This small Full HD projector, which sells for 139 euros, was a pleasant surprise.

If you are looking for a compact projector with good image quality at an affordable price, today we would not hesitate to recommend the Wanbo T2 Max. Thanks to this exclusive offer on AliExpress, it costs only 139 euros.

Wanbo T2 Max with remote control // Source: Romain Ribout for Frandroid.

There aren’t many links in the really cheap projector category that are worth it. However, the Wanbo T2 Max stands out from the crowd with a good technical data sheet for the price it is offered today. In truth, this is a product that I have been using for several months and I can say that this is definitely a purchase that you will not regret if you do not have the budget for a premium projector.

What is Wanbo T2 Max?

  • Lightweight and compact projector
  • Full HD image up to 120 inches
  • Full connectivity (USB port, HDMI, etc.)

Instead of just over 160 euros on AliExpress, the Wanbo T2 Max is now available at the correct price of 139 euros using a promo code. SDFRP036. If you want an additional small tripod, you will only have to pay 5 euros more.

This small Full HD projector, which sells for 139 euros, was a pleasant surprise.
Wanbo T2 Max price increases to 139 euros with promo code // Source: AliExpress.

Small but powerful projector

The Wanbo T2 Max is not as compact as a soda can like the Nebula Capsule, but its dimensions are still quite modest: only 15 cm high, 11 cm wide and 12.5 cm deep. Even his weight is not so excessive, because he does not exceed a kilogram on the scales. All this means that it easily finds its place on a piece of furniture or a table, and most importantly, it is easy to transport, although it does not run on a battery. Indeed, the kit comes with a power cable for connecting to an outlet.

However, don’t be deceived by its cute and minimalist design as this video projector is capable of projecting a Full HD image, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels, up to 120 inches if you place it 2 to 3 meters away from a white wall. . The size can also be reduced to a minimum of 40 inches by placing it within 1.5 meters. The image quality is quite good, especially since it can be calibrated to your liking with the help of a wheel, as well as positioning it to the maximum, which is very practical if the surface on which the Wanbo T2 Max is not perfectly straight.

Many possibilities of use

According to the brand, the projector features a 150 ANSI LED lamp with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. The last point is very honorable for the durability of the device, but the brightness may seem rather weak. At the same time, this is more than enough to project a movie in complete darkness, and in fact the image remains correct even if a small nightlight is lit in the room. However, don’t plan on using it in broad daylight.

Then note that it includes a heat dissipation system to prevent overheating, and the only downside is the rather deafening noise when you’re not streaming content. Indeed, when you are watching a movie or TV series, two speakers of 3 W each will block this discomfort in order to completely forget about it. Plus, you can even connect a soundbar or external speaker via a 3.5mm cable for better sound reproduction. The connector side also has a USB port for storing your video collection, as well as an HDMI port for connecting a console or, more interestingly, an Android TV set-top box.

The Wanbo T2 Max already offers an Android interface with the ability to download apps such as Netflix or YouTube, but it must be admitted that it is a little dated and does not provide the lowest possible latency. For a smooth movie experience, we strongly recommend that you connect Xiaomi Mi TV Stick or Mi Box S, for example. I chose the latter option and it is clearly day and night. The interface is smooth and modern, with a stutter-free image.

Which projector to choose?

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