Tired of news channels? Here are 11 YouTube, Twitch, TikTok channels to follow the presidential election

Numerama has chosen ten channels across multiple platforms dedicated to political news and current topics of the coming days.

You don’t want to spend your days in front of the news channels to understand the candidates program? There are alternatives. Political news tracking initiatives have been launched across multiple platforms, from YouTube to TikTok via Twitch, and are enjoying growing success. Some are already known to the general public, but others deserve a little more attention.

According to streamers, proposals, programs and current topics can only be analyzed in detail or briefly considered based on facts. The television format can be boring and painful in the long run, these platforms offer a fresher way to consume information.

Numerama offers you ten channels where you can follow other information during the presidential election period.

The most famous


Hugo Travers’ news channel is perhaps one of the most famous on French YouTube. Launched in 2015, it now has over 570,000 followers and over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Which makes many traditional media blush. A team of fifteen journalists also works on TikTok, Twitch, Twitter and even Spotify. For the presidential elections, HugoDécrypte launched two special formats: the first to explain the programs of the candidates according to 10 parameters, and the other to interview stakeholders directly. It is clear that everyone is ready to play.

John Massiet

Jean Massier is one of the forerunners of political Twitch. While the platform was primarily dedicated to broadcasting video game games, this former Cabinet member Marisol Touraine (then Minister of Health) is using the influx of young people to the live streaming site to promote and clarify policy. His Twitch channel has over 150,000 subscribers and over 56,600 people follow him on YouTube.

Gasper G.

Gaspard G started working on YouTube early in 2014. His videos are simple and clearly explain political platforms. He is only 24 years old, the government has already contacted him twice. Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, gave an interview on his channel at a high school course, then Prime Minister Jean Castex called him personally after the video to challenge the government regarding the situation of students during the covid crisis.


Role-playing game: two towers, on the Clement Viktorovich canal

FibreTigre is the Interactive Fiction Specialist on Twitch. Associated with political scientist Kleman Viktorovich, they launched a live broadcast of a role-playing game on the latter’s Twitch channel, where each participant plays a fictional candidate in the 2022 presidential election. For three hours, four guests will improvise on the set of the radio, answering questions from the host and show designer. The show was attended by such famous YouTubers as Jouer du Grenier or Antoine Daniel.

positive devil

As a rule, we do not have the reflex to be interested in the institutions of the Republic, and when a person is sufficiently curious, useful sites can seem boring and difficult to use. On YouTube, Le Diable Positif wants to popularize politics and decision-makers through cartoons. The design is inspired by American cartoons and the purpose is also playful and informative. The show debuted in April 2019 and has over 93,600 subscribers to date.


David Dufresne

David Dufresne is known to the general public as a committed journalist. Having worked his way through major media such as Liberation or Mediapart, which he helped create, he now works independently and makes documentaries. He has a YouTube and Twitch channel where he regularly invites guests to talk about current events.


Tatiana Ventoz has made a political career on the left and analyzes headline topics on the YouTube channel Le Fil d’Actu. With a team of ten young people, they want to “offer a different reading of the news, far from the continuous flow of information from TV channels.” Now the channel has more than 131,000 subscribers. Some videos switch to opinion, you decide.

Tiktokers and tiktokers

TikTok limits videos to ten minutes, and commonly posted videos are even shorter. The four proposed accounts describe and explain the current event, each in its own way. A good way to follow the presidential election with only the bare essentials for information.




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