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Energy, food, household appliances… Prices are rising very fast due to the lack of components and the war in Ukraine. Readers What to choose shared their tips on how to spend less. Major changes or simple reflexes allow for a slight recovery in purchasing power while saving the planet. Anthology.

We’re unaccustomed to such figures: having reached 3.6% in February, inflation clearly crossed the 4% mark in France in one year in March, to 4.5%, according to the first estimate released on March 31 by the National Institute of Economics. Statistics and Economic Research (Insee). The Institute points out that prices are highly dependent on energy and food. How can we try to limit this increase? In 2019, at the height of the yellow vest crisis, we asked our readers for tips on saving money. They remain more relevant than ever.

Water was mentioned several times in the letters we received. “When the shower is far from the boiler, hot water comes for a long time, since the cold water stagnant in the pipes must already be removed. Instead of using this cold water, I reclaim it by filling up empty plastic bottles which are then used in the kitchen (for table water pitcher, coffee, kettle, salad wash, etc.)”, writes Olivier. Mathilde and Bruno use the water thus collected for the toilets. 4-5 liters a day! “And the cistern is full of bricks, so it consumes less”, says Bruno. Installing a rainwater collector to water your plants is another trick of yours. Check if your municipality is funding this purchase.

To save electricity, Olivier pours his coffee into a thermos as soon as it’s ready, instead of letting the coffee maker consume power to keep it warm. IN use both in the office and at home on weekends, he tells us. In addition, all elements of his workstation (PC and printer) are connected to an outlet with a button that must be turned off every evening. Are there any other tips from our readers? Turn the heat down one degree, put on a sweater, and shower every other day (dermatologists advise against showering every day!).

Need to contact support? Sometimes a number appears under the surcharge number at 08 “for calls from abroad” starting from +33. Often this is a French number… at no extra cost (see our list of free numbers)!

Thermostat and gas work wonders

Another very effective good plan is that of Laurent of Montbazon (37). His house has underfloor heating, the original thermostat of which is graduated from 0 to 9 with no other indication. “In November 2016, I installed a programmable thermostat (29.90 euros, two wires to connect) and set it to work only during off-peak hours. It only appears during the day if the temperature falls below 17.6°C. » Result: Electricity consumption decreased from 8,643 kW in 2016 (49% off-peak and 51% off-peak, ratio similar to 2015) to 7,263 kW in 2017 (60% off-peak and 40% off-peak). peak hours, same in 2018). An investment that quickly pays off!

Subscribers to What to choose Christoph and Katherine have been fans of LPG for 30 years and guarantee “that there are no more shortcomings in the choice of this fuel”. Its availability and security have improved significantly. With a price of about 1 euro per liter, this fuel is very economical during a period of sharp rise in gasoline prices. Besides, “Engine maintenance costs are virtually non-existent” And “Most gasoline vehicles (new or used) can be equipped to run on LPG after purchase”two followers assure us.

Applications and gift certificates

The Food and Cosmetics Testing Lab occasionally pays Matilda with gift certificates for 30 minutes of work. She also consults frequently with Le Bon Coin, “where there are really good opportunities”and private sales sites. And, as we advise, regularly changes the telephone and Internet operator depending on the promotions.

With regard to food, you have informed us about interesting applications:

  • La Fourchette, where restaurants offer discounts of 40 to 50%;
  • Lastable, to reserve a table at the last moment with a discount of 20 to 30%;
  • Too Good To Go, an app where vendors and restaurants offer their unsold food at very discounted prices.

Huguette, worried about his budget, grows his own fruits and vegetables and then preserves them. And Monique advises to cut a tube of toothpaste or cream on the lid to completely empty them.

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