“To us beautiful blond Ukrainian refugees!”

The refugees who matter are the white exiles. DR

Contributed by Heather Mesloub – Everyone was surprised by the sudden and unexpected humanitarian outburst of Westerners, especially the French, towards Ukrainians who were invited en masse to come and take refuge in Western Europe to “escape the horrors of war.”

Some attribute this display of solidarity with Ukrainians fleeing the war to their “whiteness,” that is, their Aryan racial characteristics, which deserved more humane treatment than that usually applied to dark-skinned Middle Eastern refugees, North Africans, or black Africans. Thus, the empathy that Westerners experience has a fundamentally racial dimension.

The contrast is striking. The Ukrainian refugee crisis reminds us that Western humanism is fluid in its geometry. In the West, the rules for admission are not the same according to the origin of the refugees, that is, according to the color of the skin of the exile. In the racist eyes of Westerners, the refugees who matter are the white exiles. Also, compared to other refugees, the recognized quality of Ukrainian refugees is that they are white, Aryans. The West welcomes Ukrainians out of racial solidarity. The difference in the treatment of refugees tells us about the institutionalized and unchecked racism of Westerners. The selective hospitality of European countries also tells us about the racism of the current migration policy.

What if, in this decadent and libidinal West, this surge of Western solidarity was also motivated by purely sexual causes, in particular among the predominantly morally unbridled male? To us, sensual Ukrainian blondes, this seems to be the slogan of the French, who rushed to marriage agencies specializing in Ukrainian women in search of adventure or the so-called “serious marital relationship.” Ukrainian refugees are the object of a lewd outburst of Western libidinal solidarity.

Many generous French people say they are ready to accept a distressed unmarried Ukrainian woman “for free”. Some go without a twinge of conscience to specify the age or the desired hair color. No wonder 18-30 year olds are in high demand. Some of these French humanists, with the heart of a child in search of a child’s body, “ready to save these poor Ukrainian women”, do not hesitate to name the numbers of the photographs they are interested in, “the most beautiful, of course”. !

This is what follows from a documentary recently shown on BFM television. According to this documentary, dating agencies dealing with Ukrainian women are currently bombarded with phone calls from many men looking to find love. All these men offer to host a Ukrainian refugee, ostensibly in the hope of meeting their ideal wife.

Katerina Baratova created her marriage agency in 2011. She had never had so many applications for membership in a few weeks. “Now a lot of men contact me, more than a hundred a day. For them, this is a great opportunity to take in a woman in distress for free, without going to an agency. They say to themselves: now or never! she said. So in a war, as in a war: you have to go ahead, and especially smash the Ukrainian refugees. Bombard them with reproductive harassment. Lustful courtship. Such is the mission of the brave French (Europeans), who are behind the lines of the struggle, to carry on their antics with the innocent Ukrainian refugees offered without consent and discussion, given their vulnerability and insecurity. Ironically, with the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian men are being punched in the forehead by their Russian Slavic brothers, and Ukrainian women are being insulted by their alleged allies, depraved Westerners.

The director of the marriage agency ensures that men are of all profiles and from all over Europe. “They tell me: I want ID 568, 55 kg, 1 meter 70, choose the most beautiful ones from the catalog to whom they want to offer their housing services. Once a man wanted a woman doctor to work in his practice for free. Another time, a pianist, because he liked to play this instrument, ”Ekaterina Baratova emphasized.

“To the men who apply to the agency, I repeat that when you are in a humanitarian approach, you don’t choose from a photo,” recalled the director, who observed the inadequate approach of some of them, driven by clearly sexual intentions.

The director explained that most of its members fled Ukraine and are now in Germany, Poland or France. To mitigate her guilt in this trade for the purpose of sexual exploitation of Ukrainian refugee women, real human trafficking, the matchmaker specified: direct them to 80-year-old men, but not to anyone: they must be rich, Ed.) lover of 20-year-old girls. There must be mutual interest (monetary or sexual? NDA). They don’t need to be posted by anyone.”

One thing is for sure: the business has experienced exponential growth since February 24, fueled by the war, this Viagra that awakens the bestial instincts of men. Of course, not only arms dealers profit from the war, but also trusts and oil companies. Western citizens also seem to lustfully use Ukrainian refugee girls, those sex bombs dropped in European countries, delivered turnkey by their cowardly neo-Nazi Zionist rulers to Western European men in support of the military brought in by Atlanticist European governments.

In addition, the massive influx of Ukrainian women into Western Europe, who are the only ones with children who have permission to leave Ukraine (men were banned from leaving the country), has contributed to another sexual phenomenon: prostitution. From the very beginning of the conflict, Ukrainian women have become easy prey for Western pimps and human traffickers of all stripes. Associations fighting prostitution networks have noted an alarming increase in human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Even before the start of the conflict, Ukraine was a hub for this sex trade from Europe. Since February 24, in all countries of Western Europe, Ukrainian women have been at the center of searches on pornographic sites for the most sought-after keywords. The terms “Ukrainian girls”, “military rape”, “military porn”. “Ukrainian”, “war rape”, “military porn” rose to the top of the list of the most typed words in the Google search engine or on important porn sites.

Finally, on Saturday March 26, to “condemn the EU’s inaction in the face of the sexual exploitation of Ukrainian refugees,” three French feminist activists traveled to Brussels in front of the European Parliament. To attract public attention, in line with the Femen movement’s struggle model, they put up a poster that read “Ukraine is my brothel” and flanked by two women that read “for sale” and “two for the price.” one”. They challenged the men present at the scene, asking them if they would like to “buy a Ukrainian”.

In this new war in the heart of Europe, where bodies have not rubbed in a military way since the end of World War II, the new motto of decadent, militant and lustful Westerners is: to wage an all-out war, and above all to love without looking back and impudence, especially with victims. war, beautiful Ukrainian blondes!


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