Allier International Festival: The Nature Cinema meetings start in Dompierre

Cinema remains at the center of this 32nd edition, with 22 films in competition and two films not in competition. The choice is international: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Moldova, England, Senegal, Syria.

“Our desire is to emphasize the diversity of views on the theme of “Man-nature”. The selected films are nuggets of art,” explains Frédéric Volduard, member of the association Cistudes et compagnie.

Each session, which lasts about an hour, combines short films of different styles, fiction, animation and documentaries.

Film shot in Serilli

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Directors are invited to come and talk to the audience.
Like Bony Chatagnon, who is out of competition, will present Like American women this Friday, April 1 at 4:00 pm. This film deals with the issue of agricultural obligations and was filmed in Allier, in Seriyi.

At the René-Fallet cinema in Dompierre-sur-Bebre.
Single price: 5 euros per session.

From Iran or Syria

Iranian-Senegalese filmmaker Abtin Sarabi has come a long way to meet the public for his experimental documentary, S7 storiesinspired by sugarcane fields.
It can be seen at tomorrow’s meeting, on Saturday, at 18:00.

Manon Colet will present his documentary luxury, Sunday, session at 10 am. His film poetically addresses the issue of light pollution.

Syrian Qutaiba Barhamji will discuss with the public after the screening of his film LLand of Guevara, out of competition, on Sunday, at 16:00. “A marvelous and intellectual documentary that reveals the connection between land and garden through exile,” stresses Frédéric Volduard.

Going organic is questionable

simple towerscheduled for Saturday at 2:00 pm, will seduce farming enthusiasts and show a young farmer wondering about the choice of converting his family farm to organic farming.

Ural on foot, alone

Life in the forest, Saturday at 16:00 will be appreciated by lovers of wild nature, with a journey through the Urals on foot, in complete autonomy.

All screenings are led by film journalist Jonathan Verrier, who is well known to the regulars at the Jean Carmet Festival in Moulins.
Viewers will be asked to vote for the Audience Choice Award.
The winners will be announced by a professional jury on Sunday at 18:00.

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