Freeze of space cooperation between Germany and Russia

Aboard the International Space Station (ISS) from November 11, 2021, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Maurer is looking forward to his first spacewalk. But the highlight of his stay didn’t quite go as planned. Sarrois did receive outdoor training with a Russian colleague on the new Russian Nauka module, which has a European manipulator attached to it; to do this, he had to put on a Russian space suit and follow the protocol set by the Roscosmos space agency. But the two cosmonauts then on board the ISS, Pyotr Dubrov and Anton Chkaplerov, were left alone during February 2022, and Matthias Maurer had to adapt to this schedule change. He had only seven days to prepare to accompany one of his American colleagues, Raja Chari, on a NASA-managed external mission scheduled for March 23, 2022. For nearly seven hours, the two men carried out maintenance work, including the installation of new pipes. on the cooling system and chamber replacement. Maurer also made the last connections to the European search platform Bartolomeo.
The partly “unplanned” but well-planned mission went off without a hitch, aside from some delays due to a camera improperly attached to his helmet, the website says. heise. In addition, a few hours earlier, the German astronaut had learned that the heating system of his gloves was not working. This dysfunction was not a problem, according to the Houston experts, who, however, considered the possibility of alternating phases during which he could warm his hands in the sun. I must say that outside the ISS, the temperature drops are extreme: minus 150 degrees on the night side, 120 degrees on the day side. Therefore, spacesuits include a heating and cooling system. The rear oxygen tank also provides oxygen for 8-10 hours. Finally, before launching into space, astronauts must perform a “pre-breathing” protocol, lowering blood nitrogen levels to accustom their bodies to the lower pressure. If the pressure at the station is one bar, then in their combination there is about a third of a bar, and outside it is zero. Therefore, while performing their tasks, they must constantly struggle with the rigidity of their suit in their hands, fingers, and feet, which makes outdoor missions especially tedious.

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