where to find consoles at the end of the week? Living stocks

PLAYSTATION 5. PS5 is one of the most requested products right now. Sony’s latest generation console is becoming increasingly available in retail stores after several months of being out of stock.

[Mis à jour le 31 mars 2022 à 10h47] A little over a year and a half ago we had to say goodbye to the Playstation 4 after many years of good and faithful service. Except we discovered pretty quickly that its replacement, the long-awaited and revolutionary Playstation 5, was a little shy. It is difficult to find in stores and online, due to the international shortage of semiconductors, a direct consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. A situation that has been ongoing since November 2020, so it is very difficult to buy a console. But things improved for buyers in March as there were a lot of restockings that obviously need to be sold as soon as possible. To that end, we’ve put together in this article the evolution of new and used stock, our buying tips, and the best PS5 game deals.

Our PS5 inventory update for Thursday, March 31st:

  • 10:45: PS5 is expected this Thursday. However, it can be found used and at a high price on the Rakuten website.

Therefore, finding a new Playstation 5 is a kind of feat. You need to be available when restocking occurs, confirm your shopping cart quickly, deal with heavy website traffic… To avoid all this, there is always another solution, get a used console. The PS5 is relatively easy to find on resale sites like Rakuten here. Only resellers are having fun with the price of the console, sometimes being resold for more than double its new value. However, fair deals can slip between the lines, so here are two of the best new and used PS5 deals on Rakuten. As a reminder, the new console is priced at €399 for the digital version and €499 for the standard version.

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