what is known about the death of a man in Sevran, killed by a policeman

The police officer who killed a 33-year-old man on March 26 with a service weapon during a road check in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Saint-Saint-Denis) on Saturday, April 2, was charged with “intentional violence resulting in death without the intention of causing it,” said the Bobigny parquet. He was taken under judicial control in accordance with the requirements of the prosecutor.

The victim, who managed to reboot while driving his car, was found in the nearby town of Sevran. She died in the hospital a few hours later. After the death of this father, acts of violence took place for several consecutive nights in Sevran, Aulnay-sous-Bois and Tremblay-en-France. Franceinfo summarizes what we know about this tragedy.

Police officer fired while checking traffic rules

The events took place at noon on Saturday 26 April, first at Aulnay-sous-Bois. The accused was driving in an unmarked car with three other police officers from the city’s crime department. He went out alone to drive the victim’s car while they were stuck in a traffic jam at a red light, the prosecutor explained, relying on testimony from three of his colleagues and video surveillance.

During the first interrogation, the 32-year-old foreman admitted that he was the author of the shot. According to the prosecutor, he claimed “standing at the level of the driver’s window, raising a weapon and shouting: “Police!”” then “after trying several times to open the door, which was locked.” He says he sawthe driver shifts into gear and accelerates strongly”continued the magistrate. Feeling “imbalance”the policeman told the investigators. “sense of self-defense” as well as “fired for this reason”.

The scene lasted less than a minute, the prosecutor explains. A 9 mm holster was found at the scene. The bullet went through the victim’s body and the back of the seat. Cop version “very varied”accuses Aryeh Alimi, one of the lawyers for the victim’s family, according to which “Ithe first one said it was an accidental shot”. It was stated Release Thursday, without detailing his sources, but the prosecutor did not mention such statements. The lawyer also claims that the defendant “did not wear a bandage a priori” as well as “so could not be identified” as a police officer, another element mentioned Release citation “source familiar with the situation”but not confirmed by the prosecutor’s office.

The restarted van ended the race by crashing into a parked car several hundred meters further in the nearby town of Sevran. The driver, who was seriously injured in the left shoulder blade, died a few hours after being hospitalized. An autopsy confirmed that the shooting was the cause of his death.

The van was reportedly stolen

The victim, named Jean-Paul, was 33 years old. The minibus he was traveling in at the time of the events was found stolen on the same day at the Aulnay-sous-Bois police station, where a complaint was filed and an investigation opened. “What I do know is that it was stolen, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it was stolen.”stated on Franceinfo by one of his family’s lawyers, Aryeh Alimi, explaining the facts un A dispute between the victim, a self-employed delivery driver, and his employer, a package delivery service provider who owned the vehicle. According to him, the theft is therefore not characterized.

“There was a dispute between my self-employed client and his client who did not pay him. It is for this reason that the van was detained.”

Arie Alimi, lawyer

on Franceinfo

in columns Parisian, Sebastien Bastaro, Deputy Mayor of Sevran, presents victim like “face” des Beaudottes, the area of ​​the city where he “very, very appreciated”. He was convicted for actions “stealing and receiving”, according to one of the family’s lawyers, Steve Reuben, quoted by AFP. He turned that page in his life when he met his partner, said another lawyer close to him, Philippe-Henri Honegger, who represents him in Parisian like “reintegration model”.

The victim’s family filed a complaint

Jean-Paul’s family filed a civil suit for “premeditated murder” on Tuesday, according to a document sent to the dean of the investigating judges of the Bobigny court, seen by Franceinfo.

“Characterized the criminal offense of premeditated murder”can we read in this complaint from the family represented by lawyers Philippe-Henri Honegger, Steve Ruben and Arie Alimi. They believe that a police officer trained in the use of firearms “couldn’t legally ignore lethality” his shot. Along with the complaint, a video from the scene, filmed by an eyewitness, was handed over.

“He had the ability to target the car to stop it. [et] was well aware that a shot in the upper body (…) leads to death.

Victim’s family

in his complaint

One of the family’s lawyers, Philippe-Henri Honegger, on Tuesday urged witnesses to collect elements that could confirm or deny the version presented by the police.

The police officer was charged

The police officer who killed the van driver was arrested on Wednesday. First hospitalized in “State of shock”he could not have been heard earlier, according to the prosecutor.

On Friday, he was presented to the investigator, he was charged with “Intentional violence resulting in death without intent to cause it, by a person in public authority and with the use of a weapon” and subject to judicial supervision, Bobigny’s prosecution announced on Saturday, the requirements of which were met. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

His judicial control prohibits him, inter alia, from engaging in police activities, carrying weapons and visiting Saint-Saint-Denis. Initially, the investigating judges petitioned to place him in a pre-trial detention center, but eventually rejected the judge’s decision on freedom and detention. “after a controversial debate”Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Drama led to five nights of violence

Jean-Paul’s death sparked five consecutive nights of brawls in several communes bordering the Seine-Saint-Denis. In Sevrans, Aulnay-sous-Bois and Tremblay-en-France, cars and garbage cans were set on fire and projectiles were thrown at the police.

The police made 39 arrests for acts of violence and damage. Fifteen people were sent to report immediately, including eight minors who were brought before a juvenile judge. The two police detained were still going on Friday afternoon. There were also six convictions, according to a report compiled by the prosecutor’s office.

According to a Franceinfo journalist, a white march took place in Aulnay-sous-Bois on Saturday morning in memory of the victim, in which about 200 people took part.

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