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PlayStation has announced its response to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. This is the new PlayStation Plus that’s teaming up with PS Now and now comes in three flavors. However, there are some significant differences between PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, and we encourage you to see the benefits of each more clearly in this comparison.

PlayStation and Xbox in search of subscribers

Some of the benefits offered by PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass are indeed similar, but Sony’s philosophy seems to be very different from Microsoft’s. PlayStation seems to be making its offerings easier to read (for example, integrating PS Now, which will eventually disappear) rather than offering a revolution in its market.

While Microsoft is shaking up the sector and trying to attract new audiences, Sony’s strategy seems to be more focused on boosting revenue from PS Now services, a service created in 2015 that will now be integrated into PS Plus and that hasn’t quite found its way. his audience so far.

Below is a comparison table between various PlayStation Plus and Xbox subscriptions.

PS Plus Basic PS Plus Extra PS Plus Premium Xbox Live Gold Status Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Xbox Game
Online game Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suggested games per month 2 2 2 4 4
Content Discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud backups Yes Yes Yes Yes, no subscription Yes, no subscription Yes, no subscription
Games to download About 400 About 400 About 450 About 500
Cloud Games Yes Yes
Total Games About 400 About 740 About 450 About 500
Platforms affected PS4 and PS5 PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox series, PC
Games First Party Day One Yes Yes
Trial games Yes (names to be defined) Yes (EA Play only)
EA Play Membership Yes
Public price per month €8.99 €13.99 €16.99 €6.99 €9.99 €12.99
Public price per term €24.99 €39.99 €49.99 €19.99 €29.97 €38.97
Public price per year €59.99 €99.99 €119.99 €59.99 €119.88 €155.88

PS Plus vs Xbox Game Pass: different subscriptions

PlayStation has decided to group its various subscriptions into one, more distinct offering (with the same name) and on three tiers. The simplest offering, called Essential, is no more and no less than the PS Plus offer we already know. Then there are two tiers, which respectively give access to the library of games for download, as well as other games in the cloud for the Premium subscription.

For Xbox, it’s going to be a tough read for beginners as we have Xbox Live Gold (online access), Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Four different subscriptions but with the same benefits as PlayStation. Xbox Live Gold is similar to Sony’s PS Plus Essential, while Xbox Game Pass is PS Plus Extra. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is comparable to Sony’s PS Plus Premium.

Games Offered: Bonus PC games for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Day One editions.

Sony’s offer is yet to be finalized in the coming weeks, but a PS Plus Extra subscription will allow you to download around 400 games. The same goes for Xbox Game Pass, which also offers around 400 games.

As for the most extended offering, which notably includes access to certain games in the cloud (and therefore can be played from anywhere without downloading), PlayStation has the advantage of over 700 games available through PS Plus. Premium, compared to about 500 Xbox Game titles. Pass the ultimate.

Another difference is that Microsoft PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions also offer PC-specific games. This is especially true for Age of Empires IV, while Sony only offers games released on PlayStation consoles in its catalog.

The main strategic difference between the PlayStation and Xbox offerings is that all games developed by the Xbox studios are released directly to Game Pass on the day they are released and at no additional cost. That’s a strong case for Microsoft, for example, to eventually make Call of Duty games available as soon as they launch on Game Pass. From Sony’s side, President Jim Ryan spoke out, explaining that PlayStation today couldn’t offer something like that without degrading the quality of games developed by its own studios.

Price: discount for an annual subscription at Sony

Subscription prices are about the same, but the Xbox offering does have a slight advantage when looking at the monthly subscription cost. However, we note that PlayStation Extra and Premium subscriptions are cheaper for a year than Xbox offers.

PS Plus Essential vs Xbox Live Gold

PS Plus Basic Xbox Live Gold Status
Public price per month €8.99 €6.99
Public price per term €24.99 €19.99
Public price per year €59.99 €59.99

PS Plus Extra vs Xbox Game Pass

PS Plus Extra Xbox Game Pass
Public price per month €13.99 €9.99
Public price per term €39.99 €29.97
Public price per year €99.99 €119.88

PS Plus Premium vs. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

PS Plus Premium Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Public price per month €16.99 €12.99
Public price per term €49.99 €38.97
Public price per year €119.99 €155.88

Gaming in the cloud for the most complete offering with benefits for everyone

Microsoft is a major cloud player in the world, and Xbox games have been available without downloading in the cloud for several years thanks to an offering called Xbox Cloud Gaming. What’s more, these games can be accessed from a browser, Xbox console, tablet, or mobile phone. Today, there are 353 Xbox games available through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

On Sony’s side, it’s PS Now, which is used for PlayStation games in the cloud, with an extensive catalog of over 700 games, which is an advantage in Sony’s favour. The service was launched several years before the Xbox, and games can be accessed from a PlayStation or PC console. Keep in mind, however, that even if Xbox offers fewer games, all those developed by the Xbox studios and released on the console are available as soon as they launch in the cloud. This does not apply to Sony products.

The advantage of the Xbox service is that it is available on a simple mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Thus, it is possible to play on vacation, provided that you have a sufficiently reliable Internet connection to play in good conditions. There is a way to play PlayStation Cloud games on mobile devices, but that’s via console streaming, which requires you to launch the game from your PS4 or PS5 console, which isn’t really suitable for mobile devices.

In conclusion, PlayStation and Xbox are in the same race to get as many subscribers to their services as possible. However, the two sector giants do not have the same assets today, and Sony’s offer is yet to be finalized in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure, it’s that a few battles will be more visible. Of course, these are numbers, but also the offer and the content, since everyone will have to prove that they have the best catalog. For this, Sony and Microsoft will certainly pull out checkbooks to attract the best games from third-party publishers.

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