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2as well as the prize ($3,000), sponsored by the Secretariat for the Promotion and Value of the French Language, was presented to Aime Holgado of the University of Sherbrooke with the phrase “Tell me who you’re after and I’ll tell you who you are”.

From left to right: Guillaume Savard, Director of the Secretariat for the Promotion and Improvement of the French Language; Monique Cormier, creator of the Loose Tongue! and Professor, Department of Linguistics and Translation, University of Montreal; Ema Holgado, winner (2as well as award) and a multidisciplinary undergraduate student at the University of Sherbrooke; Denis Amel, Jury Member and Vice President for Workforce Development Policy at the Council of Patrons of Quebec.

Photo: Remy Boyley

On March 28, the final of the 4thas well as edition of the contest “Untie the tongue! in the Grand Library Hall (BAnQ) in Montreal. This speaking competition was aimed at undergraduate students from several Quebec universities. The University of Sherbrooke was proudly represented by Ema Holgado, 3as well as a year in the multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program in the Faculty of Letters and Humanities (FLSH).

This eloquence competition, which takes the form of a professional oral presentation, highlights French expressions chosen, analyzed and explained by the participants. They must also establish a connection between the chosen expression and the social problem. The event also aims to promote the use of the French language in all its diversity in a positive, original and dynamic way, as well as in favor of freedom of expression in the university environment.

“Tell me who’s following you and I’ll tell you who you are,” the expression Ema chose is not a rule we hear often. That didn’t stop her from expressing herself confidently and gracefully, mixing explanations, comparisons and tones into a captivating presentation. The girl impressed the judges, who awarded her 2 points.as well as place among ten finalists.

I am very happy and proud that I was able to represent UdeS and, moreover, I was able to take second place when the competition was tough, all participants were very well prepared. I thank those who accompanied me in these last months with enthusiasm and tirelessly, from the first to the last day. I hope that my talk can inspire other students to go on this adventure and publicly carry their voices and ideas.

Ema Holgado, student of 3 yearsas well as a year in the multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program in the Faculty of Letters and Humanities (FLSH).

2as well as prize in the nomination “Untie the tongue!” ”, proposed by the Secretariat for the promotion and improvement of the French language, was accompanied by an amount of 3,000 US dollars. The General Secretary and Provost for Student Life at UdeS, Prof. Jocelyn Fauchet, Associate Dean for Teaching at FLSH, Prof. André Marquis, and Ms. Fani Saint Laurent, Assistant Leadership of FLSH, were all present to support Aima.

The competition was grandiose, the more we are proud of our winner!

Fani Saint Laurent, FLSH Executive Assistant

This victory is the result of many years of student work, as well as team efforts made within the FLSH.

I would like to thank Nadine Vincent, Martina Pelletier and Maxime Tardif, professors and lecturers of the Faculty of Communications, who spontaneously agreed to contribute, using their experience and their time, to Ema’s preparation.

Professor André Marquis, Associate Dean for Teaching at FLSH

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As part of the “French at the Core of Our Ambition 2017-2021” program of the Office of Quebec French, the Office for the Promotion of French and Francophonie at the University of Montreal is organizing an eloquence competition, Untie the Tongue! “. This aims to popularize the French language among students studying at 1uh cycle at one of the participating universities and prepare them for entering the labor market by giving them the opportunity to publicly present a message.

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