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A lot of confusion this Sunday on the podium of the last leg of the Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux. Alec Segert really wanted to know if he finished 3rd or 4th in the final classification. The Marshals initially classify him as 3rd. Therefore, he participates in the protocol ceremony, rewarding the first three generals. The only downside: at the end of the rankings, Coutraisien finally shows up in fourth place, four seconds from 3rd place. Even if Espoir 1 regrets not making the top 3 overall, the conclusions for him remain the same. He sums up DirectVelo.

DirectVelo: Is it a big difference for you to finish 3rd or 4th overall?
Alec Segert: In the end, I still got on the podium in front of my fans (laughs). What I remember is that I was not bad during those three days of racing. I lose the general on the second day. If it weren’t for this unfortunate day, the standings would have been even tighter.

Let’s get back to your Triptych in more detail. On the first day, you did not make it into the leading group, but together with Per Strand Hagenes, you are making significant efforts to return and thereby compete for the victory at the stage…
The first stage was still quite difficult. It was very cold and there were quite a few false heaving planes, as well as a few real bumps. At Mont-de-l’Enclus we launched a counterattack, but there was little mutual understanding. Suddenly Per Strand Hagens came out, so I didn’t hesitate. I went there too. We managed to catch up with the leaders. Things looked a bit different on the local track and finally Lorenzo Milesi took a few lengths without really attacking. On the last hit, we hit him hard, but too late. As a result, I lost only four seconds to the winner of the stage, Lorenzo Milesi (see rating). So it wasn’t bad. Stian Fredheim was more explosive and I needed to be stronger. I thought it would be nice to take a T-shirt.


But the next day, you are trapped at the edge of the Groupama-FDJ formation due to crosswinds and a paved area located halfway…
The Groupama-FDJ riders were on the right side of the road and we were on the left, except that the shoulder was on the right. Suddenly the French team was able to take him first, and then we had to be deported. Groupama-FDJ accelerated. I realized that I needed to travel even more to stay in touch. An effort that hurt me because I was on a roll in the final meters of the sector. IN There were about twenty of us on the way out. Groupama-FDJ got one back, rolling well to the side. The two runners in front of me left a hole and I no longer had the strength to make the jump. I saw them go and it was all over. Behind, we rode as best we could to limit the damage. We were in suspense for 80 kilometers. I lost a lot of energy but was very disappointed after the stage. I missed a great opportunity for a general classification.

You recovered quickly by finishing second in this Sunday’s early morning 14km time trial around Wodek. And you were beaten for only two seconds!
I was very curious to know how my first time trial in this category would go. It’s a shame not to win so little, but Lorenzo Milesi is a good racer (see rating). Two years ago, at the European Junior Championships in Plouet, he put 1ft 13in in my teeth. I was pleased with how I felt because I thought I was paying the price for my efforts the day before. This result nevertheless allowed me to climb to 4th place in the overall standings. Suddenly I wanted to shine in the afternoon to continue my momentum.


In the afternoon, the short stage of 95 kilometers with six potholes started badly…
Yes, I fell at the beginning of the stage. I had to change bikes. Psychologically, it’s always annoying. I ride this bike less, plus no meter, so I couldn’t look up my power data. I tried to attack on the penultimate shot, but I couldn’t create a gap. There was nothing to do in the last kilometer over the paved bumps of Bo Saita against the Norwegian Per Strand Hagenes. However, I was driving. I couldn’t follow him. My legs exploded at that moment.

What will be your next meetings?
This week I’m taking part in the provincial championship, both road and time trials. With my condition, I think I can achieve good results. In two weeks I will be in Liège-Bastogne-Liège-Espoire. I will help the team and especially Lennert Van Etvelt. In addition, it is useful for me to ride difficult races. As a pro, I’ll have to swallow the climb. Therefore, it is also important to participate in such races. In May I will also be at the Paris-Roubaix Espoirs.

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