Halo Infinite: Community Loses Patience, 343 Admits His Mistakes and Explains Himself | Xbox One

343 Industries is still trying to convince that it has the necessary capabilities to offer a quality sequel to Halo Infinite. While we’ve uncovered the major changes scheduled to launch Season 2 on May 3rd, Brian Jarrard has also reached out to players and we’ve received more details on future expansions.

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Difficult situation and lack of time

It was on Reddit that the studio’s community manager took the time to respond to the generally disappointed and pessimistic comments from part of the community. The lack of communication and clarity regularly stands out among the criticisms expressed.

Brian Jarrard explains in part:

We are fully aware that we are not really in a position to say everything that many people want to hear. We understand this, and this is a difficult situation. Season 2 will be a good move, but there’s a lot of work to be done, and a lot of it will take longer than most. [des joueurs] want.


We are certainly not happy that we cannot meet the expectations of the players and the community, this is a difficult situation that the team needs time to work on. For now, the focus is on Season 2, and we’ll have more information on it in the coming weeks.

He also clarifies that the studio is also working on its structure, in particular, on the stages of hiring, planning and even calculating the cost. He concludes by saying that he understands that the community is losing patience and mentions that the studio just needs more time to sort out some details before resuming closer communication.

343 Industries considers player feedback

As we have seen, 343 Industries intends to improve the gameplay, in particular with season 2. If the changes are already planned for the launch of this new season in May, the studio has also detailed in its blog the many points that teams are working on in parallel and that do not yet have release dates.

For example, this applies to Big Team Battle, PC performance optimization, balancing or even academy.

Toubib success to finally get 1600 G

As of today, no player in the world can get the 1600 Gs that Halo Infinite offers. And for good reason, the “Medic” achievement can’t be unlocked, as the “Eliminate” mode never showed up! Rest assured, it will debut in its second season in an ever-changing playlist. The achievement can also be unlocked in the individual part.

Big Team Battle Changes

As for Big Team Battle, players will be happy to hear that in a future update, they will finally be able to spawn together at the start of the game. What could be better than appreciating BTB when the look of the vehicles is more egalitarian as yes, the developers have finally identified the problem and are working on it!

The emergence of a browser for custom games

If there’s one thing Halo players love, it’s custom games. So the developers announce that they are working on a browser to be able to view the creations of the community!

Best optimization for PC gamers

When the game was released, PC gamers unfortunately found that the PC optimization clearly fell short of their expectations. Even with war machines, they couldn’t run the game above 120fps with excellent visual quality. Today, the studio says it is a matter of honor to find solutions to achieve the optimal result, and this throughout the life cycle of the game.

Balance of weapons and accessories for review

It is always difficult to find the perfect balance of weapons and equipment in a multiplayer game, especially when they are of different natures. So players don’t like Shredder, Pulse Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Mk50 Sidekick, Grav Hammer and Portable Shield. As such, 343 Industries promises to make many changes to make the game more enjoyable for players.

Ability to view challenges in the middle of the game

Challenges are an important part of Halo Infinite multiplayer. However, those who are addicted to it regret that they can only be consulted when they are in the main menu. This seems strange, as during flight testing it was also possible to find out by pressing start in the middle of the game. The studio knows that players would love to see this comeback and are therefore currently working on it.

Return to the Academy

Halo Infinite introduced Academy Mode for the first time in the franchise. Players can receive training, practice with a weapon of their choice against moving and stationary targets, and face bots in multiple ways. In the second season, the Academy will undergo some changes and, for example, it will be possible to conduct “military exercises” without a time limit!

It is clear that, despite the difficult start, the studio carefully considers the feedback from the community. It remains to be seen if the planned changes and the release of Season 2 on May 3 will be enough to rekindle the flames of frustrated players.

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