Jean Manson accused of sexual assault: why is she attacking Colin Berry?

JOAN MANSON. Accused of “complicity in incestuous acts” by Colin Berry-Roitman, Jean Manson filed a libel complaint. Richard Berry’s daughter is due this Friday.

A year after the Berry case, this Friday, April 1, could mark a new twist. The libel trial of Colin Berry, daughter of actor Richard Berry, begins at the Aurillac Court in Cantal. American singer Jean Manson has filed a complaint against her ex-sister-in-law, who accused her of “complicity in incestuous acts.”

A little over a year ago, Colleen Berry filed a complaint against her father for the rape of a minor and sexual harassment. Jean Manson, the actor’s girlfriend at the time, is accused of taking part in sex games. Allegations that the American singer refutes until he files a libel complaint. It should also be noted that justice has not yet ruled on Colin Berry’s complaints against her father and former mother-in-law.

“I don’t see how this defamation suit can continue until my client’s complaint is fully resolved by the courts. I will ask for a stay of the proceedings, ”said Karin Shebabo, lawyer Colin Berry, in this regard. , in an interview with BFMTV. The two world journalists who published the testimony of Richard Berry’s daughter are also the target of a libel complaint filed by Jean Manson.

It was Le Point who broke the case in their columns on Tuesday, February 2, 2021: 45-year-old Colin Higel Berry filed a complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office on January 21, 2021. She accuses her father, Richard Berry, of “rape and sexual abuse”. assaulting a 15-year-old minor by ascending and corrupting a minor”, and Jean Manson, her former mother-in-law, complicit in incestuous acts while she was still a minor. Colin Berry describes facts that happened when she was a child, between the ages of 6 and 10. Richard Berry and Gene Manson got married at the same time, between 1984 and 1986. The Juvenile Protection Brigade (BPM) has been arrested, according to Le Point and franceinfo, even if the facts are now established.

In a post posted to an Instagram story on Feb. 3, 2021, Colleen Berry wrote, “My father’s lies won’t stand up to close scrutiny of all the elements collected so far.” She explains that her “father tongue-kissed her on the lips” and that she “had to participate in his sex games in the context of the infamous domestic abuse” with Jean Manson.

Le Monde newspaper, which had access to the complaint, reported on February 3, 2021: “When a couple had child custody over the weekend, they would have had to invite them into the room the morning after their antics. y parents for sexual games. The applicant’s father would then offer to play in an orchestra with his genitals and those of his partner (penis, breasts), with two adults naked. (…) So Ms. Colin Berry would have been compelled to touch Mr. Berry’s sex, all in the presence of another child (Jean Manson’s daughter, editor’s note) and repeatedly.

Faced with these accusations, Gene Manson denies them completely. This was especially the case in the February 4, 2021 Figaro columns, where she said she was “stunned and deeply offended at being held accountable in settling family disputes” and then wanted to “wash her honour”. “I never participated in the so-called sex games she talks about, of course (…). If I knew or had the slightest suspicion of the slightest unnatural act against Colleen, I would immediately initiate a lawsuit. condemn the author, ”the singer assured the newspaper.

Jean Manson, who explains that she “hadn’t seen Richard in over thirty years,” claimed that Colin Berry was “lying to him.” [s]about” and his father. “I hate any kind of scandal. Love for others is an essential value for me, and not only because I sing in churches. Today I’m filing a complaint against Colin Berry. My lawyer will handle this case. I will pray that the truth will come out and wash my honor, ”the singer concluded then, before filing a libel complaint.

Following the first revelations about a complaint filed by Colin Berry against her father and former mother-in-law, American singer Jean Manson, Colin Berry performed on BFMTV on March 4, 2021. memories” of the period when her father, comedian Richard Berry, was in a relationship with Jean Manson, between 1984 and 1986, when she spent weekends at home with the daughter of singer Shirel, who would have been the applicant’s only witness to the incestuous acts of which she accuses his father and ex-stepmother.

“I don’t have very good memories of it. First because of what happened to me, and then because I witnessed extremely violent scenes (…) the memories are terrible,” Colin Berry explained to Bruce Toussaint. Faced with the testimony of Jean Manson’s daughter Shirel, who assured on BFMTV on February 4, 2021 that nothing Colin Berry said was true, the latter responded: “I understand her posture. To me, it’s a simple image (… ) there are witnesses who accurately confirm everything that we shared and that today she denies that she shared. I feel sad for her. “

And in detail about the American singer, with whom Richard Berry lived for two years: “Gene Manson is still a member of the Children of God sect, which preaches pedophilia and incest.” The Children of God, also called The Family or the International Family, is a sectarian group formed in 1968 in the United States. At the heart of many scandals related, in particular, to the discovery of incitement to prostitution, incest or pedophilia, the sect was dissolved in France in 1978, but reformed under other names.

Born October 1, 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Jean Ann Manson, known as Jean Manson, rose to prominence in the 1970s, first as a playmate and then as a singer. France discovers it with a pipe before you say goodbyesold over 600,000 copies in 1976. His success skyrocketed, and the French-faced American became one of the faces of the French pop scene of the 1970s, along with songwriter Jean Renard.

In 1979, Jean Manson represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest, placing thirteenth with her entry. I’ve seen it in your eyes before. In 1984, after releasing several singles, she took part in a southwestern tour, where she met Richard Berry.

Before meeting the French comedian, Jean Manson had two daughters: Jennifer (known by her pseudonym of singer Chirel), born in 1978 from a relationship with producer André Jaoui, and Marianne, born in 1988, from journalist and producer Allen Bogren. -Dugourgue. Therefore, in 1984, the singer met Richard Berry. The tumultuous and conflicted relationship she spoke about in the Gala columns in September 2020. “We were two artists, it was the worst configuration. We suffered from a situation of competition. Richard knows perfectly well that I was not unhappy in our story, so I can talk about it. When it worked for me, he was jealous, and when it worked for him, I felt in a weak position. The couple divorced two years after the wedding, in 1986.

Faced with a wave of this case in early 2021, Jean Manson’s daughter, Shirel Sayegh Jaui, mentioned by Colin Berry in her complaint, immediately spoke up. The singer then assured that none of the facts stated in the complaint was true. “Me, she said I was in the room with them, so I’m the only witness. So I was 6 or 7 years old and I can tell you there was nothing like that,” she explained. BFMTV February 4, 2021. And add in a Facebook post published the same day: “I have a mother who is very protective of me and would never let this happen, and then I don’t remember. I know Colleen’s accusations are false from the start. word to the last.

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