Tunisia Afro-Japanese Cooperation Capital 2022

The Embassy of Japan in Tunisia has announced the dates for the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, TICAD 2022, on February 8. Tunisia, which was selected to host this conference in February 2020, will host it on August 27 and 28.

The conference will be one of the most important international meetings held in the country since independence. By the way, heads of 50 African states and governments will attend this event. Also present will be Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who will make his first visit to Tunisia.

Also in attendance were representatives from international organizations, as well as over 11,000 participants from Japanese and African public and private institutions. Experts, scientists and representatives of international financial organizations will also be present.

The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) is an international forum dedicated to the development of Africa. The first conference (TICAD 1) was held in 1993 under the auspices of the Japanese government. Since then, TICAD has been organized in collaboration with the United Nations, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the African Union Commission (AUC) and the World Bank.

TICAD is an open forum that brings together not only African countries but also international organizations, the private sector and civil society working for Africa’s development, where each other’s wisdom and efforts are combined and discussed to make an effective contribution to Africa’s development. TICAD promotes African ownership and international partnerships.

This year, the 8th TICAD (TICAD 8) will be held in Tunisia. Africa will host TICAD for the second time, the sixth edition of which (TIKAD 6) was held in Kenya in 2016.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad issued a press release following a virtual ministerial meeting to prepare for the Eighth Tokyo International Conference on Development in Africa (TICAD), where Minister Othman Jarandi reaffirmed Tunisia’s commitment to strengthening Afro-Japanese relations and establishing a lasting a partnership that contributes to concretizing the desire of the countries of the continent for progress, the Tunisian Economic Observatory (OTE) has just pointed out.

Discussions between the Foreign Minister of Tunisia and the Foreign Minister of Japan, African Foreign Ministers and representatives of the United Nations, the African Union and the World Bank focused on sustainable and global development, reducing economic inequalities and building stable and prosperous societies. .

It should also be noted that the meeting provided an opportunity to take stock of the prospects of the Tunisian-Japanese-African partnership in the field of innovative agriculture, aquaculture and other related fields in order to exchange experiences and strengthen the framework for cooperation.

However, OTE recalls that Japanese investment in Tunisia has increased to almost $2.5 billion in the first six months of 2021, making Japan the third largest foreign investor in Tunisia, and this investment is generating about 20,000 jobs. The Government of Tunisia and the Tunisian-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry are determined to make this conference a success, which provides an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between Tunisia and Japan, and also an opportunity for Tunisia to open up to the African economy.

While the African continent suffers from a lack of financial resources needed to finance sustainable development, bilateral cooperation between the African continent and Japan is an opportunity to receive these funds, which will be directed under TICAD 8 to the blue economy, health, agriculture, infrastructure, digital economy and learning.

It is reported that $20 billion was mobilized by Japan to support value-added enterprises and projects during the seventh TICAD 7 conference held in 2019 in Japan.

TICAD 8 is considered the most important economic event of 2022 for the African continent in general and for Tunisia in particular. This is the second event hosted by the continent after TICAD 6, which was hosted in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in 2016. Tunisia will become the economic capital of Africa on 27 and 28 August. 2022 to promote the Afro-Japanese partnership and open up new horizons for economic cooperation.

TICAD 8 priority will be the recovery of the African continent’s economy after the Covid-19 pandemic. TICAD is an opportunity to develop triangular cooperation between Tunisia, Japan and Africa, which, according to the president of the Tunisia-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Hedi Ben Abbas, will allow Tunisia to open up new horizons due to its position. .

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