What will change from April 1, 2022

Fuel discount going into effect, activity bonus increase, EDF outage ending… A number of new features come into effect in April 2022 that may affect your carrier. Problems offers you an overview of the measures.

Setting up a fuel discount

Promised by the government in the face of rising prices, a discount of at least 15 cents on refueling takes effect from Friday 1.uh April, and for four months. Target? Unload the budget of motorists. Faced with fuel prices that recently topped the €2 mark, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced in mid-March the first 15-cent gas rebate.

In fact, this can amount to up to 18 cents, including tax per liter of fuel, for consumers in metropolitan France. The difference, which is explained by the amount of VAT applied in the various territories of France; the discount will be about 17 cents in Corsica, where VAT is lower, and 15 cents in overseas France, where there is no VAT on petroleum products. Where the government initially emphasized that the discount would not be displayed on station totems and would be applied at the checkout, the price displayed at the gas station will finally include the discount. Since Sunday, distributors have taken advantage of the discount at the level of centralized purchases.

Activity bonus and RSA increase

Activity Bonus (PA) will be recalculated from 1uh April to the annual inflation observed for the previous period, i.e. +1.8%. South Africa is seeing the same growth for more than 2 million French people. Thus, the maximum lump sum activity bonus for a single person will be 563.68 euros per month, compared to 553.71 euros in March and 845.52 euros per month for a single person with a dependent child, 1014.62 euros for two children – dependents. . Valid from 1uh January 2016 activity bonus is additional income. This assistance to low-income workers replaces the Placement Supplement and the Activity RSA. It is still available subject to income conditions for adult employees or self-employed workers, and for some salaried students and apprentices. The Family Benefits Fund (CAF) or Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) provide benefits upon request.

The end of the power outage turned off the EDF

From this 1uh In April, EDF will stop asking for power cuts for individuals in case of unpaid bills. The group will request a power limit of 1kVA. This measure has already been applied during the winter holidays (from 1uh November to March 31). In 2021, 25% of consumers said they find it difficult to pay their gas or electricity bills, up from 18% in 2020.

Rental control

The display of the maximum rent allowed by rent control becomes mandatory from this Friday 1.uh April in the municipalities that apply it, in accordance with the decree published on February 4, issued in connection with the application of the ELAN law. “For real estate located in areas subject to rent control, this text provides that professionals must now provide the necessary financial information in property listings to inform consumers when choosing a rent,” the Leasing Ministry said. “Economics” in a press release. Real estate professionals will now be required to list in their rental listings the reference rent set by decree according to the characteristics of the property (area, date of construction, furnished or unfurnished), this rent is increased by 20% (i.e. rent control) and an additional rent that allows you to exceed the limit if the property has certain characteristics of location or comfort.

End of winter holidays

From 1uh April morning, rental evictions allowed again. This date marks the end of the winter holidays. From 1uh November, tenants cannot be evicted even if the tenant no longer pays rent. However, this truce does not apply to squatters occupying a dwelling.

Start sending an energy receipt

From March 30, 2022, 5.8 million French people will receive between 48 and 277 euros in their mailbox. This is an energy cheque, nominal government assistance to pay electricity bills. It is automatically mailed to the beneficiaries’ homes. Target? Help low-income households pay their electricity, gas, oil and wood bills. Since 2018, this state aid has been calculated based on income.

Increase MaPrimeRens’

From 15 April until the end of 2022, MaPrimeRénov assistance will be increased by 1,000 euros for any replacement of the heating system (gas or oil boiler) with a renewable system. This measure will apply to application files submitted between April 15 and December 31, 2022. This is part of the policy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the government’s plan for sustainability.

End of heated terraces

As of April 2022, outdoor cafes, brasseries and restaurants are no longer allowed to use heating systems.

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