Covid-19: more than 180,000 new cases in 24 hours


  • France has recorded almost 100,000 daily cases in the past week. This corresponds to a 38% increase in 7 days.
  • The hospital is seeing a slight increase in new admissions of Covid-19 patients. For now, the pressure on intensive care services continues to ease slightly.
  • Globally, the pandemic has claimed the lives of at least 6.1 million people. According to some estimates, losses are two to three times higher.


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Over 180,000 new cases in 24 hours

180,777 positive cases have been identified in the last 24 hours, Public Health France reported on Tuesday. This is the record since February 8th. In a week, we are now approaching 100,000 cases per day, which is 38% more than in a week.


More new hospitalizations

The number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized daily continues to increase, with an average of 1,081 hospitalizations per day over the past 7 days. The number of new hospitalizations in intensive care units is stabilizing and averages 95 hospitalizations per day.

Overall, their number of hospitalized patients fell by 1% in a week, and the number of intensive care patients by 10%.


The French continue to wear masks

Removing the obligation to wear a mask is approved by most French people, but many of them continue to wear them at work or in stores, according to a YouGov poll for HuffPost published on Tuesday. According to this survey, 53% of those surveyed agree with the lifting of the mandatory wearing of masks against Covid-19, which took place on March 14 (except for transport and healthcare facilities). At the same time, 68% say they continue to wear a mask at work, including 36% all the time, among only working people, i.e. a sample of just over 500 people.


Pfizer will provide treatment to developing countries

Pfizer will sell up to 4 million doses of its Covid drug to Unicef, specifically to African countries, the US lab said, without specifying the amount of the deal. The United Nations Children’s Fund will be responsible for distributing Paxlovid tablets to 95 countries, representing approximately 53% of the world’s population. “Low- and middle-income countries will be able to receive treatment at cost, while middle-income countries will pay according to the price grid determined by Pfizer,” the press release states.


The King of Norway, 85, tested positive for Covid

King Harald of Norway, 85, in failing health, has tested positive for Covid-19, the royal palace announced on Tuesday.

“The king has mild symptoms and will be ill for the next few days,” the court said in a statement. His son, Crown Prince Haakon, will rule until his return.


Netherlands coach positive

Louis van Gaal, coach of the Netherlands national football team, has tested positive for the coronavirus. He will be placed in isolation in the coming days as the Oranges play Denmark in a friendly on Saturday.


Lifting restrictions: it’s ‘too fast’ for the WHO


Hong Kong proposed to change the strategy

Leading Hong Kong scientists are urging the authorities to abandon the zero-Covid strategy before a new wave of the epidemic, so that the financial center does not become a “permanently closed port”. Thus, Gabriel Leung, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, suggests treating Covid-19 as an endemic disease and emphasizing vaccination.


Vaccine patents: WTO welcomes first compromise

A compromise for relinquishing intellectual property rights to Covid vaccines was found between the four major manufacturing players, who welcomed the WTO, urging other member countries to be persuaded.

Noting that the details of the compromise have yet to be fully worked out, World Trade Organization chief Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on Wednesday highlighted the “decisive progress” made by the European Union, the United States, India and South Africa production of vaccines against Covid-19.


Low-income households spent savings earned during the crisis

The poorest 20% of households have nearly used up the excess savings they were able to accumulate during the health crisis. Conversely, the wealthiest continue to accumulate additional savings, according to a study published by the Council for Economic Analysis (CAE). Since September 2021, excess saving has been declining in all categories except the top 10%.

Since March 2020 and the first lockdown, the first restrictive measures to combat the health crisis have led to a sharp drop in household consumption, while the income of most of them was saved thanks to government support measures, such as partial unemployment or the self-employed solidarity fund.


4770 infections in China

China’s Ministry of Health reports 4,770 new positive cases across the country today. These numbers are very low compared to other countries in the world, but high for China.


Brittany leads in incidence

Brittany is the region of France with the highest infection rate. There are 1,527 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 897 per 100,000 on average across the country.


Containment of 9 million people in China

Chinese authorities are locking down the city of 9 million as China faces its worst outbreak since 2020, straining its zero Covid strategy. The industrial city of Shenyang (northeast), home to many factories, including the German automobile manufacturer BMW, is now restricting its residents to houses. The city is the capital of Liaoning Province, bordering Jilin Province, which is certainly the epicenter of the current epidemic wave due to the Omicron variant.


Optimism for low-cost airlines

Weakened by the pandemic, to which the war in Ukraine and inflation have been added, low-cost companies may still succeed in the coming months. These companies “have the fastest adaptability (…) Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling, Wizzair will have a very significant market share,” predicts Marc Roche, head of French companies Air Caraïbes and French Bee. “When we see the dynamics of the number of routes, the return of programs to the level of 2019, we understand that this particular model is in the process of market consolidation in the short and medium term,” adds Didier Breschemier, aircraft manufacturer at Roland Berger. Conversely, forecasts show “a 20% to 25% loss of business passengers compared to 2019, especially on long-haul flights”, which will weaken traditional companies.


General practitioners note a marked increase

Several general practitioners across the country are reporting an increase in consultations for people with Covid-19. “We have a lot of infected children, people who have avoided it before or, conversely, who have already had the infection quite recently,” notes, for example, a doctor from Morning (Pas de Calais). “It happens to us first, before we see the consequences for the hospital,” another abounds. Even if “all these people never make it to intensive care, they are real people with real problems,” like the long Covid, warns the last doctor interviewed. Read more in our article.


Latest report in France

24,179 cases were reported in 24 hours, compared to 18,853 cases a week earlier, with Monday’s figures lower than other days due to weaker growth over the weekend. Hospitalizations for people with Covid-19 rose by 10% in one week. On Monday, 1,632 people were in intensive care compared to 1,826 a week earlier; these services will later suffer due to increased infections and hospitalizations. Read more in our article.



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