“There is a significant hearing deficit in this country,” Judge Jean Lassalle.

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11:00 : Jean Lassalle was a guest on “Presidential Morning” this morning on franceinfo. Resistance candidate! in particular, he criticized the air conditioning in the stadiums planned by Qatar to host the World Cup. Here is an excerpt from his interview:

10:56 : “How would you like to be remembered thirty years from now?” Cyprien, 22, from Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), asked this question to ten presidential candidates as part of our Operation French Questions. Watch the responses of the presidential candidates in the video.

10:47 : Faced with record numbers of abstentions or contested legitimacy of elected officials, a lack of vote accounting is often put forward to give meaning to our democracy. But is such a solution possible for the presidential elections in France? Thomas Destel answers this burning question in this article.

09:01 : Jean Lassalle is credited with 2.5% of the vote. The Resistance candidate, who recalls being in the MoD for a long time, refuses to say who he will call for to vote for in the second round.

08:57 : Jean Lassalle claims he wants to “Withdrawal from NATO. NATO has played a very harmful role in the war between Russia and Ukraine.”. “France must restore its own diplomacy, the ability to be much better informed”he adds.

08:53 : When asked about the disagreements in the McKinsey cabinet, Jean Lassalle replied that there was nothing to be done. “trial of consulting firms. I ran one for 35 years. But I did not advise directly the President of the Republic or other heads of state, I did not receive on such a global scale as Kinsey “.

08:50 : If elected Jean Lassalle “Immediately takes away the World Cup from Qatar” organize it in Germany, for example. “You won’t necessarily have your hands on it if you are elected”notes the journalist of the “Presidential matinees” on Franceinfo.

08:47 : On the issue of energy, Jean Lassalle is betting on the development of renewable energy sources such as solar and “energy of the sea” but wants to put an end to wind energy, which “distorts our landscapes”. If elected, the candidate “we will consult with all those responsible to make sure that there are such detrimental consequences for such a weak rendering”.

08:43 : Jean Lassalle also intends to reduce VAT on fuel. When asked how much it will cost the state, he replies: “The problem is you don’t know how much it costs”he assures, pointing to growth “duty” with politics “Everything that’s needed” during the Covid-19 epidemic. “We have to try not to make the situation worse.”

09:23 : Jean Lassalle proposes, in particular, to restore compulsory military or civil service at the age of 18. “I think the service will most likely recreate the link” in France, he says. The candidate also proposes to recognize blank voting, even if “Mr White Can’t Rule”.

08:35 : Jean Lassalle, Résistons! candidate, guest of “Presidential Matinees” now on franceinfo, duplex from Marseille (Bouches du Rhone). “There is a significant deficit in our country”he begins, about his campaign bus roaming the country.

08:14 : Jean Lassalle is a guest of the “Presidential matinees” on franceinfo. Resistance Candidate! will answer our questions from 8:30 to 9:00. Follow his interview live.

08:07 : Let’s start with the item on the news:

Ukraine’s top spokesman for peace talks with Russia says Moscow “verbally” accepted his country’s main proposals. Even the meeting of Presidents Zelensky and Putin in Turkey is mentioned.

On the ground, Russian forces are withdrawing from key cities near the capital and Chernihiv in northern Ukraine to redeploy to the east and south. This morning, a series of explosions sounded in Odessa, the main port of Ukraine.

This is the last impression one week after the first round. After Emmanuel Macron, rebel leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon is today gathering his troops in Toulouse, and right-wing candidate Valerie Pecresse is gathering his troops in Paris.

Three departments, Loire, Haute-Loire and Puy-de-Dôme, are still declared orange by Météo France due to snow and ice.

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