Dyson introduces a fun headset that also doubles as a mask!

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Better known for his vacuum cleaners, hair dryer and other bladeless fans, Dyson enters a new market. The brand has just introduced Dyson zoneon-ear headphones with active noise cancellation cleaner fromair which rises before the mouth and nose using a contactless visor. It is able to filter urban pollution, in particular by delaying gas, allergens and others small particles. The ergonomics of the Dyson Zone are inspired by a horse saddle, so the weight is distributed on both sides of the head instead of on top. The set is pretty impressive, but the design and chrome finish probably won’t piss off a (former) Daft Punk. Recall that the company patented this concept in early 2020.

Dyson says he spent six years developing this helmet and made over 500 prototypes. “ The project started with a hint oral resembling a tube dispersing purified air, connected to a bag back contain the engine and internal mechanisms “, – says the manufacturer. The built-in compressors in each earpiece suck in air as it passes through two-layer filters. The purified air is then sent to the nose and mouth through the visor.

Protection against ultrafine particles and nitrogen and sulfur dioxide

According to Dyson, the helmet uses ” media filter electrostatic negatively charged » and layer carbonpotassium enriched » the ability to capture fine particles such as brake dust, construction, combustion industrial, as well as dioxidesnitrogen and from sulfur.

On the audio side, Dyson says it used speakers. neodymium whose qualities are recognized at the level transparency and linearity of sound. The manufacturer promises precise balance between right and left and much less distortion than the human ear can detect as well as optimal active noise cancellation. So many claims that will need to be verified, in particular with regard to noise levels filtration. The Dyson Zone will go on sale in 2023. Its price has not yet been announced, but given the high positioning of Dyson, we can expect a high price.

Against pollution and viruses, Dyson is working on an air-purifying headset

Article by Fabrice Auclair, 02/05/2020

As the sale of masks explodes across the planet to protect against coronavirus, Dyson has filed a patent for an audio headset capable of purifying the surrounding air. fans and particulate filters fit into headphones and the assembly can move over two liters of purified air per second.

British appliance company Dyson, best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, may launch portable air purifiers. patent application filed with the UK Patent Office. Documents released on January 29 were found Bloomberg.

In addition to its famous vacuum cleaners, Dyson also makes home and office air purifiers, which are a growing success in Asia. Faced with demand, the manufacturer seems to have decided to release a portable version integrated into headphones supra- or parotid, which therefore covers the ears. Each of the two headphones includes a motor and a 35-40mm fan that rotates at 12,000 rpm. It is understandable that it is difficult to imagine the serene enjoyment of his music with such a roar.

A hoop is placed in front of the mouth to breathe purified air. © Dyson

Up to 2.4 liters of purified air per second

Each earphone includes particulate filterand thus filters up to 1.4 liters of air per second (2.8 liters in total). listeners connected by two arches, one of which is located on the head and the other is located in front of the mouth to transmit an air flow that provides 2.4 liters per second. purified air.

The patent does not specify the type of filter used, but it may also refer to pollution this bacteria. Such a device could be very successful in China, where pollution endemicbut also in the caseepidemic how is it with coronavirus. However, it’s important to note that this is just a patent and so this helmet could be a simple line of research leading not to a single day to a final product.

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