Harold Lloyd, silent film star and nude photographer… in 3D

With both hands clinging to the clock, Harold Lloyd challenges the city at his feet. Climbing the building, he hopes to marry his fiancée Mildred Davis—he succeeds—and makes sure he never loses his boater hat or glasses. In Onward (1923) he chides Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon, his main rivals from the era of silent films and crime comedies. Rich but not idle, Lloyd devoted himself to his passions: maintaining his house, copied from the Villa d’Este (44 rooms), golf, Danish dogs (he had 82) and fools.

Cover of Hollywood Nudes in 3D.

In “Hollywood Nudes in 3D!” ”, his granddaughter Suzanne Lloyd has collected in album format a selection of the best photographs of her grandfather. The girls are all in oil, with incredible accessories, huge flower baskets, fruit plates, a giant artificial tiger, dozens of scarves, holiday lanterns, XXX candlesticks arranged in such a way as to casually hide the origin of the world (in the 1950s, censorship was on guard) but nothing more. On the flap of the cover of the book, a highly intrigued reader finds paper glasses that allow him to stare at the girls in stereo. This is true: at that time there was a fashion for lush breasts. O my children! You must see the breasts of these ladies! White mountains! Shells from Big Bertha! Surface-to-surface missiles! Enough to blow up “Crossed Hearts” Playtex! Boobs knock out in a moment of passion! Roberts Contest! There are girls whose breasts are so big that they look like buttocks! Please note that I am not complaining.

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“It’s impossible to dampen the enthusiasm of the grandfather when he took pictures”

Harold Lloyd, according to his granddaughter, left over 300,000 photographs. The girls are guaranteed vintage: juicy, plump, full of curves, none of them could see their legs in the shower. They are all photographed in “natural” situations. Well, it’s supernatural to walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon in a nude suit, hands up, disguised as a Corsican truck, or walk in front of Lloyd’s Hollywood property Greenacres Falls, with a foundation on her buttocks… Marilyn Monroe walked in front of our man’s lens (Reporter asks his: What are you wearing during the photo shoot? – Radio! »), as well as Jane Russell, of course.

An excerpt from Hollywood Nudes in 3D.

An excerpt from Hollywood Nudes in 3D.

Other lucky ones include: Shirley Kilpatrick, a petite brunette who wears a rose in a strategic location (she was the star of Wonder Woman Monster, Ronnie Ashcroft’s three-star narrator); Arlene Hunter, acclaimed translator for “Sex Kittens Go to College” (with Mijanu Bardo, BB’s sister); Dixie Evans, a stripper known for her old Marilyn impersonation; Bettie Page, the most famous silhouette of the BDSM fantasies, has completely lost her mind. And Tura Satana, the atomic bomb from Russ Meyer’s Faster Kitty Kill! Murder! who briefly worked as a nurse in Japan. Imagine the head of a patient in the hospital who wakes up with this girl leaning over him (91 cm, cups 90 C). I died and the guy in heaven must have told himself that all desire for healing was gone immediately… Anyway, I would like to point out that Harold Lloyd also photographed the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids and the Pyrenees in 3-D. But this is not in the book. Suzanne Loyd specifies in her preface that he was “impossible to calm grandpa’s enthusiasm when he took pictures”. You would have guessed this by leafing through this book. The trouble is that cardboard glasses are very quickly covered with fog, the book has to be read in small pieces.

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Harold Lloyd made over two hundred films, then retired on sound films, making a fortune. He appeared in the final title in 1946: “Oh, what a Wednesday! Preston Sturges starring Margaret Hamilton, the witch from The Wizard of Oz. The rest of the time he devoted to climbing the hierarchy of Freemasonry, becoming the Imperial Potentate of the Arab Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Sanctuary and memorizing all the five-letter words of the English language in order to win in Scrabble. He has been immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard with a star on the pavement, and his hands and boater are etched in cement in front of the Chinese Theatre. He died in 1971, having been praised for his philanthropic and philanthropic actions. But without a doubt, he was a hell of a pig.

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Hollywood nudes of Harold Lloyd in 3D!Suzanne Lloyd, Black Dog & Leventhal, 2011, $19.95

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