Several April Fool’s jokes slipped into the news of the day

It is difficult today to separate truth from lies. The editors of Radio Mélodie did not fail to slip false information in their flash drives and on their website.

No delivery by horseback to Keskastel

The big fish of the day was this report at the L’Alsace restaurant in Kescastel. The management of the establishment, with the assistance of the equestrian center Sarre-Union, agreed to play the game and make you believe that a new type of delivery is about to see the light of day. This information is false. It’s just an April Fool’s joke. However, the L’Alsace restaurant delivers well from March 16th and only by car. The Sarre-Union Equestrian Center has 120 members and 35 horses and is waiting for you to discover their activities.

Invented underpants

Some of the information was purely made up by the editors and is completely false. Even if we wish they were true! They are here :

Alexandre Cassaro is one of the most beautiful mayors in France.

A nice reward for Mayor Forbach, who is only 33 years old. Men’s magazine GQ has published a ranking of the most beautiful mayors of France. And unexpectedly, in the top 5 we find the elected representative of the city of Forbach. Alexander Cassaro gets a good 4th place. In the top 50, in 36th place, we also find the mayor of Omburg-O, Laurent Müller.

No more scooters in Sarreguemines, make way for electric scooters

The municipality was unable to find service providers to return the scooters to their place, which nevertheless was very successful. To replace them, the city has found a new partnership to offer residents a soft transportation service. At various points in the city, scooters can take you from point A to point B and save you time. 6 scooters will be installed from Monday 11 April. Count 3 euros per trip.

After the incident with the deleted Facebook page, the city of Bitche will welcome Mark Zuckerberg.

Remember, last spring, Bitche’s Facebook page was taken down because of an offensive name in English. Then Benoît Kieffer invited the founder of the social network to come to Bitche and discover the walled city. An invitation that will be accepted as Mark Zuckerberg will personally come to apologize and then visit the Bitche citadel. A special “Facebook in Bitche Colors” day should also be declared nationally to discover the richness of the city.

In case of promotion to Ligue 2, Mets have already checked the name of the new coach.

Frederic Antonetti should not stay in the Moselle if the grenades move to the second division. According to our sources, the club will be undergoing a deep reorganization and prioritizing local training. To succeed in this change of course, Messina president Bernard Serine is in talks with Sarr-Union coach Sebastien Meyer, former Sarguemines Football Club, for him to take over. Who had knocked out several Ligue 2 in the French Cup was ready to take on the challenge and could count on his former striker Hassan M’Barki to follow him.

A new plant for the production of environmentally friendly condoms will appear on the Carling / St-Avold platform!

The industrial site wants to become greener in the coming years, and new companies have emerged and are emerging on the platform. Next fall, a 15,000 m2 building will grow out of the ground for the production of environmentally friendly condoms. Green in color and mint flavored, they will be made only from natural materials. The project is to produce 5 million condoms annually, which will initially be distributed throughout Europe. 15 hires are planned.

The city of Sarralbe is considering several projects around the stork

Known for the adventures of storks over the town hall and the webcam that captures them, the idea came to develop a real tourism around them. The municipality will apply to UNESCO with a request to name the European capital of the stork and plans to build a museum in his honor to understand its history, its development. Educational projects will see the light of day, and in summer the Cigogne Tour will be organized with buses to introduce tourists to the animals in the country of Alba and the lakes, as well as in Solnoy.

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