what to remember on the 38th day of the conflict

38th day of the war: Russian troops leave the Kiev and Chernihiv regions

April 2 at 16:49. As announced a few days ago, Russian troops are gradually withdrawing from the cities of western Ukraine to concentrate in the south and east of the country. This Saturday, April 2, Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to the Ukrainian president, confirmed this on the air of the TV channel: “Let’s not have any illusions: intense battles are still going on for the south, for Mariupol, for the east of Ukraine.” Another adviser also said that the Russians were carrying out a “quick withdrawal” of their forces in the Kiev and Chernihiv regions: “Given all the movements and concentrations of the occupying troops, it is clear that Russia has chosen a different priority tactic.”

Thus, Russian troops are being redeployed to the south and east of Ukraine, but not only… Indeed, according to the Ukrainian authorities, Russian troops are currently stationed in Transnistria. It is a self-proclaimed independent Moldovan region that is within missile range of the port city of Odessa.

Russian soldiers allegedly infected after digging trenches in Chernobyl

April 1 at 17:02. Russian soldiers are said to have been digging trenches in the Red Forest around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The only problem is that highly radioactive waste was buried there, 35 years ago after the plant exploded. This is how soldiers would become infected after being exposed to radioactive elements for too long. In addition, the movement of tanks across the dusty range could have played a role in the infection of the soldiers, according to The keeper.

Correspondent confirmed the information Peace, Faustin Vincent: “Today, according to independent Belarusian media, seven medical buses with Russian soldiers who captured Chernobyl at the beginning of the offensive were delivered to the Center for Radiation Medicine in Gomel,” she wrote on Twitter. According to an employee of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, young Russian soldiers would never have heard of the disaster that hit the test site in 1986.

Petr Kotin, President of Energoatom, pointed at the microphone BFM-TV, Friday, April 1: “We know that some people have developed symptoms associated with radiation, but we cannot confirm this 100%. They built fortifications in this forest, in places where the radiation level was very high.” Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Agency said it was launching an investigation.

Russian oil depot blown up, Ukrainians involved

April 1 at 12:30. Ukraine bombed a fuel depot in Russia? Here is what the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov writes on Telegram: “The fire at the oil depot occurred due to an air strike by two helicopters of the Ukrainian army, which entered the territory of Russia at low altitude.” This Friday, April 1, the oil depot really became the target of rocket fire in Belgorod, a Russian city 40 km from the border with Ukraine. This is the first attack on Russian territory since the end of World War II.

Shortly before noon, the Russian authorities reacted. The Kremlin directly accuses Ukraine and indicates that this action will affect the continuation of negotiations: “It is clear that we cannot consider this as something that will create appropriate conditions for the continuation of negotiations,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained. At the moment, the Ukrainian authorities have not reacted in any way.

Russia breaks promises to withdraw troops from Kyiv and ceasefire from Mariupol

Russia breaks promises to withdraw troops in Kyiv and ceasefire in Mariupol - War in Ukraine ©Maxim Blinov/SPUTNIK/SIPA

April 1, 9:59 a.m. Russia is said to be moving its troops to the east of the country in preparation for “powerful strikes” against the Donbass, namely the separatist areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, according to recent statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The head of state also expects an assault on Mariupol, a port city in southeastern Ukraine that has been besieged for more than three weeks and is in the process of falling. The hypothesis of the Ukrainian president is confirmed by statements made by Russia at the beginning of the week about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv and Chernigov. Are the armed forces really withdrawn? Moscow has become accustomed to broken promises since the start of the war in Ukraine, so even a temporary waiver of hostilities launched near the Ukrainian capital can be doubted, especially since there are reports of new airstrikes and other bombings in Kiev. British intelligence morning report of 1 April.

Therefore, Russia could not keep its word and bring down the resistance of Kyiv from the rear, attacking by surprise. The strategy has already been seen in Mariupol with repeated obstruction to the evacuation of civilians in Mariupol. For three weeks, all attempts failed due to the disruption by Russia of a truce concluded around humanitarian corridors with Ukraine. Yesterday, a newly planned corridor failed to evacuate civilians left without water, without electricity, without heating and without communications in Mariupol. This Friday, April 1, the International Committee of the Red Cross is again trying to organize an evacuation that is considered “vital”.

Will it be possible to finally evacuate civilians stuck in Mariupol?

March 31 at 17:10. This Thursday, March 31, a big step was taken to evacuate civilians stranded in Mariupol since the beginning of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk said that leaving the port city in southern Ukraine will be facilitated: “Last night, the International Committee of the Red Cross told us that Russia is ready to open access for humanitarian convoys from Mariupol.” So, 45 buses left Kyiv. “We will do everything so that the buses can enter Mariupol and evacuate those who remained in the city,” said the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine.

From 10:00 this Thursday, a truce came into force in Mariupol, as the Russian Defense Minister announced the day before. From the latter, only one request was received that the convoys leaving the port city be accompanied by the Ukrainian military. “Our fighters have confirmed that they guarantee a ceasefire,” Irina Verechuk replied.

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