territorial project, implementation in the near future?

Yes soon! The city of Roanne and its surroundings are in the process of being enriched by a new economic engine with the installation of Celside Insurance, the European leader in affinity insurance for mobile phones, tablets and computers.

In 2019, the President of the Roannais agglomeration and Sadri Fegayer, President of the Indexia Group, entered into an economic partnership initiated by the signing of a contract for the sale of land intended for the construction of Rhônalpine premises.

In 2022, this topic raises many questions due to the expectations of local authorities related to the importance of the project, especially in terms of local jobs. The creation of this French and regional company at the Mably site was planned for several years, while the operating life was postponed several times compared to the original schedule.

Celside Insurance is a company of proven value whose installation in Mably is eagerly awaited by the authorities who have chosen to support the institution and have been able to provide the space needed. For the location of the building, its outbuildings, forest park and car parks (650 places), it was really necessary to have 55,000 m2. Thus, the Rouanne agglomeration supported the project, which, unfortunately, has slowed down over the past two years due to the state of health and the economy. It seems that this year is the year of concretization, because the resumption of work should allow the first collaborators to be installed in the near future.

In 2019, Sadri Fegaier distinguished himself by winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Sadri Fegayer, who leads this innovative company, has proven its worth by winning the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Its dynamic business is growing rapidly along well-defined lines, reflected in an increase in business volume of 1.1 billion euros in 2021 and optimistic forecasts for 2022 with a forecast of 1.26 billion euros. The activity is effectively based on a business model that has survived the crisis unscathed and on an undeniable concept of employee evaluation: the French award for quality of life at work “Happy at work” has been awarded to it for 4 years in a row.

What is the main activity of Celside Insurance?

The main activity of Celside Insurance is affinity insurance. The company has focused on a specific sector, the reason for this exponential development: it is an activity related to the universal breakthrough of multimedia and in particular smartphones, tablets and of course computers… D Generally speaking, affinity insurance makes it can guarantee a consumer product or service and may take the form of a contract, an extension of insurance, or even an assistance service. In the case of Celside Insurance, the company aims to protect the connected equipment of millions of users in France and Europe.

The proposal concerns multi-risk insurance contracts (loss, theft, breakage, oxidation) and has some success with 8 million policyholders in Europe. The insurer supports the need for personalization and tries to respond to each of its clients according to their lifestyle and needs. In terms of receiving and advising clients, the call centers bring together more than 1,000 consultants, and this figure should increase with new recruitment planned in France in 2022.

All of that technology and virtual environments may be delayed, but the human touch is not forgotten as more than 100 instructors support field sales teams to optimize the skills of salespeople and distribution partners. Another noteworthy point of the organization is the presence of an integrated repair center inside, which provides proximity and efficiency for the management and repair of damaged equipment.

Some employees work in call centers. In order not to interfere with them, sounds are absorbed thanks to numerous panels. ©philippeperie.com

What are the challenges facing the territory and its inhabitants?

Territorial issues are rooted in the shared history of Celside Insurance and the City of Roanne. In 2011, the Romans-sur-Isere-born company had to cope with rapid development and turned to Roanne to set up a second call center. A few years later, the company employs 600 people at the Roanne plant and continues to grow.

In the agglomeration of Rouannaise, economic development revolves around the mechanical industry, which employs 1,200 people, textiles and clothing, from the tradition of knitting (900 people) and the food industry, which carries the house of Troisgros and its fame. A territory that can boast a growing number of industrial SMEs in all sectors. Digital technologies carry a high employment flag: 1,200 jobs, the same number as in the engineering industry, with very promising development potential. It is in this context that Celside Insurance integrates its implementation approach with particular advantage in terms of hiring; the diversity of its offer leaves room for positions of all skill levels with in-house training.

The Chairman of Indexia Group recalls that, according to the latest data, his group employs 3,000 people, including 2,200 in France, and the staff is constantly increasing. “We are recruiting en masse in Roan. We are looking for many TV operators to support the development of our commercial stores because our goal is to reach 500 stores within 3 years. In these stores, we offer the sale of new and refurbished multimedia products, digital services and website creation.”

Therefore, we can hope that many more colleagues will soon join the 600 current employees of Celside Insurance in Roanne, as the new recruitment campaign should reach 600 more people. Among these recruits, residents of the agglomeration will undoubtedly find positions for all types of profile, which is an excellent reason for the economic development organization of the agglomeration to encourage and support the creation of buildings designed to accommodate employees. The first phase is in full swing and the premises will be occupied at the end of 2022.

Employee satisfaction is a central concern. In this way, they will be able to take advantage of a personalized workspace and numerous other services, ranging from the cafeteria to the gym, through the restaurant or the multi-purpose room.

So, Indexia Group, Happy at Work?

The name seems to reflect reality, since the model has proven itself in the Romans and is duplicated in an optimized variant in Mable: spaces designed to satisfy employees, offering individual workplaces equipped with quality workplace equipment (ergonomic and comfortable seat, adapted telephony, curved screens to reduce eye fatigue). In order not to disturb the call center employees, the acoustics were designed to absorb sound with the help of panels.

There are also “sides”: a modern cafeteria, a restaurant, a multi-purpose room, a fitness room where you can blow off steam during breaks, and convenient car access with parking for 650 cars.

Having expanded its operations to the European area, the Indexia group now has 8 million customers and 3,000 employees, including 2,200 in France (not to mention 200 trainees), and covers 6 countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy).

Today Celside Insurance is a mature company that tests its assets, finds its cruising speed and whose development strategy is well known to ensure successful growth while respecting customers.


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