book publishers on audio track

The podcast, a very popular format among young people, is becoming a major challenge for book publishers looking for new audiences, with a dual trend of paper to audio and audio to paper, very visible at the Quais du Polar festival in Lyon.

Hachette took the opportunity to present a book version Gang storiesan original podcast from the Deezer platform hosted by Joey Starr and Michel Lafont presented a podcast adaptation of Olivier Norek’s latest novel, Influence, environmental thriller with a circulation of over 140,000 copies. Bestselling author sees “A new way to present history”after a book, film, TV series, theater or audiobook narrated in one voice.

A book version of Gang Stories, the original podcast from the Deezer platform.  (RELEASE EDITIONS)

Arriving in Lyon to promote a new novel, Olivier Norec discovered “finished product” in a small “digital bubble” inflatable, set up for the occasion, where the public can listen to the text “cut” performed by well-known actors, complemented by sound effects and original music, in the best traditions of radio soap operas of yesteryear.

“This is a significant investment, but the game is worth the candle” in a booming sector where production costs remain much lower than in the audiovisual sector, explains Jeremy Amsellem, producer at Swedish platform Nextories, creator of “sound extension” impact.

podcast “an effective way to captivate an audience that doesn’t push through the doors of bookstores” and “true crime works well, there’s a big appetite for facts, criminal investigations, unsolved murders”confirms Mark Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly Review Alibi Designed for fans of bloody stories.

“Reading among the younger generation has been declining since 1985…Young people prefer other forms of entertainment such as online video series, podcasts or video games. The question is how to get their attention and get them to the book?”, insists Mr. Amsellem.

“Rejuvenate the readership”it is also the ambition of Stefan Rosa, editor-in-chief of Hachette, who has staked on the publication of more than 20,000 copies of the book version of the book. Gang storiesfocusing on the audience of podcasts and the added value of content offered to readers.

For Deezer, this original podcast brings together “Recipe for Success”: popular topic, “true crime”hosted by acclaimed narrator Joey Starr, and the richness of the audio documentary “conceived as a narrative thriller”, explains Antoine Girard, head of production for the French platform. In terms of audience, Gang Stories has topped its own podcasts, streaming exclusively on Deezer, with a total of 1.6 million streams across five seasons in 20 episodes over the past two years.

Director Frank Haderer developed the series. “as a compelling narrative to explain the history and culture of the gangs, describing them without justifying them as fruits of their time, avoiding a cheap scoop.” This “his biggest project in terms of fame, budget and performance”and see it published in paperback “it does something” credited to AFP for writing the adaptation in book form, with a foreword by Joey Starr and illustrations by graffiti artist Nilko White.

According to the Médiamétrie, in October, in line with global fashion, the number of downloads of French podcasts exceeded the 100 million mark per month. The topic of crime and news tops the charts, whether it’s reruns of radio programs or original creations that platforms compete with for the loyalty of their listeners.

In another genre, the book’s recent success Balls on the table, published by the production company Binge from the feminist podcast of the journalist Victoire Thouyon (15 million plays in two years, 50,000 copies sold in the book version), helped convince publishers. Binge boss Joel Ronez, who was contacted by AFP by phone, welcomes this: “The publishing industry has long underestimated the power of podcasts, but today everyone is participating.”

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