Cinema. Lelouch/Azule: “Turn to live”, between student handover and life lesson

Philippe Azoulay and Claude Lelouch (© Manon Haddush/Met)

Montpellier students from Cinema Creatis were able to meet this Wednesday, March 30, on the Lépic website, with the directors Philippe Azoulay and Claude Lelouch on the occasion of the release documentaryturn to life in theaters May 11. And the latter justifies its name, as it invites the audience to become witnesses of creation, from the birth of a work in the mind of the director to its birth on the screen. It also and above all allows you to take powerful life lesson full of humanity and spirituality. An adventure of almost ten years, which we share with pleasure and which seems to last only a moment, both words and content endure. What to inspire future professionals, but also to excite the director who sleeps in each of us.

Passionate Students

One hundred students were able to preview the documentary and interact with the two directors. In two hours they were able to imagine crazy adventure that this documentary presents. “This is a unique opportunity for our students! cheered Isabelle Teysédre, director of education at Ciné Créatis, right before the event. We are delighted to welcome a world renowned filmmaker to our campus. Our students are going to attend a real film class.”

Oscar Boisson answered our questions.
Oscar Boisson answered our questions. (© Joris Launi)

Oscar drink, a passionate freshman of the school, said that after this meeting he was confident in his choice of profession. If he fell into the pot when he was little, this moment cinematic and human exchange made him want to know even more about the director and offered him a peculiar vision of this art. “This incredible meeting happened with a wonderful person who is really interested in people. In a few minutes next to him, I got the impression that I had learned a lot. We implement the necessary technical approach in the school, but here we can talk about the incredible human contribution. His energy is incredible. For me, the director’s role is to lead the team, and he does it brilliantly. I was touched by this energy. We feel like he has a real experience with his actors every time,” he tells us.

Useful meeting.
Useful meeting. (© Chloe Chani)

The art of transmission

“It’s a necessity. The world was built on transmissions,” says Claude Lelouch. This is what he does, in addition to Cinema master classes in Beaune, in. Côte d’Or, “a very small Hollywood by human standards”, which he founded and continues to do here in Montpellier. “There is not much to learn in life, but among them there are a few things that I am sure of and that I would like to pass on to future filmmakers.” In addition to the students, the spectators of the cinema hall were also attentive. Pay attention to what you see and what you hear. By the end of the viewing, everyone learned and felt something, such is the wonderful gift that films give. “I feel more alive, the film gave me a boost,” one viewer shares with another as they leave. Another proof that cinema is “a real medium that allows you to reach out to a huge number of people. It helps transform society adds Claude Lelouch.

We are all filmmakers, today 7 billion people shoot on mobile phones.

Claude Lelouch

Philippe Azoulay wanted to show here what it consists of great cinematic adventure, without any staging. “I didn’t want to interview them, I didn’t want them to control their words. What I was interested in was “stealing” those moments of grace, abandonment or doubt that encourage creativity. I wanted to approach this documentary as Road movie and treat the subjects that make it up like protagonists, like in fiction.” From the very beginning he knew what he wanted to do. “In the context of cinematography, it is very frustrating for viewers to think that there are a lot of great guys and there are no documents explaining what they are looking for, how they do it and what kind of adventure it is. It takes a lot of people, a lot of energy, a lot of time to make a film… More than most other artistic disciplines.”

Three films, three years, three times better

Claude Lelouch: Luck always has talent and the first drafts of this project are partly based on this creed. He and Philippe Azoulay met for reasons that had nothing to do with the making of this documentary in the first place. During this interview, he told her of his intention to make three films in three years and achieve more than what he has done so far.

“It’s a balance between passion and reason, between the child who stays in Claude, this eternally passionate teenager who lives irrationally, and the conscious Cartesian adult who is the producer. We left with the goal of talking about this creative challenge with a physical limitation, which is the concept of time and age. Those first three years turned into ten years of production and nearly nine years of unscheduled filming. Otherwise, as we suspect, we would not have gotten involved in this, ”explains Philippe Azoulay.

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Useful meeting.
Useful meeting. (© Chloe Chani)

Life lesson, movie lesson

“Tourner pour vivre” is a documentary about life that starts with cinematography, but joyfully and successfully transfers to human, spiritual, positive themes. A real existential journey from which you cannot return unscathed. To realize this, Philippe Azoulay had carte blanche and followed all these years, camera in hand, the director, the actors and the people who were drawn around him. We discover Claude Lelouch’s great adaptability, his love of life, which he describes as “the greatest screenwriter”, as well as his vision of things. And especially his love for the present, which was strengthened the day he realized that he could “do something for the last time without even knowing it.” We travel with them. Passage through the teeming and blissful chaos of India, a ride in a chalet surrounded by snow, a moment in a music studio… So many deeply human moments mixed with intoxicating clips from his old films. If Philippe Azoulay shoots reality behind fiction, then doesn’t Claude Lelouch shoot fiction against the backdrop of reality? A documentary film that is a must see.

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