Playing Elden Ring when you hate hard games, what’s the deal?

Attracted by its universe, we tested Elden Ring despite our dislike for complex games. Did we enjoy this experience?

From Software games have a reputation for being tough on anyone who dares to play them. This is such a well known fact that we had a hard time starting the adventure. ancient ring, the latest nugget from the studio. Indeed, despite our harsh appearance, we are among those people who hate games that are too punitive, including bosses such as Dark souls present in the four corners of the mapancient ringamong other notable difficulties.

Nevertheless, ancient ring over 12 million copies sold to date, usually achieved through much more affordable licenses such as Pokemonor Animal Crossing. The offer of cooperation with George R. R. Martin, as well as his open world, clearly enticed many players who overcame their fears of conquering the landsElden Ring, as in our case. Have these efforts paid off? Feedback from our end is mixed.

Although it started well

Game of the year for many, RPG too hard for others, ancient ring has a legacy that can be frightening. Finally, it was the very mystique that was given to the story during its advertising campaign that convinced us to experiment and leave the feathers in the process. But was this risk appetite rewarded by gambling? Not necessary. Once the first cutscene is played, which takes us into the fantasy universe we’ve been sold so well for, we find ourselves in a gigantic area to explore…not knowing where to go.

We quickly realize that we must follow the light that comes from places of grace, even if we do not know where it will lead us. So, we immerse ourselves in the game, look for clues, and eventually “understand” what is expected of us. We then quickly run into the first human enemies, defeat a few of them, finally feel less bad, then get hit twice and die.

It is at this moment, from the moment when we first experience our life span, that we understand that the path will be long. The same during our first encounter with a stronger enemy or a mini-boss that defeats us every time in just one or two attacks at most. We didn’t really understand anything..

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From Experienced Research to Disappointment

Then two options are needed: persevere, risking disappointment after the tenth minute of the game, because chaining the dead is a fun way, or explore to have more runes and buy equipment worthy of the name. Of course, regulars know that only the first option is really useful, but those who are not fans of complex games quickly move on to research, which we did. But you still need to know how to explore well in a game like this.

After a few minutes, the observation becomes obvious: it is very long. Indeed, the open world is full of play possibilities, but the lack of information provided to the players slows down the pace even more. We are transported into the world not knowing where to go or what to do, and we get absolutely no help. For example, it took several hours to unlock a horse, when in fact, with the right information, it can be done in just 10 minutes.

If we were expecting a difficult but interesting game, then it turns out thatancient ring in fact more visible in their difficult battles than in everything that surrounds them. It is out of the question to play this game like any open world of any adventure game.

Isn’t that where we should go?

In fact, it is the lack of communication that will play into the evaluation of our entire experience. Not to mention that we like to be taken by the hand, there is still a minimum of information that we would like to have when starting the game: resting on fertile sites, and not just unlocking them. , not all bosses are required, etc.

Therefore, most of the time we wander, always killing the same enemies that we make appear in the cycle to accumulate runes. At this point, and after several hours of playing, we either give up – which the vast majority of the casual audience had to do – or make a decision and risk our lives with each game. No matter what, the game never leaves us with a pleasant or positive feeling, even if we win, as we automatically remember everything we had to do to get there.

And it goes even further. Even after understanding a number of mechanisms and learning how to achieve them, we do not get more pleasure from the game, because we approach each step as another routine. We can’t count on the game’s story and very little on the beauty of its surroundings to make us take a pill. ancient ring First of all, it is a challenge, a way to push your limits, but at what cost?

Saving multiplayer?

Fortunately, From Software has found an effective way to alleviate suffering, although not available to everyone: online games. Without this aspect, we don’t think we would continue. Indeed, the online mode allows you to show places where many people died, but especially messages left by other players.

They are very important because they often tell you about upcoming situations or places to explore. Even if they are occasionally hijacked in a malicious way, they are often of great help as they indicate if there is a boss, treasure, or even sometimes an invisible wall directly ahead, From Software’s famous torture element that drives all gamers today. Dark souls. A quick note for beginners, keep in mind that typing for hours on all walls won’t help you in your quest to learn.

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This collaborative aspect is also found in summons that allow you to “call a friend” before battling certain bosses. If you can access the default summons provided by the game itself with an NPC as an ally, it’s much more interesting to recruit a real player who is often much more experienced than you.

The hardest thing for bosses to understand is that you are never in control. It only takes a little misplaced courage to call to order. Once you get hit, you spend the next few seconds suffering, but there’s nothing you can do about it. In addition, we have to deal with game mechanics that are quite punitive because they are realistic: dodges are slow, jumps are inexpressive, the heaviness of the character the more equipment we have. Not forgetting that it is necessary to control the weapon that is in the hands, and this is not an easy task.

However, with a little practice, nothing is insurmountable. But then again, should we just get over the game instead of really enjoying it? We have to admit that with storytelling that lives up to our expectations and more interaction with the outside world, frankly, it wouldn’t be a luxury.

Ultimately, Elden Ring: make or break?

After a rough start and many hours of play in which we were able to become familiar with the environments, mechanics, and how this game works, we’re not entirely sure if this game is suitable for all types of players. The complexity of the title is mainly due to the fact that you need to be able to organize and be persistent, in addition to being accurate during fights, it requires a lot of time and investment, and in the end there are very few rewards.

ancient ring therefore has demanding gameplay but is sorely lacking in consistent storytelling that could really entertain its players. We would even say that most fans of the game are not for its history, but rather for its legacy.ancient ring because it uses the mechanics of old From Software games. It’s a pity, especially when you think about the huge amount of work done upstream to make us appreciate his story.

Ultimately, we’d rather spend our time looking for more impressive stories than trying to get our hands on ancient ring. But what is “failure” for us is not necessarily “failure” for you or any other newcomer. In the end, ancient ring doesn’t have major development or availability issues, but that’s not very nice for us.

Indeed, being able to do something is not enough to love it. To truly enjoy the game or anything else, more conditions must be met. It’s never really nice when you think about everything you’ve been through to get to this point. ancient ring Despite the fact that it has an open world, under the guise of a revolution, the game forces us to accept the only way to play: difficulty.

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