LE CREUSOT: From 5 to 14 April, the university website is being updated by the first spring of science

The presentation of the event took place on Thursday at the university library.

To celebrate the return of spring and the 300th anniversary of the University of Burgundy, the university site Le Creusot (University Center Condorcet, ITU Creusot and University Library) offers you a series of science-related events from 5 to 14 April.
The presentation of this new event took place on Thursday at the end of the morning in the university library. “For this first edition, we started with something classic, the idea is to focus on the academic world and talk about science….” These are the words of Olivier Obreton. For the director of IUT, spring is a good time to talk about science, which is regularly and generally covered in autumn. “Why not talk about science in the spring, spring is a time of renewal that gives hope? “.

A new challenge is therefore accepted, the organizers rely on many partners such as Fablab-Utopi, the Académie François Bourdon, CNRS, Creusot Manga Club, Prof. Gilles Bertrand and former President of the University of Burgundy… without forgetting Daniel Hissell, researcher at the FEMTO-ST Institute who was in charge of the hydrogen talk on Thursday, April 7th. Olivier Aubreton announced that several events will be open to everyone in order to interest a wide audience, not only students, and to democratize science, talk about the university’s website and what is being done there.
For example, to talk about research, current research on the use of lasers and work with matter, or even on medical robotics, its development in terms of manipulation.
Of course, Olivier Aubreton and director of the university library Christine Hossegui spoke in detail about the program of the event. A program that is the result of a collective reflection with “not too difficult” and playful workshops to reach a very wide audience, one of the goals of this event, which should have a long extension: “The goal is to immortalize an event that is the first of series. We want to go even further…today we are sowing…,” said the ITU director.




12:15 – 2nd floor of the central block, meeting room – IUT Le Creusot
Pizza des sciences: “Recommendation algorithms: how does it work?” Jill-Jenne Vee, Inria Researcher Passionate about Algorithms (organized by IUT du Creusot in association with FabLab Utopi) – intended for students
18:30 – University Library.
Café des sciences: same program as Science Pizza with Jill-Jênn Vie (organized by IUT du Creusot in association with Fablab Utopi) – open to all


18:30 – Amphi C – Condorcet University Center
Conference: “Sports Nutrition”, led by Clémence Tatrot, Dietitian-Nutritionist Specializing in Sports Nutrition (organized by STAPS Le Creusot) – open to all


18:30 – Central block of the Amphitheater – IUT Le Creusot
Conference: “Hydrogen, a vector of energy transition” led by Daniel Hissel, professor at Franche-Comté University and researcher at the FEMTO-ST Institute (organized by the Académie François Bourdon and CNRS) is open to all.


18:30 – Amphitheater of physical measurements – IUT Le Creusot
Conference: “300 years of crazy experiments to have fun exploring the world”, led by Fabrice Riblé, EPFL PhD, General Director of the Experimental Garden, UB/IUT/ESIREM teacher – open to all


18:30 – Central Block Auditorium – IUT Le Creusot
Conference: “300 Years of the University of Burgundy”, chaired by Gilles Bertrand, University Professor and former President of UB, is open to all.


13:30-15:30 – University Library
School master classes:
– “Draw Your Scientist” animated by Pellici, mangaka and illustrator – Building Lego robots with Sandor, Lego maker and founder of Uni’Brick – Small science experiments with FabriceRiblet – reserved for Collège Les Epontots
13:30-16:30 – University Library
Exhibition: “Robots in Manga” (organized by the Club Manga Creusot campus) Presentation of the robotics platform with ESIREM – reserved for Collège Les Epontots
15:30-16:30 – University Library
Conference: “Joseph Fourier”, organized by Fabrice Riblé, reserved for the Collège Le Eponto.

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