War in Ukraine: expected negotiations, truce on the menu

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  • The Ukrainian delegation is expected on Thursday morning in Belarus for a new round of talks, the second since the beginning of the crisis. According to the Russian negotiator, the menu will include the issue of a ceasefire.
  • Emmanuel Macron spoke about the war in Ukraine during a solemn speech during which he reaffirmed his desire to “stay in touch” with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to “persuade him to lay down his arms” while wanting to push for greater economic, energetic and defensive independence Europe and France.
  • The intensity of the fighting in Kyiv is expected to increase very quickly, as the Ukrainian army has placed a large number of its trucks and tanks to the west and north of the city. On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, troops landed in Kharkov. On Tuesday, the central square of the country’s second city of 1.4 million people exploded. The Russian army claims to take the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine.

22:44 UN calls for an end to Russia’s attack

The UN General Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution that “demands that Russia immediately cease its use of force against Ukraine” in a vote approved by a landslide of 141 countries, 5 against and 35 abstentions, including China, out of 193 members. organization. The result was met with thunderous applause. Five countries voted against: Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria.

22:29 – According to the US, the human toll in Ukraine is “staggering”.

The human cost of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is already “staggering” and will continue to rise, U.S. Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken said Wednesday. “The human cost of the Kremlin’s unjustified and causeless war is already staggering. Hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians were killed and wounded,” he lamented at a press conference. “The number of civilians killed and injured, the humanitarian consequences will only get worse in the coming days.” Infrastructure destroyed by Russian strikes “are not military targets,” the Secretary of State insisted, “these are places where civilians work and where families live.” However, he refrained from accusing Moscow of deliberately targeting civilians, saying only that Washington is carefully studying the situation.

22:22 – Five soldiers died when their helicopter crashed in Romania

Five soldiers died when their helicopter crashed in Romania near the Black Sea while they went looking for a combat aircraft whose pilot has not yet been found. “Unfortunately, 5 crew members died. Operations to search for the MiG-21 pilot are still ongoing,” General Constantin Spanu, spokesman for the Defense Minister, said on television.

22:10 – Spain will send “offensive military equipment” to Ukraine

Under pressure from the right-wing opposition, Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Wednesday that Spain was sending “offensive military equipment” to the “Ukrainian resistance” despite opposition from his radical left ally Podemos. “As I see that there are (political) groups that question the government’s commitment to ‘engage in military assistance to Ukraine’, I also want to inform you that Spain will supply offensive military equipment to the Ukrainian resistance,” Sanchez told the House of Representatives. Deputies.

22:02 – Thursday, the long-awaited negotiations

Russia said on Wednesday it was ready to discuss a truce the next day with Ukraine, whose “diplomatic efforts” would be backed by the US despite continued Russian strikes on several Ukrainian cities. Ukrainian emissaries are already heading “to the place of negotiations” in Belarus for a second session of negotiations with their Russian counterparts, the Ukrainian chairman said. These talks, which will deal with a ceasefire in particular, will begin on Thursday morning at a specific location “together” located “near the border with Poland,” said Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky.

21:50 – Peace message in Ligue 1 stadiums

A message of peace will be broadcast on the sidelines of all French Football Championship matches starting this weekend in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Football League told AFP.professional (LFP) on Wednesday. The “No War” mention will be displayed “on the LED panel and/or giant screens of the host clubs” in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, the LFP explained. The same message was broadcast on Wednesday evening on the Beaujoire stadium screens at the entrance of the players ahead of the Coupe de France semi-final between Nantes and Monaco.

21:40 – The situation in Mariupol is tense.

The situation worsened “hour by hour” on Wednesday in Mariupol, Ukraine’s main port on the Sea of ​​Azov (southeast), where the city center and residential areas were shelled by the Russian army, according to authorities. . According to the city council, Russian artillery shelled residential areas, including a maternity hospital and a school, injuring 42 people. Control of Mariupol, a city of 441,000, is strategic for Russia, as it will allow it to secure territorial continuity between its forces from Crimea and those from the separatist territories of Donbass. The two groups merged on Tuesday, according to Moscow. According to the mayor of Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko, Russian artillery fire did not stop for 14 hours, and Russian forces tried to prevent civilians from fleeing the area.

21:32 – Ukrainian refugees are expected in Israel

Hundreds of Jewish refugees from Ukraine, including orphans, are due to arrive in Israel on Sunday, the Israel Jewish Immigration Agency said Wednesday. According to this intergovernmental organization, more than 300 “Ukrainian Jewish refugees will arrive in Israel on three flights from Warsaw (Poland), Moldova and Romania.” “There will be about 100 orphans on board the flight from Lasi, Romania,” added the Jewish Agency, established in 1929. Once they arrive in Israel, “the new immigrants will be taken care of by the Ministry of Immigration and will be temporarily accommodated in hotels.” in the country,” the agency continues to report.

21:22 – War in Ukraine: what is the “House of Chimeras” in front of which Zelensky poses?

This little-known gem of Kievan heritage was chosen by the President of Ukraine as the venue for his social media appearances.

Read the chronicle of Marc Lambron War in Ukraine: what is the “Maison aux Chimères” in front of which Zelensky poses?

21:17 – Oil prices hit their highest level since 2014.

Oil prices closed on Wednesday at their highest level since 2014 for Brent and a nearly 11-year high for Texas WTI crude, helped by the war in Ukraine, sanctions and concerns over global black gold reserves. The price of a barrel of North Sea Brent oil for May delivery jumped 7.58% to $112.93, hitting its highest level since 2014. In New York, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude for April delivery rose 6.95% to $110.60. , maximum since April 2011

21:02 Blinken condemns Putin’s “provocative rhetoric”

U.S. Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken on Wednesday denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “provocative rhetoric” about nuclear weapons, which he said is “the pinnacle of irresponsibility.” Such rhetoric is “dangerous, increases the risk of confusion, and should be avoided,” the secretary of state said during a press conference.

20:52 US ready to ‘support diplomatic efforts’

The United States stands ready to “support diplomatic efforts” by Ukraine to secure a ceasefire with Russia as new talks are scheduled for Thursday, U.S. Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken said Wednesday. “We keep the door open for a diplomatic solution,” but “it is much more difficult to achieve this when shots are fired and tanks are coming,” he said at a press conference.

20:40 – The war “deals a blow to our democratic life and the election campaign.”

The war being waged by Russia in Ukraine “has a blow to our democratic life and the election campaign” of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, who is not yet an official candidate, assessed on Wednesday, assuring that the French “democratic debate” will take place. “This campaign will allow us to hold important democratic debates for the nation, but this will not prevent us from meeting on the main thing: I know that I can count on you,” the Head of State added in his televised address. Emmanuel Macron did not indicate his candidacy, expected by the opposition, less than six weeks before the first round, while the Constitutional Council set a deadline at 6 p.m. on Friday to send a letter of candidacy to the elders.

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