Cinema and nature: a lot of human warmth in Dompierre (Allier)

The Nature Cinema meetings, which began on Friday evening in Dompierre-sur-Besbres, allow the public to discover films as well as meet filmmakers from different walks of life. The principle is beautifully illustrated by the presence this weekend of Bony Chatagnon and Abtin Sarabi, the former from Cérilly and the latter from Iran.

Co-founder and artistic director of the Polymorphe association, which aims to improve our rural areas through cultural and environmental events, Boni Chatagnon only made it to a festival like Dompierre with her first film, Comme des American women.

A cultural and agricultural third place is planned in Serilli. [Archives 2020]

“I met Isabelle Walderdorf and Valerie Senra, two farmers who have been running the Rutin farm in Seriyi for thirty years. They are what made me want to make this film. Their testimony has become a source of inspiration and says a lot about the modern agricultural world,” explains Boney Chatagon.

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The problems of paying for goods, the difficulties of trade, the loneliness of farmers… This film really causes a lot of problems.
Bony Chatagnon filmed these two women for four weeks, one week each season, to create this documentary that highlights their devotion in body and soul. “This is the first time my film has been shown on the big screen, I am very happy to be able to share this with the public.”

This first cinematic experience gave ideas to Boni Chatagnon, who is currently working on a second film that will focus on youth in Cérilly.

“The workers were embarrassed to say
So I made the images speak.”

Abtin Sarabi is from Iran. Arriving in France in 2010 to continue his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, he discovered the cinematic universe on this occasion: “I studied fine art and then video art since 2011. More than I became a director,” says Abtin Sarabi. .
His film Parcelles 57 has already been screened at ten festivals around the world. Filmed in Senegal, it talks about the hardships of working in the sugarcane fields.
“It was very difficult to interview the workers, there were a lot of checks, they didn’t want to talk,” says Abtin, “so I decided to make the images speak. This is a very poetic film, which has a lot of references to the modern Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri, whose work is very close to nature and, in particular, to the relationship of man with it.”
Exchanges, encounters, different views depending on the country… That’s what this festival aims for: to share with an audience that has finally been found.


All screenings cost 5 euros and are hosted by film journalist Jonathan Verrier, who is well known to the regulars of the Jean Carmet festival in Moulin. Viewers are invited to vote for the Audience Choice Award. The winners will be announced by a professional jury on Sunday at 18:00.

There are two sessions left this Saturday.
at 16 Long live the forest, Pipo or blind love as well as Shulanev,
at 18 o’clock, domino world, Notification, Golden Pond, Goby, Plot S7.
Concert, at 21:00, Brazakuya, Hall Laurent-Grillet, free of charge.

Cinema-nature meetings 2022: 22 films in competition and plenty of entertainment

Three classes this Sunday:
at 10 am three short films, Luxury, Le grand vert, OF.
at 14:00 three short films, Crab Season, The Promise and Scales of the Rose.
at 16:00 feature film, Land of Guevarain the presence of director Kuataiba Barhamji.

Le Caquetoire has a selection of 360-degree films.
In the media library there is an exhibition of paintings “Human Nature” by Antoine Jeannot (jury member). Plant exchange and ethical market in the Salle Laurent-Grillet.

“Nature (man)” Antoine Jeannot, exhibition open until 14 April in Dompierre.

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