Étupes for the 2022 season. The 24-year-old rider admits that DirectVelo before returning to Boucle de l’Artois this Friday.

DirectVelo: You are back at the boucle de l’Artois!
Louis Louvet: That was the last race I won. This is definitely something to come back to. This is a great race that I like. I’m aiming for a good time to start on Friday. I’ve been feeling good the last few days on the time trial bike. Let’s look after the general, it will be over time …

How is your start of the season going?
It’s going slowly but surely. I’m up to speed but lack the confidence and days of racing on my feet to get results. I haven’t raced much in the last two years and I also need to get back to the rhythm of amateur racing. Uncertainty plays a big role.

How do you explain it?
I spent two very difficult years at Saint-Michel-Aubert-93. I lost a lot of confidence there when that was one of my strengths.


You were known for your great self-confidence, perhaps too much for some…
I often have this problem in my life. I sound arrogant, I know it. My girlfriend told me about this a week ago. When we met, she thought I was arrogant. After that, of course, on the bike I had a certain confidence in myself. Today I miss the little things that make me dare to do more. But I don’t either…

I was. Last fall, I found myself without a contract, but most of all I was angry with the bike. I made sacrifices to become a professional, depriving myself of going out with friends or taking a vacation in the summer. I do not regret at all that I did this, because thanks to the bike I experienced great emotions, I also traveled … But I fell from a height. I’ve always kept my feet on the ground, but since junior days I’ve been told that I have the drive, that I can do it. I managed to turn pro, but in the end I was very disappointed with this experience. On the other hand, I really liked racing among professionals. I liked racing, but not outside.

How do you explain it?
It is clear that the team did not like me. This weighed heavily on me. I felt less prepared than among amateurs. And with a higher level in the races it was very difficult. But, as I always say, for a rider like Jason Tesson, Ober works. It probably works differently than mine.

“STAFF is patient with me”

What prompted you to continue?
I wondered if I should continue cycling because I really didn’t want to do it anymore. I was lucky to meet Melvin (Rulière) and Anthony Barle who wanted me to go to Villefranche. They called quite early, somewhere in August. I didn’t know much about Melvin. I really like his style of work, his state of mind. All this gave me a taste for cycling. I think we are being followed very well in Étupes. The staff is patient with me because I still have my ups and downs. They believe in me. This year I don’t have any results yet, but I’m happy to ride my bike. I didn’t want to end such a bad year.

How do you envision your future?
I’m going back to school. I am doing my Masters in Management at EM Lyon. This is the sector that I like. I have two years. I also have a project with my brother Marius. For a bike, it’s blurry. It will be hard to stop at the end of the year if I am having fun again. As for returning to the pros, why not depend on the team.

When do you hope to take the lead in racing again?
I hope to get better in three or four weeks. Among the major meetings of the season will be the championship of France. If I participate in an online event, it means that at that time I will be fine, because we will not have many places, given our ranking in the Coupe de France N1. As far as time trials go, I’ve never been able to make a splash, so I’d like to do it one day. I will definitely have a new bike that should help me. As for the team, there are a lot of young people here, they have talent, but due to lack of experience, we are still fighting for the result. Everyone has a very good mentality. It’s coming, it’s coming.

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