Macron defends the use of consulting firms and attacks the “far-right tandem”, Pekress sees himself in the second round… Campaign news this Thursday

Government business? During a trip to the Charente-Maritime, Emmanuel Macron was asked about using consulting firms. “A lot of people lied,” he said, before defending these firms’ interest in “one-off missions.” “When you hire a public servant, you get him for life. He should have the skills you will need in the long run. which we will pay for our entire career and retirement.”

The McKinsey case drew a lot of criticism on Thursday from opponents of Emmanuel Macron. In an interview given 20 minutes, Marine Le Pen claims it is “a real scandal” and translates “a vision of the deconstruction of the state”. Similar vocabulary for Eric Zemmour, who denounced this morning on from right to left “state scandal” and assured that “he would not turn to consulting firms” in the event of the president’s victory. The same commitment for Fabien Roussel, guest in the morning France Inter. Adrien Quatennens, coordinator of France Insoumise, also called the McKinsey case a “scandal”.

Valerie Pecresse (LR) did not rule out the use of these firms, but “apparently not to the same extent.” “The government must be accountable”, – for his part, Xavier Bertrand (LR) assessed European 1.

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According to Anticor’s president, “public decision-making is carried out by entities that are responsible for the private interest, not the public interest.”

movement of the day

Tackle against the “tandem”. In Furas (Charente-Maritime), Emmanuel Macron adopted the concept of “environmental planning” from Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI). He defended his report on ecological transition and pledged his intention to pursue his ecological transition policy. He specifically mentioned France’s dependence on Russian gas and oil, believing that “our responsibility is to eventually succeed in getting out of this dependence on hydrocarbons that we do not produce, which is gas and oil, to emit less.” To do this, he believes that “the key is the electrification of all our means.”“.

He took advantage of this trip to attack the “far-right tandem” Zemmours-Les Pens, deploring the simplification of the “far right”. Eric Zemmour was the first to react: “There is no tandem or extreme right. There is a president who does nothing, says nothing, thinks nothing and stakes his entire re-election on the Marine Pen final.” The latter also responded to the outgoing president: “He avoids debate and makes irresponsible remarks for lack of arguments regarding my unity project and the national interest.”

In an interview on Parisianformer prime minister Édouard Philippe also stated, “Of course Marine Le Pen can win”, believing she had succeeded in softening her image and fearing strong abstention.

offer of the day

Trust. “I’ll be in the second round,” said Valerie Pekress, a guest LCI. The LR candidate is trying to stay on course despite the polls being half-mast and the lack of support from Nicolas Sarkozy, who should not go to Sunday’s rally in the Porte de Versailles, according to information from Parisian.

“I was very proud to be Nicolas Sarkozy’s minister,” she said, before confirming that “I am the candidate today” given that she could be “a surprise runoff.” When asked by Elisabeth Marticho about her position in the event of the second round of Macron-Le Pen, Valerie Pekress refused to answer.

The LR candidate then submitted a calendar of her “first 100 days” this Thursday at noon, if she is elected. She announced, in part, that her first measure would be a “big constitutional law” to be passed “through a referendum on immigration, security and secularism,” “the three pillars of power that are being trampled today,” she said.

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Denial of the day

Rothschilds to help Macron. “Bankers in France are paid in France.” Rothschild and Co bank “officially denied” this Thursday in a statement sent toAFP that “bankers in France will be paid abroad”. A statement in defense of Emmanuel Macron has been the subject of an investigation by website Off Investigation, which alleges that the managing partners will be paid partly in tax havens.

Republican boss Christian Jacob denounced “serious allegations” and asked for “light on this case.”

Meanwhile, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan asked the financial prosecutor’s office to conduct an investigation, “if only to arouse suspicions that have been dragging on for 8 years.”

Transcription of the day

Health. What are the offers of candidates for nursing homes? Scandal of abuse in these institutions makes you familiarize yourself with the proposals of presidential candidates. Four candidates presented in their program more detailed proposals than others on aging and addiction in older people: Fabien Roussel, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Eric Zemmour and Yannick Jadot. The transcript can be found here.

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Screen version of the day

Between rounds. La France insoumise candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced in Telegram his intention to start consultations with his supporters in the event of a second round between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. “Three hundred and ten thousand people support my candidacy. So on the evening of the first round they will be asked what we are doing for the second round.”

Adrian Quatennens, LFI coordinator, assured on Thursday morning at Information about France that “far-right voting is not an option” in the event of a duel between Macron and Le Pen.

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