Press review. March News from the Saverne Region

RD 1004: change speed to 40 km/h to allow the Zingrist crossing.

The mayor of Sommerau wants as a priority to secure the delegated municipality of Singrist, which is crossed daily by 25,000 vehicles on RD1004.

To ensure the crossing of the delegated municipality of Singrist, Sommerau Mayor Bruno Lorenz has taken a number of effective measures from 1uh March. The main ones are: an increase in speed from 50 to 40 km / h and a ban on turning left at the rue du 21-Novembre / RD1004 intersection.

Return of the Saverne Carnival

Carnival resumed its rights in Saverne. First with the kids, 1uh March, then the great cavalcade, Sunday 6 March, when a crowd gathered to admire the marching troops.

Saverne: a series of works for the maritime center Océanide

Work on the outer basins of the Oceanids became necessary. Photo from DNA archive

Major work is planned for the L’Océanide Basin in Saverne. The outdoor pools will be closed for a few weeks so that the gutters can be repaired. At the end of June, the maritime center will close its doors for two weeks to facilitate the restoration of the cladding of the sports pool.

Neuvillers-les-Savernes: the Orphans of Gorna regain their strength

Gorna (ornithological group of the Northern Alsace Reserve) takes care of wild animals of all ages. Among its inhabitants are orphaned “babies” who regain their strength before being released back into the wild. The first one this year was a young hare.

Saverne: white plan deactivated in the hospital

The white plan was deactivated on March 4th. DR

As the health situation improved, the management of the Saverne-Sarrebourg Hospital Group made the decision on March 4 to deactivate the white plan. Thus, the establishments resumed “normal” work.

Saverne: first group of Ukrainian refugees met in the city

Ukrainian refugees have been received in Saverne since March 8. Among the first Diana and her mother Nadia. Photo by DNA/Arnaud ROSSIGNON

About twenty Ukrainian refugees were received on Tuesday, March 8, in Saverne. The city and public associations took urgent action to organize housing for these families, most of whom came from Kyiv and its environs.

Saverne: Marc Petit exhibits his work at the Château de Roan.

Marc Petit started sculpting at the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped since. Photo from DNA archive

French sculptor Marc Petit has chosen Saverne to exhibit 120 of his works from 12 March to 20 April. Sculptures that challenge and make the visitor doubt himself.

Saverne: hospital under construction to develop a local care offering

The ongoing work at the hospital is expected to last until autumn 2022. Photo archive of DNA

The Covid crisis has not stopped the Sainte-Catherine de Saverne hospital from developing and modernizing. Update: The work to rebuild the outpatient departments, which follows the expansion of the emergency department, is ongoing.

Kirrwiller: Competition for the best folk dance of France 3 filmed at the Royal Palace

The first televised folk dance competition, filmed at the Royal Palace in Kirrwiller, was broadcast on Friday 18 March on France 3. The D’Kochloeffel group from Suffelweiersheim represented the Greater Est against nine other regions.

Saverne Hospital: What two years of the pandemic has changed in the lives of those who care for the sick

Two years after the first lockdown was introduced, the caregivers at Saverne Hospital agreed to return to their pandemic experience. But also to discuss what Covid has been able to change in their approach to their profession.

Saverne: downtown panic over airsoft guns

On Friday, March 18, at around 4:30 p.m., the gendarmes were alerted by two witnesses who saw two minors on Perez Street armed with what looked like an automatic rifle and a pistol…

Detwiller: Caddy avoids forced liquidation

Stéphane Dedier managed to find new investors to save Caddy. Photo from DNA archive

Famed Caddy cart maker Bas-Rhin, which took ownership effective Jan. 4, will be able to continue operations with a slightly reduced workforce. On Tuesday, March 22, the Saverne court legalized its sale to a consortium of investors led by northern entrepreneur Pascal Coches.

Saverne: SPA alarmed by spread of cats

Over the past two years, the Saverne SPA nursery has generally been full at the beginning of the season. Photo from DNA archive

The Saverne Humane Society (SPA) is noticing a marked increase in requests for cat care. Its members called for the neutering of cats.

Wilwisheim: Elodie Schmitt elected mayor

From left to right: Michel Holtzmann, Martine Gass, Mayor Elodie Schmitt, Nicolas Brassel and Herve Kerrmann. Photo from DNA archive

On Saturday, March 26, the new city council of Wilwisheim met for the first time. The 15 councilors, elected after two ballots on March 13 and 20, voted to elect their mayor, Elodie Schmitt, by a vote of 12 out of 15.

Saverne: Completion of works at the lock and return of the boats to the port

After spending three months upstream from the lock in downtown Saverne, which was closed for work, the boats returned to their home port on Friday, March 25th. The return that opened the tourist season.

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