Ecology, economics, rearmament: political duplicity in Germany

It is clear that with the coming to power of the “greens”, their pre-election ecological creed was diluted into Realpolitik which their Social Democrat friends have been doing for a very long time. And in politics, promises bind only those who believe in them…

Let’s remember: in all honesty, the election promises of the German Greens (which the leaders of the EELV take as a model!) were to abandon coal, nuclear energy and gas in the long term. They demand to stop the construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, not at all because of Putin’s policy, but allegedly to speed up the energy transition. They protested violently against shale gas, against the construction of installations for the regasification of liquefied gas coming from the United States or Qatar at exorbitant prices compared to what is practiced in Russia.

German business braced for a response: Europe’s leading economy cannot do without Russian gas: close and abundant economic recovery needed after 5% GDP fall below pre-crisis levels in 2021 and 2022, originally projected at 4 %, GDP growth is now estimated by IfW Kiel at 2.1%. A brake on the economic recovery of a country burdened by the war in Ukraine. In France and throughout the euro area, forecasts were also lowered.

Something to alert governments, because this economic crisis has its roots in the period leading up to the war in Ukraine. So this is not a short term problem.


The fact that Germany is in crisis could have a direct impact on other European countries and France in particular. Macron “by all means” is paid in part by debt, which is currently bearable thanks to very low interest rates. France benefits from this because of its subordination to the German economy, which benefits from negative rates in the markets!

The agreements concluded by Germany with Russia are doubly beneficial: the contracts provide for relatively low prices, and Germany becomes a platform for the distribution of Russian gas throughout Europe. This dominance has angered the Nordic countries, which would like to have direct access to Nord Stream 2but especially in the United States, which sees markets for its liquefied shale gas, which is very expensive to produce and becomes profitable only with a significant increase in world energy prices, being closed.

War adds panic to panic… Pressure from the United States and the rest of Europe on Germany to withdraw from Russian gas has its first consequences in the form of abandonment of exploitation Nord Stream 2. But another terminal Nord Stream 1 still running at full capacity because the Russians never stopped supplying Germany with energy. The latter, however, continues to be under pressure to stop gas imports from Russia. The great strategist François Hollande, who had proven himself incapable of being a statesman during his mandate, ordered the Germans to stop importing. What is rejected by the social democratic authorities, the greens and the liberals.


Emmanuel Macron, who has the same abilities as a statesman as his predecessor, wants to play on his term as president of Europe (a completely honorary function that has no real political prerogative), to decorate himself with the feathers of a total “negotiator”.

For Europe to become a negotiator for the end of the war! Bad luck, the Chinese, the Israelis and now Turkey are really making a difference.

For Europe to arm itself: bad luck, most European countries acquire weapons from the United States!

For Europe to become a center for buying up energy carriers, in order to do without Russian gas, which, according to all experts, is impossible.

Worse, when he makes his offer, we learn that Germany has itself entered into a very long-term agreement with Qatar to meet its gas needs…

Bad track record of a bad geopolitical strategist!


It is clear that the German economy can count on the government to try to consolidate its European leadership. Vice-Chancellor for the Environment Robert Habeck, who was once described as the “tough guy” in environmental matters, does not rule out the revival of coal-fired power plants or even nuclear power to save the country’s growth … to a journalist from the ZDF (who is bolder than our complacent journalists ) if these options were not a penknife strike in a government contract, the inflexible ecologist replies: “All decisions are on the table …”!

And of course imagine importing shale gas from the US… and extracting this product is an environmental disaster.

And the icing on the cake, to punish the Russians, we appeal to Qatar, whose indisputable democratic principles are known to us.

Great site for research Explosion published a series of articles about Qatar’s actions in the world with irrefutable arguments. However, not a single French media reported the detailed work of the site’s journalists, from which we extract the following excerpt:

In the Sahel (…) Qatar-sponsored foals are of a different type. On the ground since the 1980s, the emirate has been involved in a high-speed race with Saudi Arabia to support the Islamization of the countries of North Africa. In early 2011, a new step was taken: as the document we are publishing shows, Doha decided to directly finance the Islamist terrorist groups present in the area, from Mauritania to Chad.

Realpolitik imposes itself, including among the greens, when they come to power! Good feelings give way to the imperatives of a capitalist economy. And if you have to import gas from a fracking or a terror-financing country, it doesn’t matter, as long as it allows your country to dominate… But Europe is progressing… as long as it’s German!

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