Region wants to restart economy in proximity and attractiveness

François Bonnot, President of the Center-Val de Loire region, Harold Yuvar, Vice President for Economic Development, Temanuata Girard, Deputy Vice President for Agriculture and Food, and their teams continue to travel to different territories. Center-Val-de-Loire for the organization and revitalization of the 24 stages of the States-General of the economy and employment.

Device launched in Orleans in November

After Nogent-le-Rotrou and Châteaudun on March 11, it was the turn of Sur, near Chartres, and Dreux, on Wednesday, March 30, to hold several consultation seminars on the future and problems of the economy and employment at the Centre. Val de Loire, by 2030. They were held in the presence of about 300 participants.
All this work should contribute to the development of the new SRDEII (Regional Scheme for Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalization). The States General of Economics and Employment were inaugurated on November 25 at Orléans, on the Loire.

At the Lycée de la Saussaye in Sur, about a hundred people gathered for three workshops. “The first seminar is devoted to agriculture, a fascinating topic. Participants, mostly farmers, reflect on the so-called agro-ecological infrastructure, as well as unproductive investments in agriculture. In our region, we have arable land, with large plots, and we are wondering about the conservation of biodiversity and its reclamation. This is the case, for example, with the return of partridges to pollinate fields, insects, because without pollination there is no life. Farmers committed to the productive model clearly feel the need to consider biodiversity. What I want, together with my colleagues, is to receive proposals coming from the earth,” explains François Bonnot.

“40% of business leaders
retire within five years.”

The second workshop, which was held in Source and also under the Maison de Dreux, is dedicated to the transfer of a company, whether agricultural, artisanal or commercial. “It should be remembered that 40% of business leaders will retire in the next five years. And in the transfer and acquisition market, only a third of companies will be transferred and absorbed when their leader retires. This is a real challenge for our economical fabrics and their sustainability,” adds Harold Huwart. And François Bonnot continues: “We have a real risk that craftsmanship will decrease and companies will disappear due to lack of buyers. »

The Center-Val-de-Loire region started meetings for the exchange of States General of Economy and Employment in Nogent-le-Rotrou and Châteaudun.

Finally, the third seminar, held at the La Sausse Agricultural School, was devoted to training in the medical and social professions. Participants discussed the shortage of nurses and caregivers in our territories by 2030 and the potential to keep older people at home or out of an effective healthcare system.

Visit to Boudeville & Fontaine

The last seminar, which took place in Dre, was devoted to the topic: “How to support the creation of a business by people with disabilities? At the end of the day, regional and local elected officials visited Boudeville & Fontaine, an independent metal box manufacturer and metal printing specialist since 1890, in Aneta.

At this long-awaited end of Covid-19, and despite the outbreak of war in Ukraine, regional elected officials are thinking about how to deal with the impact of the health crisis on the economic and social situation in various territories. Center-Val de Loire.

“Restart, proximity and attractiveness will be the goals of the regional scheme, which will be developed through consultation, transformation of our interventions and support for transitions. Resettlement, territorialization, reindustrialization will be pillars. This new plan should be built in line with the other two major strategic plans for the region, which are also in the process of being developed or revised,” says François Bonnot.

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