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Back from the devil’s war, vince2293 wins the third Expresso 1 Million of the year. Relive his fantastic comeback in a replay.

We were starting to languish… If the first ever Winamax Expresso 2 Million fell out on February 16th, then almost two months had passed since the new 1 Million table had not reached its end. Take a look at our sit and go jackpot. Finally, in the middle of a Sunday afternoon at 5:22 pm sharp, the three players suddenly found their day to be more exciting than usual when they saw the famous gold-decorated table with the announcement that a million euros were at stake.

And the two members of the trio were noticeably hot: after a raise from jfd_poker, Vince2293 thus risky limp shoving from the first hand with K10till KingJerkOff does not hesitate to attack from a height of 4 big blind Jfd, now a short stack (hand # 7). Since hand 12 no one has held more than 5 blinds (this 1 million table is played again in Nitro where the blinds increase every minute) and this consequently results in many open moves, but also possibly hits. Event: With just 0.75 blinds, vince2293 chooses to give up his big blind to an all-in raise from Jfd_poker (Hand #17). Result: Three hands later, he finds himself with barely a blind in front of him, but reveals a welcome A8 in BB, allowing him to triple. Especially since right after that, Vince gets ace-king and leaves Jfd_Poker, who thought he found a good spot to play his last blind with Anineand a flush draw on the flop… The finalist of the €2,439 January series was finally “satisfied” with €80,000, almost 32 times his previous win at Winamax.

In the middle of a mini-fight at the right moment, vince2293 can also kill a game from the next hand when he gets two kings: but ace-7 KingJerkOff ends with a straight. Down to…0.5BB after posting the big blind, Vince doubled down in hand #24 and won 70/30 two tosses later. KingJerkOff finds himself with an automatic mat in step, but on the turn he is drawn dead against vince2293, who touches the nuts. KJO, a big player at the high stakes Expresso, is missing out on €800,000 for the second time in his career, having already finished second in the Expresso 1 Million last October. Here he will again have to console himself with 120,000 euros and cope with the disappointment that he again missed 800,000 … he took it: two hours later, a jackpot of 100,000 euros hit his table! And this time around, the King leaves no one to win, earning €80,000 to complete the night worth over €200,000. There is another reason to be positive…

But today the big jackpot goes to Vince2293 who has never been to such a party on our site, and for good reason: his account was created on the same day! Will we see him again on our tables, where he chooses to do hit and run from an anthology? Anyway, here’s someone who’ll never say we’re bored on Sundays again…

Expresso 100€ or 250€ – €1 million jackpots
€800,000 to the winner

Vince2293 becomes the 25th champion of our €1 million tables played in six and a half years and the third winner in 2022. The 2020 record (seven jackpots of 1 million) is still a long way off…

October 2015: lele7669
December 2016: moinmoin
January 2017: Room23
September 2017: KillAllPanda
May 2018: ggwpsirbai
January 2019: Armando13700
September 2019: My friends (Espresso Nitro)
October 2019: Mister Never Bend Over
November 2019: S0Faked
November 2019: Knuckle3s
March 2020: Tit Bui (Espresso Nitro)
March 2020: Timothy (Espresso Nitro)
April 2020: Kelly59242 (Espresso Nitro)
April 2020: Tit Bui (Espresso Nitro)
June 2020: GayFrenchGuy (Espresso Nitro)
July 2020: Suite Eterna
August 2020: BTCto1M (Espresso Nitro)
March 2021: DarkoBeast (Espresso Nitro)
April 2021: poas771 (Espresso Nitro)
June 2021: ax77pat (Espresso Nitro)
September 2021: GANDAGAHO (Espresso Nitro)
October 2021: Dodo97d (Espresso Nitro)
January 2022: KALIENT25 (Espresso Nitro)
February 2022: 1234Manu1234 (Espresso Nitro)
April 2022: vince2293 (Expresso Nitro)

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