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For AlloCiné, candidates in the 2022 presidential election reveal their vision of culture, their tastes in political fiction, and their favorite movies and series. Today Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a candidate for La France Insoumise (LFI).

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France Insoumise)


Shouldn’t Culture benefit from sovereign service?

We see public service in the arts and culture as part of the pursuit of emancipation, human progress and active citizenship on a daily basis. The reality of its constituent economies, between purely public domains, other non-commercial and finally industrial sectors such as cinema (although the cultural and creative industries benefit from the emphasis placed on the political will of cultural exclusion, which we advocate and will continue to enforce) means that we are dealing here with a variety of ecosystems, among which certain private actors have their place.

However, we are part of this logic of sovereign action in matters of art and culture, returning to the state and its agents the means to achieve these said ambitions and all the tasks entrusted to it, which cannot be transferred to private companies. with purely selfish goals far removed from human progress, as in the case of the omission of culture or the threats looming over preventive archeology.

That is why we will restore the public service of arts and culture, starting by providing it, and all interested parties, with the means necessary for the best performance of their tasks of common interest.

We will increase the budget dedicated to arts and culture to 1% of GDP, which will increase by one third the budget of the Ministry of Culture alone, but will also affect loans allocated to culture in other departments of the Ministry of Culture. The state, grants from local authorities, as well as money allocated for various national centers, books, music, video games to be created, and, of course, cinema. Finally, we will also place cultural associations at the center of this action, reconnecting with the logic of long-term agreements.

Moreover, arts and culture cover a much wider area than just their ministry. Therefore, it is important that public action in the field of culture be linked to other areas of government activity, such as national education or higher education and research, as well as the city, the countryside, health and many others.

Is cinema necessarily a political art? What inspires you in the rebuilding that can be done around a job like “Bac Nord” lately?

Cinema can be many things. Very often considered as entertainment, it is also part of the political and social context and can be positioned in social issues.

The film Bac Nord is a political look – in particular through the images and narrative resources it uses – on the situation in working-class neighborhoods and, thanks to its plot, provokes debate. The role of the police is considered here, but other films also provoke debate on other topics that revitalize our society. The power of cinema is to look at our own conditions and open up discussion.

Do movies and series have, among other things, a calling to help “push the boundaries” on social issues (parity, diversity, etc.)?

Cinema, like all arts and culture, is important because it allows us to define ourselves as human beings. This is a vector of emancipation that allows us to doubt our own existence. However, it also has a social impact and reflects the social problems we face.

Today’s research shows that the characters most present on our screens are men, perceived as white, far removed from the realities of our society. For people who are discriminated against, their portrayal on screen very often reinforces racist or sexist stereotypes by limiting them to representations.

To change our thinking, we will overhaul the CNC aid system and make funding contingent on upholding social standards and fighting discrimination. Parity and diversity will be both on our screens and behind the camera.

Candidate… and Spectator

If we had to give this campaign the title of a movie or TV series…
There’s no point in running

If you needed to name a movie or series for your program…
Catch Me If You Can / Popular / Alien Taste / Our Finest Years / The Most Beautiful Life

A copy of the movie or series that inspires you…
“We don’t own anything on Earth, we just drive through”. (From Africa)

Movie/series character that inspires you…
Rocky Balboa. Everyone thinks that he will not last more than one or two rounds, but he refutes all predictions and does not go to bed until the end of the fight.

for which president·would you vote on the screen?
Walker on the Champ de Mars 😉

Best Political Film?
green sun

The best political series?
Our steps open the way

What is your first viewing memory?
Camera explores time

What is your cult film?
blade runner

Your cult series?

What is your latest movie/series love?
Get up women!

Movie/series music that needs work or thought?
One day after the revolution

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On occasion presidential election 2022AlloCiné is giving the floor to twelve candidates in the race for the Élysée, in collaboration with Camille Marigot, culture, politics and international community journalist for France Culture and RFI.

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