XV of France can dream big, Fillon Maillet doesn’t stop, PSG stars are booed by their public… What to remember about sports weekend

It’s hard to escape the winds of euphoria following the Blues’ success on Welsh soil on Friday night, allowing them to be in their familiar relationship with hopes of reliving the joy of winning Grand Slams again. Pleasant as it was, this victory cannot overshadow the other highlights of the weekend, starting with another “kokoriko” day, a big biathlon globe won by Quentin Fillon Maillet.

Rugby: “Blues” one step away from the Grail

Sometimes you need to know how to get your hands dirty in order to mine gold. On Friday in Cardiff, the Blues had suffered so rarely since the start of the tournament, but they were able, thanks in part to a flawless defense, to get rid of the Welsh obstructions to go around. This success opens wide the doors of the Grand Slam that has been running from them since 2010. To finally break the spiral, the equation is simple: next week we need to beat the English at the Stade de France.

The heroic Englishman was also against Ireland, but eventually gave up at the end of the match, playing almost the entire match 14 to 15. XV Clover, if beaten by Scotland and defeated by the Blues in the Crunch, therefore remains the only team capable of depriving Galtier’s team of the final victory in this 2022 Tournament.

The French celebrate their victory over Wales on Friday 11 March at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.  (RUI VIEIRA / AP / SIPA)

Biathlon: Quentin Fillon Maillet, the new cannibal

His five medals at the Beijing Olympics did not satisfy him. After a near-perfect winter, Quentin Fillon Maillet took advantage of second place in the mass start in Otepää, Estonia to claim his first World Cup title. He becomes the first Frenchman to win a big crystal globe since the legendary Martin Fourcade in 2018, and in turn will go down in French sports history.

Cycling: Slovenia takes it all

The two-headed hydra of Slovenian cycling unfolded this week. The first, Primož Roglic, occasionally nodded, but ended up winning Paris-Nice. The second, the most imperial, with the features of Tadeus Pogacar, flew over the Tirreno-Adriatico. If the methods differed, with Roglic relying on the collective power of Jumbo-Visma and Pogacar relying on his hideous talent, the end result remains the same: Slovenia remains the dominant nation in stage races. Four months before the Tour de France, the rest of the world was warned.

Paris - Nice: results of stage 8

Football: PSG, open fracture

Never before in the harrowing history between Paris and its public had relations reached such a degree of rejection on the part of supporters. The Bronca that took Madrid’s defeats, and especially the one that accompanied every ball touched by Messi and Neymar on Sunday, will be a milestone. The point of no return has not yet been passed, but not far off. And a difficult victory over the apathetic Girondins of Bordeaux will reconcile Park with his players, with the exception of Kylian Mbappe, the only one who escaped popular condemnation. But will he still be there next season to try and rekindle a connection that seems to have been broken?

Rugby: Montpellier new top 14 leader

There were only two Top 14 games this weekend, but they had a big impact on the standings. In the shadow of the Blues’ win in Cardiff, Montpellier took advantage of their narrow 18-16 victory over Toulon on Saturday in a match rescheduled from Day 14 to temporarily take control of the championship from Bordeaux-Begle.

ICHR has not been in the lead since the 2017-2018 season, which led almost from start to finish. PBG, still engaged in an unaccustomed struggle for maintenance, will be satisfied with a defensive bonus point. Var is now three squadrons ahead of the first bartender, Perpignan. On Sunday, UBB had the opportunity to reclaim their lead in the standings, but the Girondins suffered their fifth consecutive loss in the Top 14, this time at Clermont (29-26).

Basketball: Popovich alone at the top of the NBA

He already had five NBA championship rings on his fingers. However, he doesn’t have enough knuckles to count his wins on the San Antonio bench. With a 104-102 win against Utah on Friday night, the Spurs coach, at 73, became the most successful coach in league history with 1,336 wins. On this occasion, he overtook another legend: Don Nelson. Although he increasingly thinks that “Pop” may retire at the end of the season, his legacy will remain forever.

Clapping at the end of the Paralympic Games

After nine days of competition, the 13th Paralympic Winter Games ended in the Chinese capital on Sunday. at the end of the issue, marked by the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes after the invasion of Ukraine. With twelve medals (7 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze), the French delegation finished fourth in the medal table. It’s here China, ranked first with 61 medals (including 18 gold).

One of the magnificent pictures of the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games on March 13, 2022 in Beijing.  (BOB MARTIN / OIS/IOC)

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