Morocco’s industrial sovereignty at the center of the debate (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Tangier hosted the 4th edition of the Industry Meeting Days 2022, combined with the 2nd edition of the Industry Meeting Awards, in the presence of over 700 guests. The event, organized by Industricom Group, was opened by Ministers of Industry and Commerce Riad Mezzour, Youness Sekkouri, Economic Inclusion, SMEs and Skills, Omar Moro, President of the Tangier-Tetouan Al Hoceima Regional Council.

This year’s theme was “Industrial, Energy, Health and Food Sovereignty”, which is of paramount importance, especially in the current context of the recovery of the national economy after the pandemic. After Hisham Rahioui Idrissi, CEO of Industricom, welcomed the participants in this massive event to renew Morocco’s industry, a debate began, which was attended by Mohamed Bachiri, CEO of Renault Morocco, and Sanae Lahlou, UNIDO Representative in the country.

Ryad Mezzur, Minister of Industry and Trade, assured that “our industry has changed and reached a higher level. The operator and the Moroccan investor knew how to turn around 180 degrees, moving from stone to environmental protection… To an innovative economy.” Experience has shown that this is possible and profitable. Our country is preparing to invest the whole world.”

Youness Sekkuri, Minister of Economic Inclusion and Small Business, Employment and Skills, also shared his vision for industrial sovereignty, which he says promotes social peace. He also welcomed the complementarity of the public and private sectors, especially a sector that both creates jobs and promotes the development of entrepreneurs who have been able to realize intelligent industrialization. Regarding SMBs, he said that “some companies started small and are now big customers.” In addition, he announced that the ministry had begun reviewing the Labor Code with a view to encouraging efforts to reform personnel contracts.

2nd Industry Meeting Awards Winners

The award ceremony chaired by Naoual Zine, Dg Reminex of Managem, showed 14

-Person of the Year, which is awarded to a person who has significantly influenced the industrial structure through their actions, was awarded to Moulay Hafid Alami, former Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Green Economy and Digital Technologies.

– The Sustainability Award, an award given to the company that best aligns its activities with the requirements of the SDGs, was awarded to Managem, an integrated player in the mining industry intervening in the value chain, from exploration to marketing. The award was presented to its CEO, Imad Toomey.

-Brand Award given to ISOLBOX, which best valued its brand, for democratizing the use of roller shutter boxes in Morocco and establishing itself as a market leader. The award was presented to its CEO, Anas El Buyusfi;

– The investment award, given to the company with the best performance in terms of investment, was presented to Morocco’s top ranked cement manufacturer Lafargeholcim by industrial capitalization on the Casablanca Stock Exchange and is presented by its Managing Director, José Antonio;

– The decarbonization award, given to the industry with the best reduction in carbon emissions, went to STMICROELECTRONICS, considered one of the leaders in the semiconductor industry, represented by Fabrice Gomez;

– The Territory Award, in which priority is given to a company whose activities have brought significant social and economic benefits in a given locality, was awarded to CIRCUTEX, a leader in the production of circular textiles, represented by its CEO Hamza Laamarty;

– The Exporter Award, given to the company with the best export performance, was awarded to RENAULT-GROUP Morocco, represented by its CEO Mohamed Bachiri.

– The PMI award, which recognizes the most promising results for the industrial VSME, went to SMAMTEC, a specialist in the production of automatic machines, represented by its CEO Rashid Mjahad.

– The Innovation Award, an award given to a company that excels in innovation, was awarded by MASCIR, technology research centres. The award was received by its CEO, Nawal Khraibi.

– The Startup Award, given to the best performing startup, went to ATAREC, a player in innovative 3rd generation renewable energy solutions represented by its first manager, Osama Noor.

– The Entrepreneur’s Award, given to an entrepreneur for the success of his project, was awarded to AIT MANOS, the creator of the exclusive zellige collections, and was received by Ghalia SEBTI.

– The industry award given to an industrial company for its work, achievements, corporate social responsibility policy and its impact on the ecosystem has been unconditionally won by POUDROX, the African leader in powder coatings, represented by CEO Zakya SEKKAT;

– The Industrial Architecture Award, which congratulates a company that stands out among the best in terms of architectural creativity, was awarded to TERRADIS, a major player in the construction industry; represented by its CEO Huda Berrada.

– The Jury Prize was awarded to Nestlé Morocco.

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